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Testimonials of long-term Eurohike Customers

Vacation experiences from 20 years of Eurohike
Hikers near Castelvecchio

In 2024, we're marking two decades of Eurohike! Over the past twenty years, we've specialized in tailor-made walking holidays across Europe through our hiking label Eurohike. This milestone also signifies two decades of shared stories from our guests, who've joined us on our journeys. Your flawless getaway is what drives us. We take pride in the fact that numerous devoted customers have contributed to our Eurohike success narrative over the years.

To commemorate our anniversary, we sought to delve deeper into their enthusiasm for walking getaways with Eurohike. That's why we're giving the floor to our loyal customers to speak for themselves, as their passion speaks volumes. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to them for generously sharing their cherished Eurohike hiking experiences with us all.

Hikers near Castelvecchio

SUSANNE OTTO from Austria

How often have we traveled with Eurohike and where to?
My hiking partner and I have been traveling with Eurohike since 2018. We've embarked on numerous trips each year, and our booked tours include:

Susanne Otto on Portugal's coast

What have been our best Eurohike wander experiences so far?
We've explored the vast and breathtaking landscape of the Highlands in Scotland, trekked along the stunning coastal trails of the Basque Country, enjoyed the magnificent views of Lugano from Monte Boglia, including the charming village of Morcote, and experienced the most scenic journey from Collioure to Cadaques, with breathtaking vistas of the sea.

What do we like about individual hiking trips with Eurohike?
There are many aspects to highlight here: impeccably curated tours, minimal preparation required prior to the holiday, meticulously chosen accommodations, personalized itineraries, comprehensive tour preparation resources on the website, excellent value for money, consistently high quality, support for local businesses (we're also Obertrumers), and outstanding customer service.

Which other tours with Eurohike would we like to experience?

We have a keen interest in exploring Brittany, Normandy & Jersey, Ireland, the Black Forest, the Lechweg, the Dolomites, and the Styrian Salzkammergut.

Coast on the Red Vicentina

The Tocholski Family from Germany

How many times have we traveled with Eurohike and where to?
Our very first walking holiday in 2016 left a lasting impression on us, solidifying our desire to make it an annual tradition. In 2020, we had to pause our plans due to the coronavirus pandemic, as we had originally scheduled "El Hierro" for April. However, we managed to reschedule this tour for September 2023 and seamlessly combined it with a vacation to Tenerife. Everything went off without a hitch, and we thoroughly enjoyed our time.

Mallorca's highlights (Spain)
Around Madeira (Portugal)
- Algarve (Portugal)
Lycian Way (Turkey)
Altmühltal Panorama Trail (Germany)
Best of Moselsteig Trail (Germany)
Rheinsteig: Mainz – Koblenz (Germany)
Malerweg (Germany)
El Hierro (Spain)
- Hiking paradise Tenerife (Spain)

What have been our most memorable walking moments with Eurohike so far?
Each tour is incredibly unique, and the diverse nature ensures that they can't be compared from our perspective. Each one has its own distinct charm. Sometimes it's the breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, other times it's the special encounters with wildlife (like stumbling upon a herd of wild boar, witnessing a cow with its calf, spotting a black woodpecker, or encountering around twenty storks in one location, etc.). But above all, it's the varied flora and, of course, the trails themselves that sometimes test our abilities and offer unforgettable experiences.

What do we appreciate about each individual walking tour with Eurohike?
Actually, our introduction to the world of walking began through the exceptional bike tours organized by Eurobike. And, we'll admit it, while we occasionally booked with your competitors for the bike tours, we've always chosen Eurohike for our walking holidays. With Eurohike, we're always confident from the outset that everything will run smoothly: from booking to receiving GPS tracks and comprehensive route descriptions, from selecting hotels to the crucial luggage service on-site. Our luggage consistently arrives punctually and in impeccable condition.

As we not only enjoy walking during our vacations but also incorporate it into our daily lives, we prefer covering longer distances and challenging ourselves with altitude. It's all within reason, considering we're now 58 and 63 years old respectively and being from northern Germany, we're accustomed to flat terrain. However, when we manage to ascend 1,000 meters in a day, we're pleased with our own performance. This preference also explains why we walk at a relatively brisk pace and opt for individual rather than guided hiking tours. This way, we can plan our day according to our own preferences, extend (or shorten) the recommended route at our own pace, and adjust our breaks based on the weather.

Which other walking holidays with Eurohike are on our wishlist?
In addition to exploring more hikes in Germany, we're interested in venturing to Austria, Switzerland, or Italy with Eurohike. We're also keen on experiencing Majorca during the almond blossom season. With your extensive catalog offering numerous tours, we're confident we'll find plenty of options that suit us. Unfortunately, photography isn't one of our passions, so we won't be able to contribute any pictures. But we're eager to capture the memories in our minds!

Peter Hahn and his partner from Austria

How often have we traveled with Eurohike and where to?
Since your company was founded, we have booked a Eurohike or Eurobike vacation about once a year. My partner prefers the southern climes, while I personally enjoy the northern countries and the British Isles. However, we both agree that we have experienced the most beautiful walks in Switzerland. Here are our tour experiences:

Peter Hahn at glacier Aletsch

What are our most memorable walking experiences with Eurohike?
The most beautiful moments of walking... due to our extensive travels, we can truly recount numerous unique experiences...

The Österleden coastal walk in Sweden always traced the Baltic Sea, and with consistently nice weather, we enjoyed fantastic meals at various fish restaurants along the way. The pinnacle of our journey was the stage to Käseberga, where we encountered "Ale Stenar," a Stonehenge-like structure situated on a mountain ridge boasting breathtaking views of the sea. Our stay at Alunbruket for the final night was also exceptional. We fondly recall our private cabin with outdoor seating, where the hosts served us dinner.

In Great Britain, we embarked on the Great Glen Way, with the highlight being the walk along Loch Ness. Starting from the Shakespearean town of Stratford upon Avon for the Cotswolds & Shakespeare route was truly memorable, as we traversed through quintessential English landscapes reminiscent of scenes from the "Inspector Barnaby" series. Walking along Hadrian's Wall was another highlight, particularly the stages in the middle section where we walked alongside the remarkably well-preserved wall. The natural monument "Sycamore Gap," although sadly damaged since our visit, was also a breathtaking sight.

Woman at the Hohtürli

In the south, we cherished wonderful moments during our journey through the Douro Valley in Portugal. The hotel where we began and concluded our journey was truly "amazing," boasting a spectacular view over the valley and the Douro River. The finca tour in Mallorca was equally delightful. We encountered fellow German travelers here, adding to the enjoyment of our journey and evenings. The starting point, the charming village of Pollença, exuded an authentic atmosphere that we loved. Additionally, the nostalgic train ride to the citrus town of Soller was another highlight of our experience.

In Italy, we absolutely relished the long-distance route from Merano to Lake Garda, which was both stunning and captivating. The definite highlight was the "mountain stage" in the Brenta Dolomites and the hidden gem, Lake Molveno. The breathtaking view of Lake Garda from the mountain on the last stage was also truly priceless. Arriving at our final destination, Riva del Garda, and staying at the wonderful Hotel Antico Borgo, was the perfect conclusion to our tour.

Despite the fantastic journeys we've had, my partner and I unanimously agree that the most breathtaking walks were in Switzerland. During the hike to the Aletsch Glacier, one stage brings you astonishingly close to the magnificent glacier itself – truly incredible! Our overnight stay the day before, atop Belle Alp, was equally memorable, complete with a typical Valais dinner. Crossing the numerous, incredibly long suspension bridges – with the Aspi-Titter suspension bridge being the highlight – provided exhilarating challenges.

The Bärentrek route holds equal or even slightly higher esteem for us. Though somewhat challenging, the ascent to Hochtürli on Blümlisalp is undeniably rewarding. The descent along the Oeschinensee is yet another highlight. The entire hike was breathtaking, offering constant views of the Mönch and Eiger, and sweeping vistas over the Kleine Scheidegg along the Jungfrau massif. A fitting conclusion awaits in the "Sherlock Holmes" town of Meiringen, with the iconic Reichenbach Falls adding a memorable touch.

Our third tour of Switzerland took us on the loop tour of Lake Lucerne. While the walk along the lake shores was wonderful, the highlight was undoubtedly the mountain: Rigi. The crowning moment was our overnight stay at Hotel Rigi Kaltbad atop the mountain. It was truly special to wander along the beautiful paths almost entirely to ourselves, after all the other walkers had descended from the mountain.

What do we appreciate about individual walking vacations with Eurohike?
What we truly value about the tours with Eurohike is that there's always a highlight planned - whether it's a unique accommodation, an unconventional overnight stay, or something else. The tours are consistently well-organized, and there have never been any significant issues. The luggage transport service is also excellent, so that you only have to carry one day's worth of gear.

Which other walking holidays with Eurohike would we like to experience?

We have many more vacations planned with Eurohike (and Eurobike). This year, we are heading to Ireland to the country's oldest long-distance trail, the Wicklow Way.


How often have we traveled with Eurohike and where to?
We were thrilled with the gift, thank you very much. So far, we've traveled with Eurohike 11 times. We've visited Austria five times and Bavaria three times.


What are our best hiking moments with Eurohike?
One of our most beautiful hiking moments was ascending Wendelstein in glorious sunshine during the Bavarian Alps and Lakes tour.

What do we appreciate about individual hiking tours with Eurohike?
We appreciate the excellent support before and during the tour, the dependable luggage transport, the well-thought-out route planning with alternative options for inclement weather, and the great selection of accommodations, particularly on the tours organized directly by Eurohike.

Which hiking holidays with Eurohike would we still like to experience?
We would like to experience the hiking tour "Around Madeira with Charm.

Claudia and Angelika Stephan from Germany

How often have we traveled with Eurohike and where to?
These are all the tours we've taken since 2016:

Claudia Stephan and company at the Lech Falls

What have been our best hiking moments with Eurohike so far?

Generally, you don't have to worry about anything on hiking tours with Eurohike. You can simply set off on a variety of trails with breathtaking views. Additionally, you always have pleasant encounters, so even hiking in constant rain is enjoyable.

What do we like about individual hiking tours with Eurohike?
We value the excellent organization; everything has gone smoothly so far, from the information and map materials to the accommodations and luggage transfer.

Which hiking tours with Eurohike would we still like to experience?
We eagerly anticipate many more tours with Eurohike, including crossing the Alps, Gran Canaria - GR131 (long-distance hiking on the "Camino del Guanche"), Alsace, Mallorca, Cinque Terre, and more.

Claudia Stephan's company by the sea

Dirk and Bettina Körting from Germany

How often have we traveled with Eurohike and where to?
Since 2016, we've already embarked on 12 tours with Eurohike, making us proud regular customers.

- Transylvania and the Carpathians (2016, Romania)
- Campania's Amalfi Coast (2017, Italy)
Santorini star hike (2018, Greece)
- Around the Zugspitze (2018, Germany/Austria)
Burgundy (2019, France)
- Alpine hiking in the Salzkammergut (2020, Austria)
- High Black Forest (2020) 
Harzer Hexensteig (2021, Germany)
- Siebengebirge for families - together with our granddaughter (2021, Germany)
Lechweg (2021, Austria)
- Ticino highlights (2022, Switzerland)
Altmühltal Panorama Trail (2023, Germany)
Salzburger & Tyrolean Way of St. James (May 2024, Austria)

What have been our best hiking moments with Eurohike so far?
During the mountain hike, we made friends with whom we stayed in touch afterward and even hiked together again. When a storm hit the Amalfi Coast in Italy, we managed to wait out the rain and find shelter. Despite the unexpected challenge, a solution was always found, and a bus driver kindly picked us up along the way, even though we didn't have tickets. In Amalfi, we were fortunate to stay at the best hotel in the area.

What do we enjoy most about individual hiking holidays with Eurohike?
Overall, we've always relished our tours and will continue to remain loyal to Eurohike in the years ahead. As long as our health allows, we'll always find something in the catalog to explore.

Which hiking tours with Eurohike are still on our wishlist?
We have also planned to explore the Wachau region.

Ulrike and Günter Koenemund from Germany

How often have we traveled with Eurohike and where to?
My wife and I have traveled with Eurohike more than a dozen times in the last 10 years. Our fondness for Eurohike actually began with one of their "traditional tours," the Salzkammergut tour. This was followed by many others. Here are all the details:

- Styrian Salzkammergut
- Bregenzerwald
- Dolomites high trails
- Chestnut & wine trail hike
- Königssee - Chiemsee
- Picturesque Provence
- Algarve star hike
- Bulgaria 
- Piedmont - Liguria
- Transylvania and Carpathians
- Northern Albanian Alps
- Alpe-Adria-Trail, Kranjska Gora - Refugio Solarie

Hiking couple on the mountain

What have been our best hiking moments with Eurohike so far?

Some of our most memorable hiking moments were experienced on the tours offered in South Tyrol. The hiking week in Albania was also an exceptionally beautiful journey. The very first day alone, with the boat crossing the reservoir for several hours followed by a hike on an orchid-lined trail, was a highlight. And every subsequent day was filled with equally beautiful surprises – sometimes from the overwhelming landscape, and other times from the hospitality of the families who have set up rooms here especially for Eurohike guests. What sets this tour apart from other Eurohike tours is that this area is not yet fully equipped for individual hikers and cannot be explored on your own without the (preliminary) work of your local partners.


The Koenemund family by the boat

What do we like best about individual walking holiday tours with Eurohike?
What we appreciate most about Eurohike is that you take care of everything that hikers would otherwise have to do themselves: the tour planning, the search for good stage destinations and the most interesting places to stay overnight, providing maps and directions, often offering tips on "bad weather" alternatives, places to get refreshments along the way, points of interest, and much more. And, of course, the luxury of having fresh clothes and reading material waiting in the suitcase at the end of a day. We've truly valued this convenience, the luggage transfer, on all 13 tours!

Another aspect we always anticipate is the evening surprise of where we will be staying tonight. Since our first Eurohike tour until today, we intentionally refrain from familiarizing ourselves with your hotel list beforehand. This maximizes the element of surprise. While there have been occasions when a hotel room did not quite meet our expectations, we've always found that this was compensated for by an even nicer hotel the following day - or by the realization that we would not have discovered this beautiful area at all without Eurohike.

We were personally greeted at the hotel several times on the evening of our arrival day and received a detailed, personalized briefing with great tips. On several occasions, we encountered really bad weather during hikes in northern Italy and had to shorten or skip a day's stage due to wet shoes. We were incredibly grateful for the enormous flexibility and helpfulness of the tour operators on site in these situations. This included giving us a lift in the luggage transporter or picking us up in the evening at a different point than the stage finish because of the weather.

We also highly value the opportunity to provide detailed feedback at the end of each hiking experience. We always take advantage of this. Your feedback questionnaire ensures that your tours will continue to improve and that your tour descriptions will always remain up-to-date.

Thank you once again to you and your local partners for all the effort and passion that goes into providing us with such wonderful hiking experiences!

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