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Sustainable on the way - that is our sustainability motto for conscious and environmentally friendly action.

Michael Kröll

Michael Kröll

Sustainability Coordinator

Reports from our sustainability team

Sustainability on our holidays


When printing our catalogues, it is important to us that our production is climate-neutral, which is why we also work with regional print shops. The catalogues are dispatched in sustainably produced foil and the CO2 emissions generated during production are offset in cooperation with ClimatePartner. By financing a certified climate protection project, we are supporting nature conservation in Austria.

Sustainability discount

This year we have introduced a new option for our guests: If you decide in favour of the digital route book and therefore decide to go without the printed version, you will receive a discount of EUR 20 per room as a small thank you.

Sustainability envelope

Our guests can switch to a sustainable envelope for their travel documents. Some of our guests already have one of our original felt folders from previous trips and would prefer not to use a new folder. This option will be offered for the first time this year on certain trips, where an information session will be held by our staff at the stations.

Partner status Travelife

In February 2024, we achieved one of our first goals and attained partner status with Travelife. Travelife is a world-leading training and certification programme for sustainability management in the travel industry. Energy-saving measures, waste management, emissions management and sustainable environmental measures are scrutinised intensively and transparently. In order to fulfil these sustainability goals, we have set them out in our Eurofun policy and formed a dedicated team from all departments of the company. This is an important step on our way to more "green thinking" within the Eurohike organisation, which will be fully documented in our upcoming sustainability report.  In addition, we are investing in internal training and regular updates to ensure that all employees can actively contribute to sustainability.

Travelife Partner

Together for sustainability

Our team and our initiatives

Every day counts - that is our sustainability motto for a conscious and environmentally friendly Eurohike office routine. And everyone in our team plays their part in this climate-conscious everyday life. We will now tell you how this works and what sustainability in everyday office life means to us.

Sustainability in everyday office life

How environmentally friendly our commute is

 Many employees in our company use the public transport network or environmentally friendly means of transport such as cycling or walking. And there are already some team members who like to cycle early in the morning. Another option for an environmentally friendly commute is car sharing - here, too, many colleagues are well connected with each other and look forward to a nice chat on the way to work. We use an app solution for even more efficient planning and coordination. To ensure that we all stay active and on the move in our free time, we also have the option of borrowing Eurobike bicycles free of charge, providing plenty of resource-saving activities in the fresh air.

Bike on Lake Mattsee

More on mobility

Our transport pool is also already taking steps towards greater sustainability and opportunities to expand electromobility in our logistics. The company's own electric vehicles can also be charged on our premises. In recent years, working from home has also become an important part of our working model, which helps to massively reduce emissions on the journey to work. For those who commute by car, the car park in front of our office building in Obertrum am See has been ecologically designed with numerous newly planted trees, which visually integrate into the natural landscape in the green paradise of the Salzburg Lake District in the best possible way. Every single tree has done something good for the environment!

Forest path with a view of the Dachstein

How we save resources in everyday life

We recycle everywhere in-house and carefully separate plastic, paper and residual waste. Our organic waste is composted and fed back into the cycle as fertiliser in the high beds in our company garden. A particularly environmentally friendly measure was implemented a few years ago with the "paperless" office. Our workstations are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and ergonomics. Our employee clothing is produced sustainably and fairly to ensure that ecological standards are also met in this area. When purchasing cleaning products, we therefore prioritise environmentally friendly products and use water-saving taps in our company to reduce water consumption.


Eurobike and Eurohike catalogues

What's on our plate

In our daily office routine, we also prioritize sustainable variety with a focus on quality and regionality when it comes to our culinary choices. We source organic apples from Thomas Wallner, a local organic farmer in Seeham, yogurts in a jar from "Buachberger's Mili" in Mattsee. On Tuesday and Thursday we enjoy a warm lunch: once a week from our neighbour, the  Trumer Schmankerlhof, and once from Café Vielfalt in Hallwang. Wednesdays are "juice day" in our company: We squeeze fresh and healthy juices from fruit and vegetables. In the office kitchens, we have switched to fair trade coffee and enjoy our breaks in our green oasis of well-being. We also have raised beds in the garden where we grow vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs for snacking! 

Eurofun employees at a table with fruit and yoghurt

The sun as a source of energy

We have been using a photovoltaic system to generate electricity for more than ten years and a solar system is used to heat water in the company. With three battery storage units, we can also utilise this energy source on days with little sunshine and thus benefit from the sun's energy. We use energy-saving lighting throughout the building and prefer to use daylight wherever possible. We make sure we use energy carefully every day and always switch off lights and electrical appliances as soon as they are no longer needed.


Sunflower field

We are in agreement!

A thriving, resource-efficient, and environmentally aware office routine is undoubtedly effective when individuals recognize the importance of the matter and are dedicated to promoting the respectful treatment of our distinctive environment, today and in the years to come. Even if it's just a modest part of a broader societal shift, we find fulfillment in our efforts within our eco-conscious office environment, which aligns with economic, ecological, and social responsibility.

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