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With elephants over the Alps

When Hannibal had the unfathomable idea of surprising Rome and marching across the Alps with his elephants, no one thought at all about the real feasibility of such a mammoth task. Bit as soon as his daring strategy turned out to be a success, countless people started to believe travelling across the Alps could be reasonably doable. Since then, roads and tunnels have been smashed across and through this mighty mountain range crossing Europe. Brave adventurers and explorers trekked at random over passes and summits – in day-long, exhausting marches and hikes. But an organised hiking tour over the Alpine ridge and on wasn’t quite there yet.

Hikers explore the impressive Brenta Dolomites

Alpine crossing by Eurohike

4 completely independent, directly adjoining journeys

Each scheduled for 8 days, well-organised in the usual professional manner with short transfers in between, it is quite easy to complete an Alpine crossing. Discover a new piece of the entire route year after year, or within four weeks in one go, however you’d like. Travel from hearty beer gardens through welcoming pastures and on to Mediterranean flair. Hiking could hardly get more varied!

Hikers admire the beautiful Lake Molveno surrounded by mountains

From Munich to Garmisch – through the Bavarian Lake District to the Zugspitze

This relaxing hiking trip through the lovely Bavarian Lake District begins in Munich. Both beginners and advanced hikers alike come here.  With daily walking time a maximum of five hours, it is easy to hike. On the two mountain days, just after the Kochelsee, the effort is rewarded with breath taking views. On the way there are always rustic alpine huts to find to build up your strength to push towards Garmisch and past turquoise blue lakes and beautiful waterfalls. Shortly before the finish, one last summit is to be conquered, with a direct view of the wonderful Wetterstein mountains and the impressive Zugspitze massif. An unforgettable sight, and well worth the effort.

Alpine landscape with view of the hiking paths and the Zugspitze

From Garmisch to Meran – the diversity of three Alpine countries

The Olympic city of Garmisch is highly regarded as a winter sports region, but it also strikes at the heart of hikers. All around, an imposing mountain backdrop shows off the impressive Zugspitze towering over everything.  The route leads past typical Bavarian beer gardens as you gradually get closer to the border with Austria. From Telfs to Landeck, the train bridges the route. The next day we climb up to the Reschenpass, on to the Mutzkopf and to the famous border triangle between Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Now South Tyrol is waiting for you, and once you arrive there, you will be met with countless grape vines and magnificent orchards all around. The last day is marked by a panorama - the legendary Tappeiner Promanade leads into the centre of the Mediterranean-influenced spa town of Meran.

Hiking trail leads along the famous spa centre in Merano

From Meran to Lake Garda – a hikers classic

Within just a few years, this hiking trip has become a real ‘classic’. No wonder, you get the best sides of South Tyrol, the Brenta Dolomites and Trentino combined in the most pleasant way! It starts in Merano, and soon Trentino exudes its irresistible charm and the rugged mountains of Brenta Dolomites make you almost reverent. After the unspoiled meadows of the Lomason velley, we will go up again to the Rifugio Monte San Pietro. There you just want to enjoy the moment and the unsurpassable views over the ‘Lago di Garda’. Soon, as you head down to Riva del Garda your thoughts turn to the excellent Italian cuisine, cappuccino and gelato, awaiting you on the shores of the deep blue lake.

Hikers surrounded by vineyards at Lake Kalterer See

From Lake Garda to Venice

From Riva del Garda you turn back north, to the vineyards of the Sarca Valley. The route leads over Trient, on pilgrim paths and through a huge rockfall area, like a desert of stone. For a while you march along the old Roman road Via Claudia Augusta to Lago di Levico. The green river Brenta leads the way to the Bassano del Grappa wine region. Immediately after the famous “Ponte Vecchio” you will find a cosy spot to savour a glass of wine. Through the natural park of the river Sile, wooden walkways and bridges lead to Quarto d’Altino, by train and bus you arrive at the legendary destination: Venice – the city of doge, gondolas and canals. Here a small grappa tasting on St Mark’s Square would go down well!

Fantastic view of the gondolas in Venice

The hiking classic: Long-distance hiking path E5

Crossing the Alps E5: Oberstdorf - Meran

Experience a unique hiking tour that not only takes you on impressive mountain trails with fantastic views. This trekking tour in the Alps leads along the most popular long-distance hiking path in Europe, the E5, and  through the alpine nature of three countries. With good stamina, a head for heights and sure-footedness, this hiking tour will be an unforgettable and beautiful adventure for all mountain hikers between Bavaria, Tyrol and South Tyrol. The alpine daily stages provide plenty of variety: great mountain passes, glacier panoramas, snow-capped peaks, thundering waterfalls and culinary specialties from the three countries GermanyAustria and Italy. After six stages you will reach your final destination, the spa town of Meran.

View from the Nebelhorn to the Allgäu Alps

Across the Alps from Lake Königssee to Lake Wörthersee

Hiking tour from Bavaria to Carinthia

Experience the impressive mountain landscapes and dreamlike natural areas on our hiking tour from Lake Königssee in Bavaria to Lake Wörthersee in Carinthia. Enjoy an unforgettable mountain hiking tour across the Alps and discover all the special features of the two countries Germany and Austria. The cross-border hiking tour can be booked in two variants:

Whichever tour variant you choose, you are guaranteed unforgettable and beautiful hiking moments while hiking across the Alps.

Mountain hiking from Füssen to Merano

Cross the Alps from the Allgäu to South Tyrol

Look forward to a fantastic hiking tour in the Alps and experience all the benefits of a cross-border hiking tour between Germany, Austria and Italy. These include the wonderful culinary specialties in Bavaria and South Tyrol, the idyllic natural and mountain landscapes in the Allgäu and Tyrol, the Mediterranean hiking areas in South Tyrol, as well as the cultural highlights at the beginning of your hiking tour with the castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau, and the sights in the spa town of Merano. With a good basic level of fitness and surefootedness, even the more demanding daily stages of mountain hiking become an enjoyable active adventure.

Hiking break in Neuschwanstein during the hiking tour from Füssen to Merano
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