Personalised care – also on site

Our door is always open to hear your concerns – from the time of booking, during travel preparations and also on location. Our trained team, who are also keen walkers, will be happy to advise you personally and have helpful tips ready. At your destination you will learn everything there is to know about your trip during a personal briefing with a member of our team. During the tour we are always available for you via our service hotline, which is of course also available on weekends. 

We are always here for you during your trip!

In (almost) all of our Eurohike hiking tours you will be greeted personally on arrival. There, during a personal conversation with one of our employees, you will learn everything worth knowing about your trip, as well as insider tips. Our tour guides are happy to take care of the well being of all guests and they will make sure everything on your hiking trip runs like clockwork. Our local staff also serve as trusted contacts. You are welcome to ask any questions you may have at the information desk. Because our tour guides know the country and its people very well, as well as being dedicated and passionate, you will not miss out on anything during your wonderful holiday!

Personal accessibility

During your tour, we are always available for you via our service hotline, and of course, also on weekends. In case of urgent questions, or in an emergency, a solution and necessary assistance can be provided quickly. We assure you, we respond immediately to your call! You certainly will not be put on hold in a call centre thousands of miles away.

Personal luggage transport

As far as possible, we always try to handle luggage transfers with our own staff and resort to taxi services only in exceptional cases. Therefore, we guarantee punctual and careful delivery to the next accommodation. And if you loose your spark for hiking, no problem! You can often hitch a ride with our baggage transportation.

Personal return transfer

In order to avoid complicated journeys by public transport, and to make the return journey as pleasant as possible, we offer our own organised return transfers. That allows us, amongst other things, to give you a personal farewell. We are always happy to get your individual feedback first-hand, because your travel experience is important to us.

Verena Winkler
If you have any questions about our on-site support feel free to contact me!
Verena Winkler, Customer service
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