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Basic information about hiking in the Alsace region

Bordering Switzerland and Germany, the richly blessed Alsace occupies a particularly favorable position in the heart of Europe. The area between the Rhine and the Vosges Mountains forms an enchanting scenic mosaic of hills, vineyards, mountains and countless castles. Furthermore, a pleasantly mild climate from spring to autumn also offers the perfect basis for hiking. Landscape lined with vines, half-timbered houses marked by history and the incomparable cuisine give Alsace its very special charm. Hiking holidays without luggage in the Alsace - an unforgettable active holiday!

The most beautiful hiking holidays in the Alsace region

Medieval Alsace 1: Wissembourg – Saverne

Numerous castles and churches accompany you on the walking holiday Wissembourg – Saverne. From the arrival point Wissembourg via Lembach to the final destination Saverne, stately castles and half-timbered houses adorn the well-signposted hiking path. On the first day of the hike, you have the opportunity to visit the former Maginot Line “lime kiln”. Numerous castles and ruins that take you back in time are waiting in almost every stage location. In addition to the historical sights, wonderful landscapes with picturesque vineyards wait for you.

Medieval Alsace 2: Saverne – Barr

The walking tour Saverne – Barr leads further south. This tour offers great panoramic views of the Black Forest and the Rhine plain. The hiking tour starts in Saverne and good hiking trails lead to the stage town of Ottrott, to Le Hohwald and to the final destination, the town of Barr. On the way you are always accompanied by vineyards on the left and right, numerous castles and small wine villages. The Alsatian wine-growing region is by no means one of the largest wine-growing regions in the world, but it is certainly one of the most beautiful and attractive in terms of landscape.

Vineyards and Vosges Summits

In the middle of the Alsatian wine route, you hike through vineyards and Vosges peaks, starting and ending the hiking tour in Eguisheim, one of the most beautiful villages in France and at the same time home to many winegrowers. The various half-timbered houses with award-winning floral decorations inspire visitors from all over the world. And again, fertile vineyards, castles and dreamy country estates accompany every hiker at every turn. The circular hike takes you to the towns of Turckheim and Munster. During the summer, numerous storks can be spotted on roofs and chimneys in the historical town centres.

Useful information about a hiking holiday in the Alsace region

Hiking holidays between old customs and traditions

If you explore the Alsace region by foot, you will also get to know one or the other ancient customs and traditions of the region. Because the Alsatians celebrate numerous festivals between spring and autumn. Would you like to experience the culture of Alsace in a very intimate way? The numerous festivals celebrated, such as the popular sauerkraut festival, certainly offer the best opportunity for this. As many festivals as the Alsace region organizes, Alsace is also rich in culinary delicacies that entice you to taste them. Starting with the typical Alsatian wines to the fine regional cuisine, which has been modernized by cosmopolitan Alsatian style. There is definitely something for every connoisseur in the Alsace region.

Historic guild signs on traditional houses in the hiking stages

Questions and answers about hiking holidays in the Alsace region

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Our individual hiking tours in Alsace can be booked from April to October.

The Alsace region offers a variety of hiking paths and beautiful natural landscapes for a successful active break. In particular, the picturesque vineyards and Vosges peaks between Eguisheim, Turckheim, Kaysersberg, Munster and Wintzfelden guarantee a hiking tour like in a picture book. The walking route between Wissembourg, Saverne, Barr and Kaysersberg is also a wonderful way to explore the Alsace region by foot.

We offer the following individual hiking tours in the Alsace region:

Due to the particularly good routing and the paw-friendly hiking paths, a hiking holiday in Alsace is also ideal for hiking with a dog. These tours can be booked for a hiking holiday with a dog:

Pleasure, nature and a particularly relaxing break await all active holidaymakers in the beautiful Alsace region. The routes lead you through picturesque vineyards, quiet forest areas, to idyllic wine villages and to sights steeped in history.

But Alsace also has a lot to offer away from nature and culture. The regional cuisine provides the perfect accompaniment to your hiking holiday with particularly tasty, traditional dishes. On the menus you will find delicious dishes that harmoniously combine both German and French cuisine. Be sure to try the delicious ‚Flammkuchen‘, the popular spaetzle, a dish with the delicious sauerkraut, the excellent crumble cake or the wonderful wine directly from the region.

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