Walking holiday in the enchanting Alsace Region

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Aktive holiday in the East of France

Each and every hiking holiday with Eurohike is definitely going to be a very special experience. The Alsace region situated in the East of France however truly completes your hiking holiday – and literally ‚caps it all’. Since the Alsace region offers countless moments of bliss, particularly those which can only be experienced during a hiking holiday, featuring vineyards, picturesque places and a medieval flair. The three hiking holidays in the Alsace region lead you past sights such as ruins and and palaces and also provide sustenance – since the Alsace wine route is only a stone’s throw away.

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Alsace and all – Sublime hiking holidays in the Alsace

The tranquil scenery of the Alsace is wasted on you if you only drive through it. The Alsace region stretching along the East of France and covering an area of about 8000 square kilometres attracts countless hikers every year. They al find hiking bliss in the idyllic scenery, the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site North-Vosges or in the deep fir tree forests. But this is not all. Also wine connoisseurs  appreciate vintage wines, excellent cuisine and really get their money’s worth in the Alsace. Keen hikers are rewarded with a delicious Tart flambée, Bundt cake or Coq au vin at the end of a strength-sapping day.

But not only the cuisine is exceptional in the Alsace region. It also offers a superbly built and well-signposted network of hiking paths. Providing perfect conditions for a hiking holiday with Eurohike.

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Selected hiking tours to the most beautiful spots in the Alsace region

It is quite a task to pick out of a myriad of picturesque places in the Alsace the most stunning ones. There are sceneries waiting in nearly every corner, which are crying out to be captured and memorised forever. Be assured that with Eurohike hiking holidays you are guaranteed to not miss out on any enchanting holiday moments.

Vineyards and Vosges-summits: The loop-hiking path runs past Eguisheim, Turckheim, Kaysersberg, Munster and Wintzfelden – without leaving out any of the scenic highlights. Tip: This 7-day hiking holiday is also an ideal experience for you and your dog.

Medieval Alsace: The two hiking routes between Wissembourg in the North and Munster in the South carry you back into the Middle Ages! Historic churches, castles and ruins line the route.

Discover three hiking holidays with Eurohike in the Alsace region – and rely on the service of hiking experts. We are very happy to assist you with booking a holiday with us!

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