A walking holiday with your dog


Hiking happiness for two and four-legged friends: Our team at Eurohike ensures that your hike is also an experience for your four-legged companion. Our tours, specially marked with a paw, are guaranteed to be paw-friendly and promise hiking pleasure for both human and animal – the perfect way to go on holiday.

Hiking pleasures while walking with your dog

Active hiking pleasure for two and four-legged friends

Fantastic Alpine panoramas, crystal-clear mountain lakes, pure air and rustic alpine cuisine - our backpack for the next hiking trip is already packed! But what could be nicer than having your best friend by your side? Each of our marked trips has been put through its paces to ensure that it is suitable for dogs and the safety factor always comes first. For example, we select appropriate dog-friendly hotels, develop four-legged routes and ensure stress-free transfers on site. From Austria, Germany, Italy, England to Croatia there is a colourful selection of destinations for dog walking tours available.

Tips & information at a glance

We have put together some tips and hints for you regarding taking your friend with the wet nose on a walking trip. These recommendations should help you choose the right destination and route for a perfect trip before booking your next Eurohike dog walking holiday.

  • Muzzle and leash obligations: Please inform yourself about requirements for dogs wearing a muzzle and leash before starting your journey and each day’s stage. Different requirements apply depending on the country, region and municipality.
  • International regulations: In the first instance, every dog must be registered and chipped. Please deal with the country-specific entry requirements as early as possible with regards to possible vaccinations and rules of conduct in the destination.
  • Hygiene: As a dog owner, you are responsible for leaving hiking trails and paths clean. Please always have a bag on hand to remove your companion’s dog droppings on the way.
  • Responsibility: You know your four-legged friend best. Therefore, choose a hiking holiday carefully. When choosing it’s important to take into account your dog’s health, age, size, condition and behaviour. In this way, your dog is protected from possible overexertion. Also keep an eye on what your dog eats along the path (certain plants, or even waste could injure your four-legged friend).
  • Animal Alpine dwellers: Watch out for animals at pasture during your hike. A direct encounter between a dog and, for example, a cow, horse or sheep should be avoided. The following applies: While walking, slowly but surely move away from the grazing cattle. Important: In this case the dog should walk without a lead, so it can make an escape in an emergency.
  • Dog guarantee: Our hiking trips, specially marked with a green paw, are dog-friendly and can be booked with your four-legged friend – honestly paw-friendly!


In our Eurohike tours that are guaranteed to be paw-friendly, it is very important to us that both two-legged and four-legged friends feel particularly comfortable in the accommodation. In order to ensure that everything runs smoothly, and your dog can be registered in the appropriate accommodation, we ask you to let us know the breed and size of your dog when booking your vacation. We use this data to register your companion at the accommodation. Any additional costs are to be paid directly to the accommodation in cash.

Eurohike checklist for your dog-friendly hiking tour

With our Eurohike checklist, nothing stands in the way of your next walking holiday with your dog. You can easily download and print it here.

  • Transport box and dog basket: To ensure your dog is safe while driving, we recommend a transport box for the car (if possible, with a blanket or towel). This way your four-legged friend can relax on their way to the destination. And bringing the dog basket also provides necessary feel-good atmosphere in the accommodation.
  • Muzzle and leash: Always have a muzzle handy. When selecting a leash, we recommend shorter or medium-long leads with a length of less than three metres, especially when hiking.
  • Collar: Clearly, every dog in Europe must be chipped. In the event your dog gets lost, your dog can be reunited with you quickly. Nevertheless, it is recommended to add the dog owner’s name and telephone number to the collar if possible.
  • Dog brush: Correct grooming depends on the breed and hair length - should your companions fur knot, your dog will thank you for bringing a brush.
  • Dog shoes: When hiking in rough terrain, it is recommended to bring dog shoes with you to avoid possible injury to the paws.
  • Travel provisions: Please pack plenty of water and easily digestible food with appropriate bowls for your dog – and don’t forget treats! Water is particularly important when hiking in warm regions with a high temperature. And should you ever pass cool water, release the lead and enjoy.
  • Bags: It is a responsible dog owner’s job to remove droppings along the way.
  • Local vets: Please inform yourself about vets or clinics along the route, should there be an emergency.
  • Emergency equipment: Carrying a first aid kit is not only recommended for us humans. Basic equipment should also be packed for our beloved companion: claw scissors, tweezers/tick remover, disinfectants/wound spray, any medication (e.g. diarrhea medicine, ear cleaners, anti-nausea agents, parasite prophylaxis, sunscreen for short-haired breeds, eye wash, ointment for insect bites, bandages.
  • Toys: If your dog gets a chance to play on the trip, don’t forget its toys.

Flyer: Hiking with a dog

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Our most popular hiking tours with dogs


From Meran to Lake Garda

The best of two worlds during this hiking route starting from the historic spa town of Meran to Lake Garda. From the impressive Dolomites, along the South Tyrolean Wine Route to Lake Garda, where you will be greeted by the Mediterranean flair. A perfect holiday experience for you and your four-legged friend.

  • Read all the details about the tour here.

From Garmisch to Meran

Mountain hiking with an Alps crossing ‘light’. On this trip you and your four-legged friend experience something unforgettable and cross the Alps. A few very special highlights await you on this tour: The sunken church on the Reschensee, the Sisi town of Meran and very special – you will experience the charm of three countries in eight days.

  • Keen? You will find all the information and booking details for the hiking trip here.
Tour character
Mountain Hiking

From Meran to Lake Garda

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Tour character
Mountain Hiking
Germany / Italy / Austria

From Garmisch to Meran

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Paw-friendly leisure hiking in the Salzkammergut

The Salzkammergut has always had a special charm for hikers. But alongside your four-legged friend, this hiking holiday will be the perfect experience. The route promises hiking fun – guaranteed. Cooling off in crystal-clear water, postcard landscapes on the Schafberg or in the salt mine in Hallstatt. And the necessary delicacies and culinary delights are also on offer throughout the trip.

  • The perfect way to holiday: Click here for the details.


Crossed with hiking trails, this hiking tour in Bavaria is something very special, if not the most beautiful panorama trail in Germany. It will also certainly be a great experience for your four-legged friend. Along the route, a fantastic natural backdrop, cultural highlights and culinary delights await you – so Bavarian!

Tour character
Moderate Walking

Lake Walking in Austria’s Salzkammergut

8 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Tour character


9 Days | Self-guided Tour
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Summit panorama while walking with your dog in Pinzgau region

Overview if hiking with a dog

You can select the possible dog-friendly hikes directly view the travel search (under show more filters). Suitable tours can be found in almost every country. From easy to demanding tours, Eurohike has put together numerous tours for you.

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