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Plan your hiking holiday to France with Eurohike! You will be enchanted by picturesque scenery full of rugged beauty and delicate romance – just like the characteristic charm of the French.

Hardly any country is as renowned for its charm as France. And this not only includes the charm of the inhabitants – but also the diverse scenery oozes a very distinct flair.

Walking along lavender fields to the monastery Sénanque

Oh là là! Hike through France with Eurohike

The contrasts in France’s scenery will delight you and create new impressions every day. Enjoy the hiking tours across the sunny South of the 'Grande Nation', where in the Provence region for instance marvellous lavender fields cater for a unique magic. Are you ‚aiming high’ during a hiking tour in France? No problem, the tours through the Alps open up a challenging mountain world, which will fascinate you with its vast expanse and amazing views. In Normandy -  situated in the North of France - you enjoy a historic flair in many places and the more recent history appears imminent.

Panoramic view of the beach with flowers

We guarantee you will be fascinated by hiking in France, since each region will bring you closer an endearing part of the French lifestyle and culture. Our hiking holidays in France present themselves just as multifaceted as diverse, just like the 4 different climate zones. Along the coasts in the North and West a rather damp climate domiates with hot summer months and cold winters. In the East and Central France you enjoy a Mediterranean climate, offering mild winters. In the South on the Mediterranean coast summers are quite hot, whereas winter months are rather mild and great for hiking. In altitudes higher than 800 metres a typical mountain climate dominates in France with regular downpours.

Fancy a relaxing time-out? Here we show you where you could be headed on your next hiking holiday with Eurohike!

Destinations for your hiking holiday in France

France awaits with numerous picturesque hiking destinations, which are well worth discovering. Especially fascinating is for example a hiking holiday to the cliff coast of Brittany. According to the French it is the spot where the sea forged a love affair with the land, since at high tide the sea protrudes deeply inland. Alternatively hike across the Vercors National Park, across the Medieval Alsace or through Burgundy with all its culinary delights.

Hiking in the Alsace region amidst culture, nature and Medieval traces

In the East of France you get to look forward to an exciting ‚border experience’, since Germany and the town of ‚Freiburg im Breisgau’ are not far away. Hiking tours across the picturesque Alsace satisfy with a diverse natural landscape, where the proud Vosges mountain ranges, grand palaces and castles as well as fertile vineyards present themselves. Historic old parts of towns, where you feel carried back several centuries, are definitely part of the ambient highlights in the Alsace region.

Picturesque Provence

Here in the South of France clocks tick slightly slower. Insofar you get to enjoy a relaxed ambience during our carefully selected hiking tours with Eurohike and will find it easy to forget everyday life. And even the real climate will spoil you with numerous sunny day during any season. Not only will you enjoy the delicious wines but expecially the fresh herbs of the Provence, which are used to refine many typical, regional dishes. During our hiking holiday through Provence  you will get to know the marvellous blaze of colour of the scenery and the most beautiful villages. Historic traces and blooming fields will be your continuous companions.

Normandy on the temperamental Atlantic Ocean

Normandy in Northern France is guaranteed to entrall you too! Off the extensive Atlantic coastline it is mainly Medieval buildings and monuments which create a special backdrop. Many of the abbeys which you will encounter during your hiking tours are a vivacious piece of French cultural history. During your hiking holiday across Normandy a spectacular holiday panorama awaits situtated between cliff coast and seemingly endless sandy beaches. And as an exceptional highlight – a trip to Jersey awaits. In Normandy many typical regional delicacies from the sea ensure relaxation for body, mind and soul...

Self-guided hiking holiday in Brittany

Brittany is a perfect hiking destination for all who prefer everything more quiet and pristine. Especially the sparsely populated rural regions of Brittany create an incredible ambience, which allows you to drift far away from everyday life and any stress associated with it. During our hiking holiday in Brittany scenic delights await, which are strongly characterised by the tides mainly along the coast. You get to enjoy marvellous coastal walks and authentic insights into rural life, brought to you by France itself and partly by the culture of the 'Grande Nation'.

Côte d'Azur: Hiking along the traces of 'savoir vivre' 

Just as the name suggests, a deep blue sky will accompany you on most days of the year during a hiking tour along the effervescent Côte d' Azur. But it is not only the coast with its chic towns and exquisite beaches giving you an understanding of the lifestyle of Southern France. Especially the heartland will fascinate you with lush vegetation and romanically located villages. Our self-guided tour along the Côte d' Azur takes you to the most beautiful places between the Mediterranean and the hinterlands.

Wild Corsica: exciting hiking tours with Mediterranean island flair

The proud French island of Corsica offers everything a holidaymaker could wish for: marvellous sandy beaches, endearing towns, wild-romantic villages with cultural authenticity and an impressive mountain world are part of the most important ingredients for a relaxing variety on a holiday. On our self-guided hiking tour through Corsica we give you an understanding of the majestic beauty of the island. The Bay of Porto, the Genoese Towers and the pink cliffs are only a few of the highlights, which will await you during this 8-day hiking holiday!

Hiking on Mont Blanc

With an altitude of about 4800 metres Mont Blanc is one of the highest peaks to scale in Europe. Insofar this ‚white giant’, which is always visible in the setting in good visibility, has a few challenging tours for ambitious mountaineers in store. Since the first ascent at the end of the 18th century a lot has happened, which means that especially the outstanding infrastructure for tourists literally opened up new paths. In the course of our professional trekking tour on and around Mont Blanc you will experience the impressive mountain world at a variety of altitudes and perspectives. Enjoy transgressive and culture transcending impressions during this hiking holiday, since next to France Day Finishes are also set up in both Italy and Switzerland.

Hiking to day finish Sospel

Sights off your hiking routes in France

Also away from the routes of your hiking holiday France has a lot to offer. Seize the days of rest on your Eurohike-holiday: discover the towns and villages along your routes. Or take time for a typically French delight: sample specialities of French cuisine in the remote little mountain towns – who does not dream of it? Since Eurohike is a specialist organiser of hiking holidays we have lots of great tips instock, how you can put the finishing touches on your holiday in the French mountains. 

Experience unforgettable hiking holidays with Eurohike’s ‚Hiking-Plus’

Eurohike’s Hiking-Plus guarantees a carefree holiday experience, which leaves nothing to be desired. When you book your hiking holiday in France with us, then perfect organisation of your holiday is inclusive! Before your holiday you receive all necessary information regarding your forthcoming hiking holiday. Hiking in France with Eurobike turns into something very special, since all tours are carefully selected and personally compiled by our professional staff. Precise maps and excellent signposting on site guarantee optimal guidance. Each hiking tour with Eurohike literally equals carefree bliss, since we transport your luggage from one Day Finish to the next. At each Day Finish a lovingly selected accommodation awaits, which will give you a better understanding of the unparalleled French atmosphere and flair. That way each day of hiking can come to a relaxing end and you can look forward to the next challenge with new strength.

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