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Basic information about hiking in France

A country with a network of around 120,000 long-distance hiking trails, fantastic hiking tours along coastlines and alpine mountain landscapes, as well as the highest mountain in the EU – Mont Blanc – definitely offers the perfect basis for a successful hiking holiday for every experience level. France, one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and the largest country in the European Union in terms of area, is located in western Europe and is home to countless cultural sites and beautiful nature. In the capital Paris, in particular, you will find one of the most respected metropolises in the world, not only in terms of fashion, this city also excels culturally and culinarily. The diversity of France will inspire you and together with a wonderfully mild climate, will ensure unforgettable hiking moments.

Wandern entlang Lavendelfelder zum Kloster Sénanque

The most beautiful hiking regions in France

Walking in Alsace

You can look forward to an eventful experience on the border in the east of France, because Germany and Freiburg in Breisgau are not far away.  A hiking holiday in Alsace is particularly impressive due to the varied natural landscape, which presents itself with the proud mountain ranges of the Vosges, stately castles and fortresses as well as fertile vineyards. The atmospheric highlights of our walking tour Wissembourg – Saverne, 8 days, the walking tour Saverne – Barr, 7 days and our walking holiday Barr – Kaysersberg, 8 days include the historic city centres, where you will feel like you have been transported back in time. On the walking tour Vineyards and Vosges Summits, 7 days you can explore the dreamy regions from their most beautiful side.

Enjoy a hike through the wine regions

Hiking holidays in the Provence

Here, in the south of France, the clocks tick a little slower. In this respect, you will enjoy a relaxed atmosphere on our carefully selected hiking tours with Eurohike – perfect for escaping everyday life and taking some time for yourself. The Mediterranean climate in the Provence will spoil you with many sunny days in every season. In addition to good wines, you will particularly enjoy the fresh herbs of the Provence, which refine many typical regional dishes. During our walking holiday Picturesque Provence, 7 days you will get to know the most beautiful villages in addition to the wonderful colours of the landscape. Historical remnants and blooming fields will be your loyal companions.

Experience Normandy on foot

Normandy in the north of France is guaranteed to cast a spell over you. Away from the vast Atlantic coast, the many medieval buildings and monuments create a special backdrop. Many of the abbeys that you see on your walks through Normandy are a living piece of French cultural history. On our walking tour Normandy & Jersey, 8 days, a special holiday panorama awaits you between the cliffs and seemingly endless beaches. And the trip to Jersey is a particularly extraordinary highlight. In Normandy, many typical regional delicacies from the sea ensure that after an active day of hiking, you will also experience culinary delights.

Wanderer auf dem Weg zum Kolster Sénanque

Experience Normandy on foot

Normandy in the north of France is guaranteed to cast a spell over you. Away from the vast Atlantic coast, the many medieval buildings and monuments create a special backdrop. Many of the abbeys that you see on your walks through Normandy are a living piece of French cultural history. On our walking tour Normandy & Jersey, 8 days, a special holiday panorama awaits you between the cliffs and seemingly endless beaches. And the trip to Jersey is a particularly extraordinary highlight. In Normandy, many typical regional delicacies from the sea ensure that after an active day of hiking, you will also experience culinary delights.

Einzigartiger Wanderblick auf Mont Saint-Michel

Hiking in Brittany

Brittany is a perfect hiking destination for everyone who loves things a little quieter and more natural. The sparsely populated rural regions of Brittany create an indescribable atmosphere that makes everyday stress melt away. On our walking tour Steep Coast of Brittany, 9 days and the slightly shorter walking holiday Steep Coast of Brittany, 7 days, scenic charms await, strongly influenced by the tides, especially on the coast. Look forward to wonderful coastal walks and authentic insights into rural life in the Côtes d’Armor, which will bring you closer to France and part of the culture of the ‘Grande Nation’.


Atemberaubende Granitküsten auf der Wanderwoche in der Bretagne

Hiking along the Côte d’Azur in the South of France

The name says it all, because on the lively Côte d’Azur an azure blue sky will be your companion on hiking holidays most days of the year. But it’s not only the coast with its glamourous places and fine beaches that will bring you closer to the southern French way of life. The countryside in particular inspires with lush vegetation and small, romantic villages. Our individual walking tour Côte d’Azur, 8 days takes you from Grasse, via Vence and to Menton past the most beautiful places between the Mediterranean and inland. A spectacular active adventure!

Hiking holiday South of France
Küstenwandern an der Côte d'Azur

Hiking joy in Burgundy

French indulgence can be wonderfully combined with active exercise on our walking holiday Burgundy, 8 days. The dreamlike regions in Burgundy are among the most wonderful places in the whole country, and the fertile soils offer the perfect basis for successful viticulture – and has done for thousands of years. For foodies and wine lovers who are also looking for an active break, Burgundy is the ideal destination for a successful walking holiday. The regional cuisine in Burgundy is also a real highlight and, together with a fantastic glass of the deep red Burgundy, will not disappoint. Follow the path of indulgence, cuisine and culture and feel like a God in France.

Hiking holiday in Burgundy
Hiking in the wine region Burgundy

Hiking holidays with luggage transfer on Mont Blanc

With a height of 4,809 metres, Mont Blanc is one of the highest peaks that can be climbed in Europe. In this respect, the ‘White Giant’, which you will always see when visibility is good, has some challenging tours in store for ambitious hikers. A lot has happened since the first ascent at the end of the 18th century. On our professional trekking Tour Mont Blanc West, 7 days, the trekking holiday Tour du Mont Blanc, 12 days and the trekking Tour Mont Blanc East, 7 days you will get to see the impressive mountain world at different altitudes and perspectives. Enjoy cross-border and cross-cultural impressions as part of these hiking tours without luggage, as Italy and Switzerland are waiting as stage destinations in addition to France.

Hiking in the Alps
Wanderung mit Blick auf den Mont Blanc

Walking holidays in the region Dordogne-Périgord

An exceptional active experience awaits you on our walking holiday Dordogne Périgord, 8 days in the south-west of France. With every single hiking step you will immerse even more in the pristine nature of the region and there will always be plenty of time to enjoy the wonderful culinary specialities and experience the cultural sights along your way. You will enjoy some extra comfort on our walking holiday Dordogne Périgord with Charm, 8 days.

Hiking holidays in Dordogne-Périgord region
Wanderaussicht zu Reynac

More hiking holidays in France

Useful information about hiking holidays in France

Facts and details

  • Location: In western Europe between Belgium, Spain and Andorra, as well as the United Kingdom
  • Area: 643,801 km²
  • Population: 66.99 million
  • Capital: Paris with approx. 2.15 million inhabitants
  • Language: French
  • Highest mountain: Mont Blanc at 4,809 metres and at the same time the highest mountain in Europe
  • Coast: 4,853 kilometres of coastline
  • Season: The best climate for hiking tours in France is from March to November (some hiking tours can be booked year-round)
  • Special feature: France is the largest country in the European Union in terms of land area – and that’s without including the area of France’s overseas territories
Traumhafte Küstenblicke auf das Meer und die Bergdörfer an der Côte d'Azur

Climate in France

Hiking in France will inspire you because each region will bring you closer to a lovable part of French lifestyle and culture. As multifaceted as our hiking tours in France are, the four different climatic zones are just as varied. The north and west coasts have a more humid climate, with hot summer months and cold winters. In the east and central France, you can enjoy a Mediterranean climate that gets hot in summer, whereas the winter months are rather mild and hiking-friendly. At altitudes above 800 metres, France has a typical mountain climate with regular rainfall.

Bezaubender Wanderblick mit Blumenpracht

France’s culture and traditions

France is a country with innumerable traditions and customs. The sustainable preservation of cultural heritage is particularly important and there is great national cultural awareness. One of the internationally best-known cultural highlights is the Cannes Film Festival on the Côte d’Azur in southern France, which brings together actors and film stars from all over the world every May. Another important event takes place annually on June 21st – the Fête de la Musique. A music festival where professional as well as amateur musicians perform for free. The Christian holiday ‘La Chandeleur’, which is celebrated every year on February 2nd is particularly sweet. On this day, delicious crêpes are fried and eaten across France – and, so the myth goes, if you can flip the crêpe in the air with your right hand and hold a coin in your left you will get rich. Worth a try, right?

Wanderer genießt die tollen Panoramablicke
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France has around 10,000 castles, 6,000 museums and more than 1,200 gardens and parks as well as around 40,000 monuments so there is something to see in almost every city in terms of culture. There are also 33 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, such as the Palace and Park of Versailles, Mont Saint-Michel, the banks of the Seine in Paris, the historic old town of Lyon, the city of Bordeaux and many more.

France also has a lot to offer aside from the routes of your Eurohike hiking holidays with luggage transfer. Take advantage of hiking-free days and discover cities and towns along the route. Take your time to indulge – get to know the French cuisine in remote mountain towns – who doesn’t dream of that? As an experienced hiking travel expert, Eurohike has plenty of insider tips in store on how to put the finishing touches to your hiking holiday in the beautiful nature of France.

France’s diverse food culture

As the largest country in the EU in terms of area, France guarantees incredible culinary variety and unique food culture, because each region has its own unique characteristics. However, one thing is the same in all parts of France – the particularly high quality of the food and drinks. Experience the wonderful French cuisine on our hiking tours and try the regional wines and typical coffee with milk, café au lait. From the rich dishes, the strong cheese and tasty apple pie in Normandy, the fresh seafood and sweet crepes in Brittany, the truffle in Périgord, the unmistakable herbs and fresh vegetables in Provence, the delicious Mediterranean cuisine in southern France and the hearty meals in Alsace including sauerkraut and Flammkuchen. As you can see, you could spend hours talking about the French variety, tasting your way through and feasting. Try the food culture of France for yourself on hour hiking tours with luggage transfer.

Traditioneller Markt mit Produkten der Wandergegend Provence
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The baguette is known all over the world and baked in many nations. The white baguette has become a real symbol of France over the years. The bread is available in different sizes, whether as a thin ‘ficelle’, a classic ‘baguette’ or as a thick ‘flûtes’ – they all taste good. And did you know that the ‘Standard Baguette’ was sold at a fixed price set by the state until 1986?

Yes, that is true. Cheese lovers will get their money’s worth in France. There are more than 700 different types of cheese here, some of which are famous around the world. In France, cheese is not only used as a simple topping for bread, it is used universally and creatively in the kitchen: for gratinating, filling, spicing up, cooking or as an after-dinner dessert. The high quality and wide selection of different cheeses shows once again the versatility and sophistication of French cuisine.

Our Eurohike moments in France

  • The scent of the Côte d’Azur: Experience a special fragrant highlight right at the beginning of your walking tour Côte d'Azur, 8 days – Grasse, the capital of perfume production. Visit perfume maker Fragonard and learn all about the secrets of making fragrances in the factory and museum.
  • Breathtaking views of the ‘White Mountain’: Experience the unique atmosphere of the high mountain town of Chamonix on our trekking Tour Mont Blanc West, 7 days and the Tour du Mont Blanc, 12 days. Mountain-loving hikers will always be accompanied by the unique view of the highest mountain in Europe, Mont Blanc, in this city which is located on the border with Switzerland and Italy.

  • Wine enjoyment in Burgundy: Enjoy the excellent Burgundy wines in one of the most wonderful regions of France on our walking holiday Burgundy, 8 days. Immerse yourself in a hiking tour for real connoisseurs who appreciate both active experience and excellent cuisine in Burgundy.
  • Postcard idyll: On our walking tour Picturesque Provence, 7 days the name of the tour says it all. Countless picture postcard landscapes accompany you along the route from your starting point of Isle sur la Sourgue, to Lacoste, Bonnieux, past the lavender fields to Buoux and back to the start of your journey to Isle sur la Sorgue.

Questions and answers about hiking holidays in France

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Depending on the region, hiking in France is recommended from March to October. In some regions, such as the Provence, Brittany or Burgundy, you can even enjoy a hiking holiday until November.

France truly offers a unique paradise for hikers. Whether in Alsace, in Provence, in Burgundy, in Brittany, in Normandy, in southern France, in the Dordogne-Périgord region or in the Mont Blanc massif – the diversity in France guarantees a wonderful active experience for all levels of hiking and target groups.

Many of our hiking tours in France are also ideal for hiking with a dog. For example, enjoy the wonderful hiking holiday in Burgundy together with your four-legged friend or experience the hiking tour Steep Coast of Brittany with your dog. Our hiking holiday Dordogne Périgord with Charm or the hiking tour Vineyards and Vosges Summits are also suitable for hiking with dogs.

A total of 49 UNESCO World Heritage Sites can be experienced in France. 42 of them are World Heritage Sites, six sites are UNESCO World Natural Heritage Sites and one site is a mixed UNESCO Cultural and Natural Heritage Site. Examples of UNESCO World Heritage sites are the former Benedictine abbey of Mont-Saint-Michel on the monastic island of the same name in Normandy, the palace and park of Versailles, the Roman and Romanesque monuments of Arles, the medieval old town and new town in Strasbourg, the banks of the Seine from Paris, the port of Bordeaux, the vineyards, wine houses and wine cellars of Champagne, the vineyard plots in Burgundy or the fifth largest city in France, Nice, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage as "Winter City on the Riviera".

It goes without saying that a country with such a diverse landscape can also offer a great deal of culinary variety. Regardless of the region, one thing always remains the same in France – the consistent high quality of the food and drinks. It is not for nothing that French cuisine was included as an intangible UNESCO cultural heritage.

Be sure to try one of the typical specialties during your hiking holiday, such as the famous crêpes or croissants, the popular crème brûlée, a quiche, the wonderful Camembert with a piece of baguette, an onion soup, a snail dish or the French-Provençal vegetable dish ratatouille. It doesn't matter whether you choose the wonderful cheese, the excellent wine or the unique desserts, you will be amazed. Whatever your palate craves, gourmets will find it in France.

You will experience many cultural and scenic highlights on a hiking holiday in France. In Burgundy, the picturesque vineyards and excellent wines are impressive, while hiking in southern France, the turquoise-blue Côte d'Azur and the picturesque harbor towns are just waiting to be admired. You can experience the breathtaking mountain world of Mont-Blanc, one of the highest peaks in the world, while trekking on our hiking tour Tour Mont Blanc West or the Tour du Mont Blanc. Wonderful coastal hikes and a uniquely beautiful landscape await you when hiking in Normandy or BrittanyProvence is best experienced with all your senses - not only do you taste the wonderful Provençal cuisine, but also enjoy the wonderful scent of lavender and discover the quiet landscapes and villages. Fantastic vineyards and the Vosges in Alsace are waiting to be explored by foot. Whichever region and hiking tour you choose, France will inspire you endlessly one way or the other!

5 reasons for a hiking holiday in France

  • As diverse as the country and the cuisine in France is, a hiking holiday in the multifaceted regions is just as wonderful for all levels of hiking. Whether it's leisurely hiking, mountain hiking or trekking – every active hiking fan is guaranteed to find the necessary break in nature here.

  • Hiking from the mountains to the sea: Variety is also guaranteed on the hiking routes in France. The hiking paths lead you to the most beautiful vineyards, coasts, mountains, and quiet villages. With around 120,000 long-distance hiking trails and routes throughout France, there is definitely no chance of boredom.

  • Perfect hiking climate: Numerous regions in France are suitable for hiking in nature almost all year round. The southern areas in particular are favored by the climate and here you can enjoy a hiking holiday till November.


  • Hiking with a dog in France: It's even nicer to enjoy hiking in France together with your four-legged friend. Numerous hiking tours are ideal for hiking with a dog and guarantee an unforgettable time out in the open air.

  • From sweet to savory – delicious indulgence in France: the diverse regions not only offer a varied hiking experience. The wonderful cuisine also differs from region to region and offers wonderful culinary addresses for all gourmets. Finally, French cuisine was included as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Therefore hiking holidays with Eurohike benefits that convince

Perfectly organized hiking tours

In Eurohike hiking vacations, you enjoy that extra level of service and comfort. From start to finish, our Eurohike travel specialists plan and organize your active vacation, giving you even more time to enjoy your active getaway. During your hiking tour, you can focus worry-free on what truly matters: the joy of hiking with your loved ones.

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Comprehensive guidance from our travel specialists

Our experienced travel specialists are available to assist you at any time, both during the selection of your tour and throughout the booking process. Your wishes and concerns are our top priority, ensuring that your journey becomes the most beautiful time of the year.

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Team Eurobike & Eurohike

Well-prepared travel information and route descriptions

All guests receive a comprehensive information package with detailed walking maps and travel documents including tips and information on culture, cuisine, country and people - tailored to the respective region and requirements of the individual walking tour. Every year, we review the route meticulously, and continually develop new variations that provide even more insights into the land and culture.

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Accommodations with feel-good factor

After a wonderful day of cycling, you will be welcomed in our carefully selected accommodations in the evening. We choose our accommodations with care and consideration, always with a focus on their special orientation towards active vacationers and opportunities for evening relaxation. You'll experience that extra level of comfort on our charming hiking tours, where you can enjoy even more feel-good facilities and an added touch of indulgence.

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Hiking without luggage

With us, you'll enjoy the most comfortable form of active vacation. Eurohike transports your luggage to the next accommodation every day. Leave the hotel in the morning with ease, and by evening, your bags will already be waiting at the next lodging. Experience a completely carefree hiking adventure across Europe with our luggage transfer!

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Personal on-site support

Our Eurohike original tours are characterized above all by the personal touch for which we have been known for many years. For our original tours, you will be personally welcomed by our team members at the arrival destination. In an informational meeting, all details about the tour and the itinerary will be explained. Our on-site team is also available for tips and recommendations.

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Exploring the most beautiful routes with our on Tour-App

We invest a lot of time and effort in crafting our routes and meticulously review them regularly. Thanks to the Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour app, navigating the most beautiful cycling routes in Europe becomes child's play, ensuring you don't miss any of the highlights along the way.

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