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"Pioneering, passionate, and trustworthy: These are the values that guide our daily operations. Our competent team offers perfectly organized hiking tours with that extra touch of service and comfort."

Eurofun managers Verena Sonnenberg and Thomas Schmid

Verena Sonnenberg and Thomas Schmid

Management Eurofun Touristik

Our 3 Pillars: Purpose – Vision – Mission


Why does Eurohike exist?

'TO make handpicked walking holidays throughout Europe easy to experience and to pair them with the best service – SO THAT people can take more zest for life, deeper relaxation and unforgettable moments from their active holiday into their everyday lives.'

Walking without luggage and with good all-round service - that's what Eurofun also offers you as a guest.

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The goal in mind.

‘Eurohike Walking holidays on everyone's lips, in everyone's legs and in everyone's hearts.’

Get up close and personal with our walking holidays, experience this style of travel firsthand, and cherish the memories for years to come. If we resonate with you, then we've achieved our purpose.

Feel free to explore more in our WanderBlog, where our guests and staff share their experiences and stories.

What our team members & guests say


How do we achieve the goal?

'We LEAD THE WAY when it comes to fulfilling active holidays. Our PASSION for the beautiful and the exceptional is what sets us apart. We consistently enjoy the TRUST of our customers, since we are there for them – with all of our heart and soul.'

With this passion and your trust, our team is constantly working on new holidays for you and always strives to provide the best service for your active tours.

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Sustainability with Eurohike

How do we achieve a better quality of life in terms of sustainability?

We LEAD THE WAY when it comes to creating sustainable active holidays. Our PASSION for nature, the playground of our trips, shapes our everyday actions. We consistently enjoy the TRUST of our customers because we contribute to a better quality of life with our commitment.

Our dedicated Eurohike sustainability team is actively engaged in this matter. Feel free to explore our implemented projects, learn about our team's efforts on sustainability measures, discover how you can contribute, and follow our path to certification.

Hiking on the Dachstein High Trail

Our Core Values

Pioneering as a COMPANY

We have made it our mission to show you the most spectacular trails and unique places in the most beautiful regions of Europe. The focus is on the individual active experience in nature and with a diverse selection of moderate walking tours, mountain hiking or trekking tours, there is something for everyone.

Since 1991, we've been dedicated to crafting and executing nature-oriented, sustainable, and enjoyable travel experiences - prioritizing quality, regional authenticity, and reliability.

Eurohike Team

Passionate about our GUESTS

More and more people are drawn to the mountains and to wonderful hikes in the beautiful countryside. Safety, individuality, and sustainability play a key role in this pursuit. Our guests benefit from excellent support from our experienced travel experts from the initial contact to the active vacation. The Eurohike Wanderplus all-inclusive package guarantees you excellent support both before your walking vacation and at your destination. The precise selection of routes, the smooth luggage transfer during the tour and the selected feel-good accommodation ensure a stress-free walking tour with a special enjoyment factor.

Hikers in Piedmont

Trustworthy as a TEAM

As the premier active tour operator in Europe, we prioritize the well-being of our employees. This encompasses fostering a positive working environment, promoting excellent team spirit, and consistently acknowledging the contributions of our entire team. The dedicated efforts of each employee are instrumental in the flawless organization of our vacations, and they are the individuals who personify our company. Our managers lead by example, striving for a calm and productive workday.

Hiking with Rey to the mountain Frauenkopf 2023

Our Eurofun Song: "Vom Alltag in die Freiheit"

Gathering new experiences, experiencing freedom, living in the moment and enjoying life - these are all things that we stand for as a leading active tour operator. With the Eurofun Song, we have produced a piece of music for the 30th anniversary of our sister brand Eurobike, in which we have put the feeling that we want to convey with our tours into words and underlaid it with a suitable melody. But before we give too much away, we want to let the song speak for itself. We hope you enjoy listening to it!

You can also listen to the song at any time on popular streaming platforms:

Woman lying in the grass

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