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Tours for experienced mountain-hikers

The Dachstein high-altitude circular path, the Tyrolean Path, views onto Mont Blanc or the Swiss Alps – Eurohike trekking tours manages to get any hiker’s pulse racing and awakens every experienced hiker’s wanderlust. The tours by Eurohike were designed for experienced mountain-hiking enthusiasts with a very good fitness level. Additionally high-quality equipment is required, since during some stages of the tour hikers need to carry their luggage themselves.

During the trekking tour you hike amidst Europe’s most magnificent mountain ranges on an altitude between 1500 and 2500 metres. The trails are rocky and in parts exposed. This highest level of difficulty by Eurohike requires a very good fitness level. Daily walking times total approx. up to 7 hours.

Even if rucksacks have to be carried at times, you too get to enjoy the Eurohike service extras. The Eurohike luggage transfer is included in the tour price. Your luggage is ready for you in your next accommodation, mountain inn or hotel.

The Eurohike-team insisted on personally researching the respective trekking tours, which means the usual outstanding quality awaits. Only the most stunning routes and locations are chosen for a trekking tour. Now is time to get excited about your mountain adventure!

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Austria / Germany

Trans Tyrol: Garmisch - Innsbruck

8 Days | Self-guided tour
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Tour character

Dachstein High Altitude Circular Path

8 Days | Self-guided tour
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Who are trekking tours aimed at?

Trekking tours by Eurohike were designed for:

  • advanced hikers
  • hikers with stamina and a very good fitness level
  • experienced mountain-hikers
  • hikers with surefootedness and a head for heights
  • hiking enthusiasts owning appropriate and good-quality equipment

Please note with this level of difficulty that odd flat sections are part of the tour too. Naturally catching your breath and enjoying nature is just as pleasant for extra sporty mountain hikers.

Overview of Trekking Tours

The selection of Eurohike trekking tours is small but exquisite. These advanced trekking tours are located in Austria, Germany, France and Switzerland. Please select your trekking holidays directly by clicking on ‘Tour search’.


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