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Join us on a journey through time

1991 until 2002

Many years before the active travel brand Eurohike Walking Holidays was created, the cycling travel brand Eurobike was founded.

In 1993, Walter Schmid and Herbert Würtinger founded their own company and Eurofun Touristik was launched with the brand name "Eurobike" for the cycle tourism sector. The "Ten Lakes Tour" in the Salzkammergut was conceived as the company's first own tour.

Eurofun Head Office in Obertrum

2003 until 2004

Shortly after, the company moved to Mühlstraße 20 in Obertrum am See. They rented an abandoned farmhouse to accommodate not just offices but also rental bikes. Soon after, they bought and expanded the property.

In 2004, under the brand "Eurohike", walking holidays debuted in their own catalog, establishing this facet of the company. Destinations like Königssee, Zugspitze, and Salzkammergut continue to be beloved classics among Eurohike guests.

Hikers at Bavaria's lakes

2006 until 2010

Under the brand name "Euroaktiv", selected active tours were offered in a separate catalog for the first time in 2006. These include family-friendly adventure vacations, riding vacations and family vacations in the walking and cycling sector. Another trend that emerged in the industry: travel by bike & boat became more and more popular and so the first Bike & Boat catalog was created in 2010.

In late fall, the groundbreaking ceremony was held for the next expansion at the company site: additional office space and additional storage areas were built. In addition, Verena Sonnenberg has taken over the management of the Eurohike walking holidays division.

Hikers look out over the turquoise Lake Reschensee with its sunken church tower

2011 until 2015

In 2011, Eurobike introduced the "So schön ist Deutschland" ("Germany is so beautiful") catalog, featuring exclusively cycling tours in Germany. The following year, Eurobike marked its 20th anniversary with a grand celebration, uniting employees and longstanding partners. In 2014, Eurohike revamped its website for the start of the hiking season, coinciding with the release of its first-ever catalog spanning over 100 pages. As the popularity of active travel continues to soar, new hiking trends emerge. Also in 2014, Eurofun Touristik expanded its management team, welcoming Thomas Schmid into executive leadership alongside the company founders.

Hikers admire the fruitful vineyards along the way

2016 until 2019

In 2016, the company restructured its organization, significantly separating operational functions. The objective was to establish clearer structures and intensify focus on service and personalized guest care. Thomas Schmid and Verena Sonnenberg assumed leadership roles in Eurofun Touristik's management.

Following the website relaunch in 2017, the online presence shone in a new light, attracting even more users to the site. Just two years later, the company introduced its first-ever catalog of Charm Tours, catering to the growing popularity among active travellers.

Hikers with lake view of Lake Molveno

2020 until today

The years 2020 and 2021 were exceptionally challenging. COVID-19 turned the entire travel industry upside down internationally. However, despite all circumstances, we were able to successfully conclude a safe cycling and hiking season. Simultaneously, the family-oriented offerings of the Euroaktiv brand were integrated into the Eurohike and Eurobike brands.

2022 was a milestone year for us: 30 years of Eurobike – 30 years of cycling adventures throughout Europe! This year marked the thirtieth anniversary of our cycling brand.

The journey across Europe continues, and we are thrilled to celebrate the 20th anniversary of our walking travel brand, Eurohike, in 2024. It's a milestone that fills us with pride!

Managing Directors Verena Sonnenberg and Thomas Schmid

"At Eurohike, top quality and customer satisfaction are paramount! We prioritize providing personalized service, which is why our walking guests consistently rate us highly. We're proud to maintain a significant number of loyal customers, a testament to our commitment to excellence over the years!"

Verena Sonnenberg

Verena Sonnenberg

Management Eurofun Touristik

Our highlights in the history of Eurohike

2004: The first catalog

In 2004, walking tours were introduced under the brand name "Eurohike" in a dedicated catalog, marking the inception of another highly successful branch of Eurofun. Destinations such as the Königssee, Zugspitze, and Salzkammergut remain revered as timeless wander classics to this day.

2012: The 1000th guest

In May 2012, we reached a significant milestone: after just 8 years in the market, our hiking brand attracted its 1000th enthusiast. We're thrilled to have inspired 1000 active travel fans to embark on our dreamy, meticulously organized hiking adventures.

2012: Company outing to Mallorca

To celebrate reaching 1000 guests, the entire team embarked on a memorable excursion to the beloved hiking paradise of Mallorca. Shared hikes, exquisite cuisine, and festive spirits made this an unforgettable getaway experience and one that still resonates with us today.

2016: Inauguration of our new office

Following renovations in previous years, a spacious new office was created in 2016. The open-plan office, overlooking the lush greenery, Buchberg, and surrounding forests, became the Eurohike office at that time and is now occupied by our marketing and sales team.

2021: Finally, a company getaway again!

After a two-year hiatus due to the pandemic, we were thrilled to embark on our annual company outing once again. We explored the stunning cycling and hiking region between Lake Garda and Verona.

2024: 20 years of Eurohike

If that's not a reason to celebrate: we have been organizing individual walking tours throughout Europe for 20 years and have been passionate about creating unforgettable moments in nature and memories that will brighten up your everyday life for a long time to come.

Verena Sonnenberg in an interview on 20 years of Eurohike

Join us as we celebrate 20 years of Eurohike, embarking on a journey through time to uncover the brand's origins and the career of Managing Director Verena Sonnenberg. In our exclusive anniversary interview, Verena shares her remarkable journey with the company. Discover the milestones, the essence of our walking holidays, customer loyalty, technological advancements, and a glimpse into the future. Immerse yourself in inspiring insights into the past and future of Eurohike!

Blonde woman speaks into a microphone and smiles

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