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Tour character & demands

Our moderate walking tours are mainly on flat terrain. You hike on easy and well-maintained hiking paths. Most of them are well signposted and marked. A day's hike of this difficulty level takes about three to a maximum of four hours. However, the enjoyment of hiking itself is Eurohike's top priority, even on the easiest hiking tour. For this reason, our Eurohike travel specialists have designed numerous varied and enjoyable hiking tours that lead to the most beautiful places in the respective region. Furthermore, on our Eurohike hiking tours we walk without luggage, which makes for an even lighter walking experience. The suitcases are transported daily from hotel to hotel and are ready and waiting when you arrive at your next accommodation.

Moderate hikes as the ideal form of travel

These tours offer the perfect active experience for:

  • Hiking beginners and newcomers
  • Hikers whose main focus is on relaxation and recreation
  • Hikers after rehabilitation and those returning to hiking
  • Families with children
  • Active connoisseurs who want to experience all the benefits of the hiking region after a nice day's hike
  • Walking with a dog

Note: Please note that even easy hikes may occasionally include a steeper ascent. However, perseverance is usually rewarded with a fantastic view.

Eurohike Wanderreise Salzkammergut-für Familie Vater und Sohn wandern durchs Koppental

Moderate walking tours at a glance

Our network of hikes for leisure hikers stretches right across Europe and takes you on easy, wonderful routes. Whether on our varied island hiking tourscoastal walkspilgrimage hiking tours, our most popular walking tours or walking with a dog - every active guest with a hunger for exercise is guaranteed to find the perfect walking tour here.

Discover our other Eurohike walking levels:

Moderate walking holidays across Europe

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