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Basic information about the E5

The entire E5 long-distance path stretches over about 3.200 kilometres and connects Cape Pointe du Raz in Brittany in France with Verona in the Veneto in Italy. The most popular section of the cross-border long-distance hiking trail is between Oberstdorf in the Allgäu region and Meran in South Tyrol. A wonderful, multifaceted mountain world awaits you here, which changes from North to South almost every hour. The route is considered an absolute classic amongst Alpine crossings, but you can still experience the hiking paths at your own pace and enjoy the all-round service of our organised Eurohike hiking holidays. From professional advice before, personal support on-site, selected accommodation tailored to hikers, reliable luggage transfer and detailed travel documents – with these components your trekking holiday will be the perfect break when hiking in the Alps.

View from the Nebelhorn to the Allgäu Alps

The most beautiful stages on the E5

Trekking holiday from Oberstdorf to Meran

Our hiking holiday Crossing the Alps E5: Oberstdorf – Meran leads you on what is probably the most attractive section of the entire long-distance hiking trail. You will experience the charm, culture and the multifaceted landscape of the three countries Germany, Austria and Italy and you will always be on well-signposted hiking paths. The stages of the crossing of the Alps are particularly diverse, as the mountain scenery and natural landscapes are constantly changing. Particularly impressive is the crossing of the suspension bridge for pedestrians at Holzgau / Steeg, the striking tightrope walk over the Venet with panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, the view from the Pitztal Jöchl at an altitude of 3.000 metres, the highest point of the trekking tour, or the transnational hiking stage from the Ötztal valley over the Timmelsjoch ridge to Italy. Whether hiking in the high alpine mountains or in the Mediterranean realm in the South – our crossing of the Alps with luggage transfer is guaranteed to impress you.

Hiking trail Nebelhorn Oberstdorf

Our Eurohike-moments while hiking along the E5 long-distance hiking trail

  • Mountain air and adrenaline: Straight away on your initial stage from Oberstdorf to Steeg, you will cross a rope suspension bridge with a length of around 200 metres and a height of 110 metres. Looking down can give you an adrenaline rush.
  • Three countries – endless hiking adventures: Our hiking holiday Crossing the Alps E5: Oberstdorf – Meran leads you through the three countries of Germany, Austria and Italy. You will experience the best of nature, culture and cuisine of the respective regions.
  • Picture-perfect nature and scenery: The flora and fauna along the route changes almost every hour and the mountain world between the Allgäu region and South Tyrol presents itself from a particularly striking side on this holiday.

  • Out of everyday life and into the quiet Alpine scenery: Hardly anywhere else than on this crossing of the Alps is everyday life forgotten so quickly. When trekking in the alpine regions, pleasant moments of rest, lots of fresh air and pure nature await you.
  • Panoramic tour to South Tyrol: The cross-border stage from the Ötztal-valley to the Passeier valley with its magnificent landscapes and the sunny Timmels-valley is not only a wonderful treat for the eyes – this holiday also has something to offer for the palate and you can look forward to wonderful South Tyrolean specialities when you arrive in South Tyrol.

Route guidance on the E5

By foot along the heart of the E5

The entire E5 is one of the longest hiking trails all over Europe. A section that is particularly worth experiencing awaits you on our trekking holiday. On this tour you cross the Alps from Oberstdorf to Meran and enjoy the beautiful sceneries of three countries. The hikes, some of which are alpine, are a real experience, especially for hikers with mountain experience and an excellent fitness level. We recommend surefootedness in the terrain, a head for heights, good hiking equipment and suitable footwear.

  • Tour information: The first two hiking stages lead you through alpine nature, the other stages can be switched for an alternative route in the valley if desired, or can be shortened by public transport.
Memorial Chapel on the Rettenbach Glacier

Facts and details about the E5

From Oberstdorf to Meran you experience an unforgettable trekking adventure on the classic holiday of Crossing the Alps. All facts and details about the E5 can be found here at a glance.

  • Location: Germany (Allgäu), Austria (Tyrol), Italy (South Tyrol)
  • Length: total length of approx. 3200 kilometres (divided between the countries France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Italy); length of our trekking holiday from Oberstdorf to Meran: 80 km
  • Duration: Daily stages of up to six hours
  • Route: From Bavaria via Tyrol to South Tyrol
  • Season: June to September
  • Altitude difference: On the daily stages you cover between 350 and 1.490 metres in altitude
  • Trail markings: The long-distance hiking trail is signposted well between Oberstdorf and Meran with yellow or red trail markings.
  • Tour character: Trekking
Signpost High Altitude Trail Val Passiria

Questions and answers about hiking on the E5

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The total length of the E5 long-distance hiking trail is around 3.200 kilometres. On our Crossing the Alps E5: Oberstdorf - Meran – the absolute classic on the E5 – you cover a hiking distance of 81 kilometres in six stages.

The trekking tour on the E5 offers particularly unforgettable highlights every day. The mountain world along your route from Germany to Italy changes daily, sometimes hourly. Flora and fauna present themselves in a particularly diverse shape – a fantastic experience.

The entire E5 long-distance hiking trail stretches across France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria and Italy. Our eight-day Crossing the Alps E5: Oberstdorf - Meran takes you from Bavaria in Germany, to Tyrol in Austria and finally to neighbouring South Tyrol in Italy.

The eight-day Crossing the Alps E5: Oberstdorf - Meran is assigned our hiking character ‘trekking’ and offers the ideal break in alpine nature, especially for experienced mountain hikers with good stamina. Surefootedness, a head for heights and good hiking equipment are required for this demanding trekking holiday.

The daily stages on the hiking holiday Crossing the Alps E5: Oberstdorf - Meran are planned to last 4.5 to 6 hours. The initial two hiking stages lead you through alpine areas, the following hiking days can be replaced by a more leisurely valley variant if you wish, or you can also use public transport as an alternative.

Due to the altitude profile, our Crossing the Alps E5: Oberstdorf - Meran can be booked from June to September.

The route of the hiking holiday Crossing the Alps E5: Oberstdorf - Meran takes you in eight days, six stages and daily walking times of around 4.5 to 6 hours from the Allgäu region through Tyrol to South Tyrol.

Along the Crossing the Alps E5: Oberstdorf - Meran you stay in beautiful 3***, as well as 4**** hotels and accommodations.

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