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Hiking trail along the rugged coast of Österlenleden


Coastal Hiking in Southern Sweden

8 Days / 7 Nights
Hiking trail along the rugged coast of Österlenleden

Ever heard of the long-distance hiking trail ‘Skåneleden’? Of course you will not cover the whole trail on this Eurohike hiking holiday. That would be a total of 5,000 kilometres. The route is limited to Österlenleden, the section that leads through the Österlen region in south-eastern Schonen. Along the south coast of the country, past magnificent cliffs and picturesque villages. Especially between Ystad and Alunbruket, the wild sea is your constant companion.

Inland, on the other hand, you can expect untouched nature in all its glory. The leisurely paths lead through oak, pine and beech forests before you finally return to the coast. Miles of white sand, impressive rock formations and the ups and downs of the landscape complete this journey through southern Sweden.

Those hiking enthusiasts who travel north will know about the unique flair of this part of Europe. The landscape in Schonen is open and expansive, the gulls and paragliders can be seen above your head.

Dunes upon dunes, white sand as far as the eye can see, and small fishing villages with first-class menus and historic architecture. The south of Sweden from Ystad to Alunbruket will enchant you from the first moment. Not least the special light attracted early painters to this part of Sweden. You walk for about four hours per day, covering an average of twelve kilometres.

The end of the hiking holiday is crowned with the highest waterfall in Skåne. A natural spectacle.

  • Stenshuvud National Park: At an elevation of 97 metres, the National Park is a real highlight of the hiking holiday. Originally, the same named Urberg Stenshuvud (stone head) served as a reference point for sailors.
  • Tropical climate on the river Verkaån: Due to the unique water system and the naturally occurring rapids, the water is crystal clear. The climate here is warmer than in spring and summer than you would expect from Sweden.

Hilly and with a gentle breeze you can hike along the Swedish coast. Good hiking trails on meadows and forest paths and side roads make the journey pleasant and comfortable. However, you will travel long distances each day by foot and should therefore have a good basic condition. If a stage should be too long, you can shorten it by public transport.

Itinerary at a glance

Rugged coastlines, dune landscapes, and fishing villages define the Österlen region. In Stenshuvud National Park, you can enjoy a view of the sea, and the unique water system along the Verkaån River influences the local climate.

The start of your hiking week is the homeland of the renowned detective superintendent Kurt Wallander.

You leave Ystad via the harbour and walk along an esplanade through Sandskogen. You cross the river Nybroån, renowned for silver salmon fishing. The scenery is vast and open and the more you approach the Hammars Backar, the higher the hills become. In perfect wind conditions you get to wonderfully watch seagulls and paragliders. Your route leads you along the sea and past the Ale’s Stones all the way to Kåseberga.

Following the Österlenleden-hiking path you walk along the coast until the beach in Löderup. This is where you leave the sea and haed for the nature reserve of Hagestad. Once you arrive in Sandhammaren you return to the coast again, consisting of extensive dune landscaped and inviting sandy beaches along this section.

Today you walk across beach meadows, past impressive rock formations and picturesque fishing villages. As soon as you reach the fishing village of Gislövshammar the sandy beaches are replaced by slate and limestone. The coastal strip between Brantevik and Simrishamn mainly consists of pastures with bushes. You spend the night in the little fishing town of Simrishamn, where exquisite restaurants invite you to dinner after having explored the historic district.

A diverse landscape leads you to endless sandy beaches, lush meadows on the shore with boulders and through orchards, which are very characteristic for this region. Whilst walking through this slightly hilly terrain you come by fishing spots and beech forests. Another highlight is Stenshuvud National Park with a hill of 97 m in altitude, from where you can glance back onto today’s route.

Hiking tour into the idyllic little fishing village of Vitemölla. From there the route leads you along the sea again. You enjoy the route guiding you through the nature reserve Vitemölla Strandbackar to the Verkaån-confluence of rivers, a moor landscape with unusual vegetation due to the sandy steppeland. Then onwards through the magnificent Verkeån-valley on undulating terrain to Brösarp.

Across the northern hills of Brösarp you walk into the beech forests of Skåne to the river Verkaån, winding across the landscape with its unique water system. Due to the naturally occuring rapids the water is clean and crystal clear, the climate here in spring and summer nearly has a tropical feel to it. Stunningly beautiful is also the ‚Hallamölla’, the highest waterfall of Skåne.

Departure or extension

Route information


You walk on hilly terrain along well-maintained hiking paths, mostly along the coast, as well as along paths through forests and across meadows and side roads. A basic fitness level is sufficient, longer stages can in parts be shortened by public transport.

Prices & Dates

Category: middle class hotels, nice inns and B&Bs

Prices per person in EUR

Services & Information

Further details about this tour


  • Accommodation as already mentioned
  • Breakfast
  • 1 evening meal in Alunbruket
  • Luggage transfer (1 piece of luggage per person)
  • 1 Return transfer Alunbruket/Andrarum – Brösarp

  • Carefully elaborated route description
  • Detailed tour documents 1x per room (German, English)
  • GPS-data
  • Service hotline

Arrival / Parking / Departure

  • Copenhagen Airport, via train (www.sj.se) in approx. 1.5 hours to Ystad (1x change of trains in Malmö).
  • Parking: public parking spaces at the harbour, approx. EUR 2 per week, no reservation.
  • Organised transfer from Alunbruket/Andrarum to Bösarp included. From Brösarp via bus in approx. 1 hour back to Ystad. Alternatively, via bus and train in approx. 3 hours to Copenhagen (1x change of trains).

Things to note

  • Tourist tax, if due, is not included in the price
  • Further important information according to the package travel law can be found here!
  • This tour is a partner tour.

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