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Basic information on the Rheinsteig

Real Rhine romance and nature as far as the eye can see. A hiking tour on the Rheinsteig not only impresses with wonderful panoramic views and cultural highlights, there are also extensive vineyards, spectacular castles and well-signposted paths. There is always enough time to take a deep breath, relax and enjoy. The Rheinsteig leads 320 kilometres from Bonn to Koblenz and on to Wiesbaden. You hike mainly on forest and winegrower trails, as well as rock and hiking trails, always surrounded by picturesque views. Our highlight: the popular Rheinsteig King’s stage from St. Goarshausen to Kaub. You can experience this on four Eurohike hiking tours on the Rheinsteig. Hiking holidays in Germany can be so beautiful.

Hiker with view onto castle Katz

The most beautiful stages of the Rheinsteig

Active holidays in a hiking paradise

Our Eurohike hiking tours on the Rheinsteig offer various options for discovering the most beautiful stages of the long-distance hiking trail in Central Germany. The Rheinsteig tour: Mainz – Koblenz ensures a challenging hiking experience. This tour takes you through quiet nature reserves, the Rheingau vineyards, historic half-timbered houses, legendary castles and idyllic winegrowing regions in eleven days and around 170 kilometres of hiking. On the Rheinsteig hiking tour: Rüdesheim – Koblenz you start your hiking experience directly in Rüdesheim and enjoy eight days of perfect hiking pleasure. And even for a short break, we offer the ideal form of relaxation with our short break option. In five days you enjoy the hiking trip on the Rheinsteig from Rüdesheim to St. Goarshausen.

View onto castle Marksburg in Braubach

Beautiful views along the Rheinsteig King’s stage

The highlight, and thus the royal stage of the hiking routes along the Rheinsteig is the popular stage from St. Goarshausen to Kaub. You can experience this special route on all our Eurohike hiking tours. Here you can expect the complete beauty of the Middle Rhine including the authentic wine-growing regions, the world-famous Loreley rock and the unique natural landscape. There is enough time to relax and of course enjoy the excellent wines of the region. A unique hiking experience awaits you on the wonderful royal stage of the Rheinsteig.

Hiker with view onto the loreley rock

Our Eurohike moments on the Rheinsteig

  • So romantic: In keeping with this motto, numerous historic castles and palaces await you along the hiking trail on the Rheinsteig. There you can really relax, enjoy a few romantic moments and soak up the picturesque surroundings.
  • Pure enjoyment: After an eventful day of hiking, let yourself go along the beautiful wine paths. After a well-deserved rest in your accommodation, it’s time to try a good glass of regional Rheingau Riesling.
  • King’s Stage: On the most beautiful hiking route on the Rheinsteig, the so-called King’s stage, a special point awaits you – the Loreley rocks. The impressive and legendary slate rocks are not only a great spot, but also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Castles on the hiking tour Rheinsteig

Route guidance on the Rheinsteig

Hiking happiness in the green Rhineland-Palatinate

The routes along the Rheinsteig promise highest hiking quality, which are guaranteed by essential quality criteria. The paths area always well signposted and attention has been paid to choosing natural, low-traffic paths and avoiding asphalted routes. The focus is on integrating the most beautiful places, impressive views and cultural highlights along the route through varied paths. The necessary recreational opportunities on the routes are also provided by shelters and benches.

Hiking trails through vineyards on the Rheinsteig

Facts and details

If a hiking trail is located in one of the most forested areas in Germany, then a natural and unique hiking experience is guaranteed. The Rheinsteig long-distance hiking trail leads through beautiful Rhineland-Palatinate in central Germany. Wonderful viewpoints are always your companions along the hiking trails and ridges in the Middle Rhine Valley,

some of which are demanding, but can be easily mastered with a good level of fitness and sure-footedness. All facts and details about the Rheinsteig long-distance hiking trail, which the German hiking institute has awarded the ‘German Premium Hiking Trail Seal’, are available at a glance:

  • Location: Middle Rhine Valley in central Germany
  • Length: Around 320 kilometres
  • Route: From Bonn to Wiesbaden
  • Season: Hiking is possible all year round
  • Difference in altitude: approx. 11,700 metres
  • Highest point: 356 metres
  • Lowest point: 60 metres
  • Signposting: Blue rectangle with an ‘R’ and blue lettering ‘Rheinsteig’, a total of around 8,000 signposts and 900 signposts with information on the distances
  • Special features: The Rheinsteig is a certified premium hiking trail in Germany. Read more about the quality & premium hiking trails in Germany on our Eurohike HikingBlog.
Sign posting Rheinsteig

Questions and answers about hiking on the Rheinsteig

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The Rheinsteig is located in Rhineland-Palatinate in central Germany.

The Rheinsteig is 320 kilometres long.

The Rheinsteig is classed as mountain hiking. The route mostly leads along winegrowing trails and idyllic hiking trails through beautiful natural landscapes. With a good basic level of fitness and surefootedness, our hiking holidays on the Rheinsteig are guaranteed to be a successful experience.

A real highlight and top photo opportunity are the Loreley rocks, which you can experience on the crowning stage of the Rheinsteig. These special slate rocks are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. A culinary highlight that shouldn’t be missed is the excellent Rheingau Riesling.

On the daily stages of our hiking tours on the Rheinsteig, you cover between 13 and 24 kilometres of hiking per day. Note: The daily stages can usually be shortened by train, bus or boat.

The route on our hiking tours varies depending on the duration of the tour, here is a brief overview:

The best travel time for hiking on the Rheinsteig is from April to October.

On our hiking tours on the Rheinsteig you will spend the nights in cozy middle-class hotels and inns.

Experience about hiking on the Rheinsteig

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