Hiking holiday in Greece

Where Gods take a vacation: Book hiking holidays in Greece

Greece has always been a popular holiday destination in Europe offering perfect conditions for a relaxing beach holiday both on the mainland and on its countless islands. However Greece has a lot more to offer than sun and beach: mountain ranges on both the mainland and the islands ensure that hiking holidays in Greece deliver the prospect of an amazing scenic backdrop.

Especially on the Greek islands hikers enjoy a pleasant climate: the steady breeze and view onto the Mediterranean Sea make the high temperatures in midsummer enjoyable. Just to glance at the characteristic blue and white houses triggers a relaxing holiday ambience. Eurohike takes you beyond the tourist traps and leads you into a mysterious scenery, full of new daily highlights which include cliff coasts, black volcanic beaches and volcanic cones.

In spring temperatures rarely rise above 30 degrees, which creates perfect climatic hiking conditions particularly during preseason. Annoying rain is experienced by hikers in Greece very seldom anyway, since with a record of more than 300 sunny days per year it can even be issued a ‚fair weather guarantee’. Eurohike organises an exclusive adventure hiking tour on the well-known island of Santorini, also called the ‚Pearl of the Aegean Sea’.

Service with relaxation factor: book unforgettable hiking holidays in Greece with Eurohike

With Eurohike you choose an experienced organiser aiming for the best service available and hence turning hiking holidays in Greece into a memorable experience. This is primarily due to the exciting daily tours, allowing you to experience Santorini from various perspectives. Meaningful descriptions and maps enable you to familiarise yourself with the itinerary in advance. Your booking also includes a pleasant accommodation at the end of each Day Finish. In Santorini you reside in our partner hotel which allows you to enjoy the island’s unique charm of life on a daily basis. To ensure your enjoyment of relaxing hiking tours in Greece is priority, you get to walk without any luggage and only bring what you really need on each daily tour: we organise a reliable luggage transport taking your luggage from one accommodation to the next. All prices and dates can be found online with only a few clicks of a button. In case of any questions (also regarding any extras for your hiking holiday on Santorini), simply contact us by phone!

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