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Levels of hiking

Hiking level

Let's start with the question: what does the term "hiking" actually mean? Hiking is defined as a form of walking for several hours. Hiking is a leisure activity or a sporting activity with varying degrees of difficulty. Hiking is done on footpaths in the countryside and there are now numerous forms of this healthy activity. Whether it is leisure moderate walkingwalkingmountain hikingtrekking, winter hiking, island hikingcoastal hikingpilgrimage hikinghiking with the family or hiking with a dog - a pleasant time in the fresh air is guaranteed on a hiking holiday with luggage transfer!

Moderate Walking

Our moderate walking tours are recommended for all those who want to experience hiking in a particularly relaxed and peaceful way. They are also ideal for newcomers to hiking and active holidaymakers who want to relax and unwind. The daily stages on our leisure hiking tours lead along good, easy hiking paths and developed hiking trails. With a little fitness and stamina, these hiking tours with walking times between three and four and a half hours maximum are a wonderful experience.


Our next hiking category is defined as "Walking". All walking tours with this level of challenge take you on good hiking paths that are wonderfully manageable without any special technical requirements. The daily stages are scheduled for up to five hours (sometimes a little longer) and there are only slight differences in altitude. With good health, a basic level of fitness and a love of hiking, these walking tours offer a wonderful break in Europe’s natural landscape.

Mountain Hiking

Our mountain hiking tours lead along hiking paths and routes where sure-footedness and sometimes a head for heights are required. The differences in altitude or the distances are also somewhat greater on these hiking tours. With daily stages of four to six and a half hours, you will experience wonderful hiking paths across Europe and at the same time ensure plenty of active exercise in the fresh air. Some of the stages involve small summit climbs, so a good basic level of fitness is recommended. Mountain hiking with Eurohike is the ideal form of challenging active holiday for all exercise-hungry mountain lovers.


The sport of trekking is defined as a hiking tour over several days that takes you through mountainous, challenging hiking areas where there is usually no transport available. Trekking is generally considered to be more demanding and intense than hiking and our Eurohike trekking tours take place at altitudes between 1,500 and 2,500 metres. The daily stages are on mountain trails and stony, sometimes even exposed paths. We recommend surefootedness, a head for heights and good endurance to cope with the daily tours of up to seven hours. Mountain experience is a prerequisite for individual tours. Note: Your trekking backpack has to be partly carried by yourself when staying overnight in huts and we therefore recommend using good equipment.

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