Hiking trips in sunny Portugal


Our hiking trips in Portugal can almost be described as hiking miracles, because here you can walk year-round. The extremely mild climate allows us to put our hiking boots to use even in winter. Find out about Portugal’s most beautiful hiking tours here.

The most beautiful hiking regions in Portugal

Spectacular views down the steep cliffs of Madeiras north coast

There is more to Portugal than football

Portugal – what a wonderful country! Not only does it have one of the seven oceans on its doorstep, the landscape of Portugal is also truly impressive. Due to year-round pleasant temperatures, the vegetation blooms here all year. Flowers in all colours of the rainbow can be found everywhere, even on stony coastal paths. Lovely hiking trails provide wonderful views of the mysterious Atlantic, the hidden bays and beautiful countryside. And the most beautiful of all: you are not tied to any season, because there is always perfect hiking weather! Too good to be true? Get an idea of our great hiking tours in Portugal.

Hiking break at the traditional houses of Santana

The heavenly scent of Madeira

It is not without reason that the hilly flower island of Madeira was one of Austrian Empress Elisabeth’s favourite places. Flowers as far as the eye can see, lush green gentle hills, a pleasant temperature all year and the deep blue sea in front of you. Yes, there’s something about it. This is exactly why we at Eurohike have created three wonderful hiking trips in Madeira. The individual hiking tours Around Madeira, Around Madeira with Charm and the guided hiking holiday Flower Paradise Madeira. There is definitely something to suit every taste.

  • Further information on the hiking region of Madeira can be found here.
Tour character
Mountain Hiking

Around Madeira with Charm

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character
Moderate Walking

Flower Paradise Madeira

8 Days | Guided group tour
Hikers on the Fisherman's trail along Rota Vicentina

Peace and quiet in Alentejo

Where is Alentejo? Did you just ask that? The Alentejo region is certainly not as famous as the Algarve, or the holiday island of Madeira, but it is in no way inferior to these regions in terms of beauty, relaxation and culinary delights. Authentic fishing villages on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean and pristine nature reserves make the Alentejo hiking region something very special. If you are looking for a new kind of hiking adventure, then the hiking tour Alentejo – Rota Vicentina will hit the mark.

  • You can find much more information about the irresistible destination Alentejo here.

Useful information about your hiking holiday in Portugal

Spectacular coastal hiking at Ribeira Janela

Portugal’s climate

The sun is a permanent and welcome guest in Portugal. That is why Portugal is a very popular holiday destination, not only in summer but all year round. However, the pleasantly mild temperatures very rarely exceed the 30°C mark. You could say that Portugal has spring all year. The water temperatures can also be described as crisp and fresh. The temperature of the Atlantic is usually below 20°C. For us hikers, the particularly pleasant and mild climate proves to be a real blessing – not too hot, with many hours of sunshine, but also not too cool. Just perfect!

Traditional island habits and mountain hiking pleasures on Madeira island

What do the Portuguese eat?

Portuguese cuisine is presented to us in a variety of ways. On one hand it is similar to Spanish cuisine, on the other hand it has absorbed a lot of influence from Portugal’s colonies. So the frequent use of cinnamon stems from the Moorish rule of the past. Bacalhau has been the undisputed national dish for centuries. These are salted and dried cod. In addition to the many other fish dishes, soup is also very popular in Portugal, such as Sopa alentejana, meat dishes such as Cozido à portuguesa and desserts such as the famous Pastéis de Nata. The latter are puff pastry tartlets, filled with custard. Very sweet, and very tasty! And of course, you have to try wonderfully fresh fruit and vegetables when you are in Portugal. These thrive because of the constant sun!

Stunning panoramic views in hikers paradise Alentejo

Fado – the music of longing

Portugal is inextricably linked to the fado. The fado is a very melancholic form of music that combines old Portuguese sailor songs with African rhythms. Fado mostly expresses melancholy and longing and has strongly shaped the image of the Portuguese in the world. There are two different styles of fado, namely the popular fado that is played in Lisbon and the traditional fado sun exclusively by men in Coimbra. The queen of fado, Amália Rodrigues, who died in 1999, knew how to mix these two styles and took the fado to the masses. She is still considered the most important Fado artist in Portugal.

Stunning panoramic view down to Porto da Cruz

Perfectly organised hiking trips in Portugal

Portugal has all the prerequisites for a successful hiking holiday: wonderful weather, beautiful landscapes, great hiking trails, friendly people and excellent cuisine. If only it weren’t for the language barrier. But don’t let that deter you from booking a hiking holiday in lovely Portugal! After all, there are professional tour operators like Eurohike that take care of all the important things! We book your hotels, provide you with the best travel documents, deliver your luggage to the next hotel every day and are also available to provide you with advice and assistance on site. So you can fully concentrate on hiking and leave your worries at home.

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