Walking holidays in sunny Portugal

Enjoy a hiking holiday anytime all year round

Portugal is a true hiking wondert! Since the islands, situated in the Atlantic Ocean and the mainland, which is part of the Iberian Peninsula, offer sheer hiking bliss even during winter. Due to the mild temperatures a hiking holiday on the Azores, on the Algarve or on Madeira are also feasible in the cold season. If you are longing for warmth and sunshine between the months of November and February, then Portugal is the perfect destination. Eurohike has compiled the most impressive tours for you, inviting you to relaxing days of hiking in summer as well as in winter. 

The most beautiful hiking destinations in Portugal

Walking on the ‚flower island’ Madeira

The volcanic island of Madeira situated in the Atlantic is influenced by the trade winds and its special climate, producing a lush floral splendor including strelitzia, hydrangea and tulbaghia. Another characteristic of the island is the ingenious irrigation system. In order to cultivate bananas, grapes and sugar cane on Madeira, the island is crossed by over 2200 kilometres of canals. Their purpose is to irrigate the vegetation – and create marvellous hiking paths. Whilst walking along the so-called ‚Levadas’ you experience Madeira’s colourful flora at close quarters.

The Azores: perfect for your hiking holiday

Located in the midst of the Atlantic Ocean approximately 1000 kilometres west of Europe and covered with exotic plants: introducing the Azores. Portugal’s unique archipelago’ consisting of nine islands, allows hikers to encounter another world, even in the cool winter months. The destination for the hiking holiday with Eurohike is the island of Sao Miguel, also called the ‚Green Island’. A schedule rich in variety showcases all features of this island of the Azores: ranging from the charming downs to the wooded mountains, from imposing coasts to tranquil lakes.

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Mountain Walking

Around Madeira

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Cloud forests, dark lava rocks and sunlit banana plantations. Sounds like a different holiday destination? No! The island of Madeira, not far from Lisbon in the Atlantic, offers a colourful variety for botanists, hikers and pleasure seekers. Over eight days you will explore from Porto da Cruz to the capital Funchal. You will walk through the plateau of Paul da Serra, looking for shade in the laurel forests and take a relaxing bath in the black lava rock. Details about the hiking holiday in Madeira Hiking in Maderia calls for packing multipurpose clothing. In the north, surrounded by barren mountains and wet plateaus, it is cool. The sunny south impresses with flowers, eucalyptus trees and diverse cultures. The island with its 235.000 inhabitants leaves plenty of room for romantic and idyllic hikes. One of the most beautiful villages in Madeira is Prazeres. Here you can experience the original life of the islanders. Fancy something extraordinary for the grand finale? Grab a toboggan and start the fast ride down. It starts above the Funchal in Monte. Highlights of the hiking trip in Madeira. Breathtaking coastal views: The impressive north coast over the Boca do Risco saddle runs along an old supply route. Enjoy the view from the spectacular terraces to Porto da Cruz. Exotic floral splendour: Shady laurel trees, which are part of the UNESCO World Heritage, line your route.   Lava stone swimming pool: The most beautiful places to swim are in Funchal and Porto Moniz. Tip for snorkelers and divers: The Gulf Stream hosts a tropical biodiversity! So do not forget your goggles! Lively capital of Funchal: The city has many sights. The Sé Cathedral and the market hall are definitely worth a visit. Useful information about the hiking holiday in Madeira The round trip in Maderia starts in the small fishing village of Porto da Cruz on the black sandy beach. Make sure you try a ‘poncha’, a drink made of honey, orange juice and sugar cane brandy. The daily routes run on varied hiking trails, which can sometimes be narrow. Surefootedness and a head for heights are required in some parts. You will walk for an average of five hours a day on this botanical paradise. You want to escape a cold winter? No problem? The Eurohike team has a solution: the mountain hiking tour in Madeira is bookable all year round! Do not hesitate and let us advise you on your own personal hiking experience!
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Magic world of the Azores

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Nine islands located over 1000 km west of Europe make up the Azores archipelago created by volcanic eruptions. Grandiose types of scenery enchant with plants from all climate zones, steaming volcanic craters and spitting geysers provide a unique spectacle, amazing beaches and picturesque lakes inviting for a swim. On São Miguel, the main island of the Azores, hiking is great all year round. Due to the lush green the island is also called „Ilha Verde" (Green Island). During your walking week scenic diversity awaits: mellow hilly countryside with lush meadows and fields, arboreous mountains, enormous crater bowls with placid lakes and grandiose coastlines with picturesque villages and historic little towns. The capital Ponta Delgada with its beautiful historic centre all kept in black and white is another highlight. Unique nature, hospitality and the peaceful way of life of the Azores will put a spell on you!
Coastal hikes in the Algarve area of Portugal

Pure nature during your hiking holiday along the Algarve

The Algarve illuminates the southermost area of the Portugese mainland with its sublime beauty. During your hiking holiday with Eurohike you not only get in contact with the country and its people but also with nature, among them the marvellous coasts and fruit plantations. The combination of nature, historic cultural monuments and Portugese delicacies soon affirms that the Algarve is so much more than just a beach holiday destination.

Blooming flowers at Sete Cidades Vista do Rei

Experience unique hiking moments in Portugal with Eurohike

All three Eurohike hiking holidays in Portugal offer a complete active holiday package: neat hiking routes, extensive maps and of course the popular luggage transfer service. Eurohike ensures that your luggage is waiting for you at the next hotel!

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