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Walking in the Salkammergut Region

Walking Holiday in the Salzkammergut region: more lakes!
Stunning hiking scenery at lake Wolfgangsee with the village of St. Wolfgang

Walk along Austria’s historic traces

The Salzkammergut region is located at the northern edge of the Alps and nestling between numerous lakes. It is also called the ‚tenth Austrian state’ and exudes a very unique charm. Its customs and traditions were retained to this day and are practiced all year round. Hence keep your eyes peeled during your hiking tour in the Salzkammergut region. Maybe you will spot an ‚Ausseer Drum Woman’ or a typical traditional outfit of the region. The magic of the time of the monarchy is still present in the region. It nearly feels as if Emperor Josef and his wife Sisi are still residing in one of the villas.

Popular hiking tours in the Salkammergut Region

Hiking highlight deep blue lakes in the Salzkammergut
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Salzkammergut & Ausseerland

7 Days | Self-guided tour
Imagine this picture: green pastures and rugged peaks. At the foot of the mountains idyllic little lakes are dotted around. In addition, there are cultural highlights as far as the eye can see. Does that sound fantastic? Great, because it doesn’t only exist in your dreams! This seven-day hiking tour from Eurohike takes in natural and cultural spectacles. You’ll take in the Salzkammergut with its idyllic lakes and unmistakable locations as well as the Ausseerland, a real gem. Details of the hiking tour in the Salzkammergut & Ausseerland Hike from one lake to the next, and in between wander around the foot of the UNESCO World Heritage site of the Dachstein. On this tour you hike to the Falkensteinwand, around Lake Altaussee and climb the imposing Loser. From there you will have uninterrupted views over the Tote Gebirge, the Dachstein and the Grimming. From the quaint Bad Aussee, the hike takes you further into the wild and romantic Koppental. Tour tip: Stop in Koppenbrüllerhöhle and take the ship to the historic town of Hallstatt. It’s well worth a visit, promise! Highlights of the hiking tour in the Salzkammergut & Ausseerland at a glance: Sail on the Wolfgangsee: Take the boat across the glass-like turquoise-green waters – or walk along the lakeside path – to St Gilgen. Enjoy the view of the Mozart village! The Sparber summit: Hike to the Schartenalm. It is idyllically nestled between steep rocky peaks.   Up to the Blaa Alm: At the foot of the Loser massif you can taste the tender meat of the grazing cattle and fish from the clear lakes, made according to old Ausseer recipes. Useful information about the hike in the Salzkammergut & Ausseerland You make your own way to St. Wolfgang, which is well known far and wide, before you begin this seven-day hiking tour. On your trip you hike on well-developed trails. The day tours take an average of three and a half hours. On the fourth day the route will take you through the imperial town of Bad Ischl, where the beloved former Austrian Emperor Franz and Empress Sisi celebrated their engagement. Follow in the footsteps of the Soleleitungsweg to Bad Aussee and finally on to Altaussee. Tip: Do not miss the fresh fish from the smokehouse in Altaussee!
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Hiking pleasures at the promenade of Bad Ischl
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Moderate Walking

Lake Walking in Austria’s Salzkammergut

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Picturesque villages with idyllic lakes engulfed by breathtaking mountains - the Salzkammergut seems as though it has been plucked straight from the pages of a picture book. On this walking tour you will learn about Austrian history and culture in its most beautiful form. Did you know the small town of Hallstatt was awarded UNESCO World Heritage status? Embark on a journey through the Salzkammergut, which could not be more varied. Details about the hiking holiday in the Salzkammergut Explore the most beautiful villages on the glistening Wolfgangsee: St. Wolfgang, St. Gilgen and Strobl. Later, the trail takes you to Bad Ischl and Bad Goisern before you finally arrive in the historic Hallstatt. Lake Hallstatt also invites you too cool off in its crystal-clear water on warm summer days. Highlights of the hiking tour in the Salzkammergut at a glance: Swim in crystal clear water: The Wolfgangsee and Lake Hallstatt are two of the most enchanting waters in the entire Salzkammergut. Take a dip in the cool water… Take the Schafbergbahn to a panoramic view: Experience the lake-scattered landscape from above. From the Schafberg, the view is second to none. Visit the Imperial Villa and the Hotel Austria: Where Emperor Franz Josef and Elisabeth of Bavaria (beloved Austrian royalty in the 1800s) got engaged. Salt mine of Hallstatt: Immerse yourself in the history of salt mining and take part in an exciting tour of the salt mine. Useful information about the hiking tour in the Salzkammergut The eight- or five –day journey begins in the stylish village of St. Wolfgang. From the picturesque square the nostalgic Schafbergbahn funicular takes you to the summit, where you can enjoy incredible views. You walk along the charming lakeshore to St. Gilgen. You can also take a boat trip during this hiking tour! At Schwarzensee you can enjoy regional delicacies before heading to the lake promenade in Strobl am Wolfgangsee. On the penultimate day, you will hike through the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Hallstatt. Tip: Get the perfect view of the captivating environment from the Rudolfsturm! On this leisurely hike you will travel between three and five and a half hours, making it ideal for casual hikers. 
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Hiking in the Osterhorn mountains with views over blooming alpine pastures
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Alpine Pasture Hike in the Salzkammergut

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Are you a pastry lover? Love a panorama? Then hiking in the Salzkammergut is definitely the hiking tour for you! Enjoy traditional dishes in the numerous quaint alpine huts that line the hiking route: apple strudel, Pofesen, Kaiserschmarn or Germknödel in custard. What more could the heart desire? For foodies, it’s a true holiday paradise. When does a delicious cake taste better than after hike over alpine landscapes and gazing at views of the Totes Gebirge and the Hohe Tauern? Details of the walking holiday in the Salzkammergut Casual hikers, animal lovers and families will enjoy this tour to the Salzkammergut ‘alms’. The eight-day tour will take you by fields and through the lush, green pastures that line the path. They are home to cows, sheep and horses, which will happily feature in your souvenir snaps. Endless alpine pastures, quaint hiking trails and rushing streams await you. The alpine huts are well managed. Be sure to try the famous Pofesen on the Moosangerl or Gruberalm! You can enjoy a breathtaking view on the panoramic path to the Illingeralm and Königsbachalm, as well as on the way to the forest area of the Nöckelberg. Highlights of the hiking tour in the Salzkammergut: By cable car to the Zwölferhorn: From the Mozart village of St. Gilgen you can take the cable car up to the Zwölferhorn. And unforgettable view of the region is guaranteed! Natural monument Zinkenbachklamm: Romantic paths take you past colourful meadows, mossy forests and deep gorges along the Zinkenbach. Visit to the dairy: Have you always wanted to know how cheese is made? The milkmaid of the Labenberg hut will show you! Useful information about the hiking tour in the Salzkammergut Even the journey from Salzburg to St. Wolfgang is like something out of a fairytale. Be it the endless snow-capped peaks of the surrounding mountains, or the glistening lakes – the start to your eight-day hiking tour could not be more picturesque. You hike on good trails which require no special technical knowledge and without too many changes in elevation. You can expect about five hours of hiking daily. Tip: This hiking tour can also be booked as a family trip! Interested? Then click on and book your perfect holiday now! Do you have questions about the alpine hiking in the Salzkammergut? The experienced Eurohike team will be happy to give you the answers and help in any way they can.
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Enjoy many beautiful bathing lakes during your walking holiday in the Salzkammergut Region

The Salzkammergut is marbled by little turquoise islands of tranquility: the countless bathing lakes of the region. There are 20 of them and they are scattered over the entire Salzkammergut region. Ideal for hiking breaks or to grant your feet a welcome cooling treat.  

Bathing lakes in the Ausseerland region

Bathing lakes in the Dachstein-Salzkammergut region

  • Lake Hallstättersee
  • Lake Gosausee

Bathing lakes in the Attersee-Salzkammergut region

  • Lake Attersee

Bathing lake Wolfgangsee

  • Lake Wolfgangsee

Bathing lakes in the Mondsee-land

  • Lake Mondsee
  • Lake Irrsee

Bathing lakes Fuschl

  • Lake Fuschlsee
  • Lake Hintersee
  • Lake Wiestalstause
Refreshment at the fountain in Hallstatt village

Quaint towns in Austria’s lake scenery

The little towns between the lakes in the Salzkammergut region are strung like a beads. Many of them radiate the charm of bygone times. When formerly the Emperor family settled here for a summer holiday, the Salzkammergut region was their favourite place. There are still countless indications present today, be it the Baroque architecture or one or two sweet treats. Traditional sweet dishes such as ‚Topfenstrudel’ and ‚Maronispitz’ were just as delicious then as they are today.


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