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Walk on Austrian historical paths

Located on the northern edge of the Alps, and nestled between numerous lakes lies the Salzkammergut. Also known as the ‘tenth state of Austria’, it radiates charm. The Salzkammergut has kept up traditions until the present day and these are still active throughout the year. So keep your eyes peeled while hiking in the Salzkammergut region. Maybe you will spy an ‘Ausseer Trommelweib’ (special clothing worn during carnival) or the traditional regional clothing. The magic of the Royal history still blows over the region. It’s almost as if Emperor Franz Josef and Sisi still live in one of the villas.

Stunning hiking scenery at lake Wolfgangsee with the village of St. Wolfgang

The most popular hiking tours in the Salzkammergut

Our tour tips

Alpine Pasture Hike in the Salzkammergut

Hover over the pastures of the Zwölferhorn by cable car, wander romantic paths to the Zinkenbachklamm natural monument and enjoy breath taking views. Enjoy a hike through the idyllic Salzkammergut where leisure hikers, animal lovers and families get their money’s worth.

Hiking without luggage through the mountains of the Osterhorn Group

Dachstein High Altitude Circular Path

During the hiking trip on the Dachstein, you will experience the impressive morning atmosphere, fascinating views and impressive glaciers. Look forward to a demanding mountain hike on the Dachstein High Altitude Circular Trail that will delight every mountain enthusiast with its solitude and silence.

Ten Lakes Trekking Tour

10 lakes in 10 days. That’s the theme of this hiking tour. From the Fuschlsee over the Attersee to the Hallstättersee you can admire a different lake every day and marvel at the region’s most beautiful places. Here hikers on the lakes can also be guaranteed culinary and cultural delights.

Lake Walking in Austria’s Salzkammergut

On your hiking tour you will meet picturesque villages, idyllic lakes and romantic hiking trails. You will not only walk through the imperial town of Bad Ischl, but also through the World Heritage region of Hallstatt and admire the treasures of the landscape.

Styrian Salzkammergut

The natural paradise in Ausseerland offers hiking enthusiasts a variety of flora and fauna, impressive mountain scenery and picturesque alpine landscapes. Lonely paths and varied landscapes make the heart of every hiking enthusiast beat faster.

Lake Wolfgangsee based in one hotel with charm

Our hiking holiday takes you in seven days and five stages to the most beautiful places in the Salzkammergut. The best thing about this hiking tour based in one hotel? You stay in the same accommodation during your entire stay and enjoy the full comfort of hiking with charm. Starting from your feel-good accommodation, the Hotel Bergrose Hideaway, the daily circular hikes lead you to the Schwarzensee, to St. Gilgen and the wonderful Zwölferhorn, to Bad Ischl and to the Nussensee, to the Sparber summit, to the Falkenstein and to wonderful alpine pastures. An enjoyable active holiday that you will remember for a long time.

Shore at Lake Schwarzensee

Useful information about hiking in the Salzkammergut

Nature, lakes & gorgeous hiking paths

Hiking tours with Eurohike take you to the most beautiful lakes in the region. So you won't miss a watery highlight in the Salzkammergut. They criss-cross the Salzkammergut like small, turquoise-blue islands of tranquillity: the region's numerous bathing lakes. The lakes stretch across the entire Salzkammergut. Ideal for hiking breaks or to give your feet a welcome cooling.

Numerous fantastic hiking paths lead through the picturesque Salzkammergut, such as:

View of the Wolfgangsee during the circular hike

These are some of the lakes in the Salzkammergut region

Bathing lakes in the Ausseerland

  • Grundlsee
  • Toplitzsee
  • Altausseer See
  • Ödensee

Bathing lakes in the Dachstein-Salzkammergut

  • Hallstättersee
  • Gosausee

Bathing lakes in the Attersee-Salzkammergut

  • Attersee

Bathing lakes Wolfgangsee

  • Wolfgangsee
  • Nussensee

Bathing lakes Mondsee region

  • Mondsee
  • Irrsee

Bathing lakes Fuschl

  • Fuschlsee
  • Hintersee
  • Filblingsee

Questions and answers about hiking holidays in the Salzkammergut

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Depending on the region and altitude of your individual hiking holiday, you can hike in the Salzkammergut from May to October.

The hiking areas in the Salzkammergut are perfect for a hiking holiday in spring.

The multifaceted hiking paths in the Salzkammergut lead you to the most beautiful and impressive places right by the lakes in the Salzkammergut. On our hiking tours you will experience these wonderful lakes:

  • Lake Fuschlsee
  • Lake Wolfgangsee
  • Lake Mondsee
  • Lake Attersee
  • Lake Hallstättersee
  • Lake Gosauseen
  • Lake Altaussee
  • Lake Traunsee

Our hiking tours in the Salzkammergut offer plenty of variety for all levels of hiking and target groups. Here is a short overview of the Eurohike walking holidays in the Salzkammergut region.

Due to the varied and well-signposted hiking paths, the Salzkammergut is perfect for hiking with children. These are the most beautiful, family-friendly hiking tours in the Salzkammergut region:

You can read even more about hiking with children in the Salzkammergut in the travel report on our Eurohike HikingBlog: Family hiking in the Salzkammergut.

In the Salzkammergut there are many possibilities for a successful hiking holiday with your dog. Our hiking tours in the Salzkammergut marked with a paw are guaranteed dog-friendly and an experience for two- and four-legged friends hungry for exercise.

Entire parts and communities in the Salzkammergut have been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site:

  • the World Heritage Hallstatt (Inner Salzkammergut around Lake Hallstättersee)
  • and the Dachstein World Heritage Site (Dachstein massif).

No wonder, because numerous lakes in the Salzkammergut have the best drinking water quality, such as the Fuschlsee, Hallstätter See, Traunsee, Wolfgangsee, Mondsee, Irrsee, Grundlsee, Toplitzsee, the Altaussee or the Grundlsee. The magnificent lake areas are nestled in the imposing mountain landscapes that range from the Dachstein to the numerous peaks and hiking paths.

Hiking in the Salzkammergut combines the best of culture, nature and hiking in the region. Explore the well-signposted hiking paths, idyllic alpine pastures and lake regions during the day and enjoy the best of the regional cuisine in the evening. Hardly anywhere else can you relax so wonderfully on a hiking holiday as in the Salzkammergut.

  • Our tip: The proximity to Salzburg, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is ideal for a day tour. The old town offers plenty of sights and shopping opportunities, as well as gourmet addresses. The perfect change from hiking in the nature in the Salzkammergut region.

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