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Multifarious walking holidays in Spain with the reliable Eurohike service


Are you looking for an exceptional and multifaceted hiking holiday? Then a walking holiday in sunny Spain is perfect for you! You get to enjoy the Mediterranean flair whilst walking in diverse nature scenery on the mainland and on the islands in the Mediterranean Sea or the Atlantic Ocean. Here you will find carefully selected and lovingly arranged hiking holidays in Spain, which will not only fascinate passionate walking enthusiasts but also enthusiastic beginners. Allow yourself to be carried off to Spain’s most beautiful walking and hiking destinations!

Hiker with mountain panorama in Tenerife

Mediterranean walking holiday: Spanish scenery has a lot to offer

Whether spectacular coastal hikes with marvellous views or walking tours in the mountains or through impressive ravines, Eurohike offers you new challenges each day with exciting tours. Experience well-known holiday destinations such as Majorca, Tenerife or El Hierro from a completely new and different perspective. Alternatively face highly symbolic challenges every day anew on the world-famous Way of St. James, which will thrill you with new cultural and scenic highlights every day. We demonstrate to your how diverse and challenging hiking in Spain can be. Look forward to the most stunning routes whilst walking in mainly sunny weather conditions.

Traditional island life on Mallorca island

Walking on Majorca: Experience the popular Mediterranean island like never before

Leave the overcrowded beaches and tourist traps behind you and experience what the heartland of Majorca and the Tramuntana mountains have to offer! Away from the tourist crowds you will get to know the original Majorca with its natural diversity. Our walking holidays on Majorca will give you a great understanding of the cultural and scenic diversity of the ‚Sun Island’: for very experienced hikers we recommend the coastal and mountain hiking tours of the Trans Tramuntana Hiking Holiday in order to experience Majorca’s wild side.

On the Finca walking tours on Majorca each day you walk along new stunning walking routes on this popular holiday island. Picturesque villages along the route and as Day Finish give you the opportunity to experience in a relaxed ambience up close Majorca’s culture and  lively traditions. Eurohike’s carefully selected accommodations ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed at each Day Finish. During our 8-day walking holiday 'Majorca’s Highlights', active daily tours await with numerous high-contrast impressions.

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Mountain Walking

Mallorca – Trans Tramuntana

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character
Mountain Walking

Mallorca's Highlights

8 Days | Self-guided tour

Way of St. James "Camino Francés": Walking along very special historical tracks

Have you planned to walk along the Way of St. James for a long time and experience at first hand its historic flair? With Eurohike you can make this intention come true as part of a relaxing walking holiday in Spain. Be a pilgrim on the final 100 km of this renowned route from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela, where the large number of pilgrims all congregate in the impressive cathetral. Along this classic section of the Way of St. James you can enjoy the beauty of Galicia and sample many regional delicacies of the Spanish cuisine.

Walking holidays on Tenerife: Recuperation between volcanic scenery and quaint villages

With our walking tours on the Canary Island of Tenerife you get to enjoy the pleasant climate providing prime conditions all year round. You can look forward to exciting tours in the walking paradise Tenerife and experience up close how the most recent past of this volcanic island has shaped the nature scenery of today. Next to spectacular tours along the coast, also exciting hiking tours await at Mount Teide, the highest peak of Spain, at a height of over 2000 metres in altitude.

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Camino de Santiago „Camino Francés“

8 Days | Self-guided tour
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Moderate Walking

Tenerife Hiking Rally

8 Days | Guided group tour
A lot of cactus during the hiks in Mirador Isora

El Hierro: Walking between rugged beauty and fascinating originality

The little Canary Island of El Hierro which so far has escaped mass tourismn is becoming very popular with walking enthusiasts: and rightly so, since you get to enjoy pure quietness amidst an impressive nature backdrop characterised by volcanic activity whilst walking along the countless in parts very old walking routes. Quaint accommodation add to the important feelgood factor and turn your holidays on El Hierro into a unique experience.

Staying in beautiful fincas

Walking in Spain with the Eurhike-‚Service-Plus’

You want a perfectly organised walking holiday? Then we recommend you explore Spain on foot and enjoy Eurohike’s ‚Service-Plus’. Equipped with our detailed tour documents you can follow your walking enthusiasm along the most beautiful routes. We transfer the luggage for you from one accommodation to the next and thus guarantee a blithe and relaxed holiday!

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