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With our “Eurohike Hiking Plus” we promise that your holiday will be the perfect experience. So, you benefit not only from our years of know-how and professional travel documents, but also from a personal and warm service in the holiday destination itself. This means we can be reached seven days a week. And a service that makes individual hiking easier than ever before is our personal luggage transport. In the truest sense of the word, you can ‘hike without pressure’ and completely detached from any load – and this throughout Europe along the most beautiful hiking routes in AustriaGermanyItalySpainSwitzerland and many other hiking destinations. And when you arrive at your accommodation after an intensive day of hiking, your luggage is already waiting for you.

Eurohike luggage transfer

The principle of easy hiking

Easy and practical is what it should be. Our Eurohike team on-site will take care that your suitcases will be picked up at the respective accommodation and will be waiting for you at the next destination day by day. But how can Eurohike guests imagine their hiking holiday with our practical luggage transfer? We will now tell you exactly how it works in three simple steps.

  • Step 1: Please attach the Eurohike luggage tags to all luggage pieces that should be transported. Please remember to note the total number of pieces of luggage on it as well. The tags are a very clear identifying feature for our Eurohike team and offer additional security. The luggage labels can be found in your Eurohike travel documents.

  • Step 2: Hand in the fully packed suitcases to reception at your accommodation by 9am at the latest. Please remember that your daily backpack should be as compact and practical as possible, but don’t forget any important bits and bobs or medication needed during the day.
  • Step 3: Now our local Eurohike employee picks up your luggage and heads for the next accommodation. By 6pm at the latest, all suitcases will be distributed to the respective hotels and accommodation and will be waiting in your room.

All details at a glance

We have summarised a few important tips and tricks for both for our guests and Eurohike employees on-site so that the luggage can be transported smoothly during the hiking tour.

  • Top service included: This practical luggage transfer service is of course part of the “Eurohike Hiking Plus” and is therefore included on all Eurohike hiking tours across Europe.
  • Number of pieces of luggage: Even when packing suitcases, the following applies to our Eurohike Original Tours: The absolute easiness. Because there is no restriction on the number of pieces of luggage on all our Original Tours.

  • Daypack and partner tours: In some cases, however, it is necessary to carry your luggage yourself when access is not possible e.g. in mountain huts in remote areas (all details can be found in the respective booking information). The Eurohike partner tours often contain the transfer of one or two pieces of luggage per person only (you can also find this information in the corresponding part of the booking information).
  • Case weight: Carrying cases – very light. Accordingly, we ask that the maximum weight of each case is no more than 20kg. This guarantees that your luggage is transported reliably and that our employees can transport your luggage for many years without back pain.

Daypack made easy

Cleverly packing your hiking backpack is as important as a smooth luggage transfer. After all, it should not be too heavy but should still contain everything you need for the daily stage.

We have summarised the most important tips and essentials so that your daypack can be packed with ease and – along with our hiking maps and route guidance – nothing is missing.

Hiking break at the high altitude trail along Gosaukamm ridge


Activity requires a lot from the body. We constantly lose fluids and it’s not only in the warmest months of the year that drinking enough is a top priority. Our recommendations for you: Pack plenty of water – preferably in a drinking bottle that is sustainable and can be used again. So, you do something good for yourself and the environment. If you have your four-legged friend with you on your hike, please pack plenty of water for your dog as well as a water bowl. Here you can read all the details and our Eurohike holiday options for hikes with dogs.


Hiking makes you hungry, so it is important to pack plenty of provisions and snacks. Especially on longer daily stages and tours, it is advisable to have a wholesome and healthy snack, as well as snacks that provide plenty of energy and give you strength.

  • Here is our recipe tip for ‘energy balls’, the small power source on our hiking blog. With these energy snacks you will stay fit for longer and have the stamina you need for a successful hiking experience.

Sunglasses and headgear

Always hike in the sunshine – what more could you want for a successful hiking holiday? In order to protect your eyes and head from the UV radiation, and so that you can really enjoy the hiking panorama, we recommend packing good sunglasses and headgear. And even if the weather forecast predicts clouds before you travel – pack it anyway, the weather can still turn for the better.

Sun protection

It’s not only the eyes and head that should be protected from the sun. Our skin also deserves proper protection. The strong rays are often underestimated, especially when hiking at higher altitudes. So, pack a sunscreen that is well tolerated by the face and body and apply it in the morning before you start the day’s journey. We also recommend UV protection for the lips – so you and your skin are well equipped for a wonderfully sunny hiking holiday.

Mobile phone

Mobile protector, communication device and camera at the same time – today’s mobile phones offer numerous useful options that are important for a safe hiking trip. After all, safety is a top priority on every hike. And of course, every hiker is happy to capture fantastic views and great experiences on their phones.

  • Our tip: Pack your phone in a pocket of your backpack, then it is at hand even in an emergency.

First aid kit and personal items

Please pack a small first aid kit including blister plasters for every hiking trip. Despite careful hiking and avoiding dangers, minor injuries can occur. All the better if you have something at hand to remedy the situation. The general rule is: Having a small first aid kit in your luggage never hurts and you have a better feeling when travelling. And in case you need personal items or medication during the hike, please pack them in your backpack.

For your health

Exercise and especially hiking keep you young and fit and is an excellent way to strengthen your immune system, cardiovascular system and boost your metabolism. Fat burning is fired up and our lungs are also better supplied with blood. On a hike at higher altitudes and with your daypack on your back you can burn around 550 calories per hour – a whole lot. Hiking in the fresh air is also good for our brains and the mind, it relieves stress, makes us happy and relaxed – after all, you are consciously marching in the here and now. And the best thing about multi-day tours: The longer you hike, the longer your body and mind benefit. So, let’s go, the next Eurohike hiking holiday with luggage transfer is already waiting for you!

Hiking with luggage transport
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