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Eurohike has a large range of different tours on offer. You can walk through parts of Germany, Austria or Italy. They take you to remote places on European islands and to England or France. You can walk in the mountains, in the valleys, on islands and through untouched nature. All tours - whether original tours or partner tours - offer you great customer care. One advantage is the luggage transfer that we offer. We will transfer your luggage from one hotel to the next. 

This means that you don't have to lug your luggage around every day. This looks after your back, legs and also your nerves! Because, who wants to carry a week's worth of food around with them? Give hiking a go without your luggage, just like all of our regular customers do. 

With Eurobike your luggage arrives before you do

Save your energy for the nicest parts of your holiday. You will see how much more energy you will have when you arrive at your accommodation. That means that you have still got enough energy to explore the culture around you. All you need to carry with you is a day rucksack with the essentials. Have a look at our travel checklist  for ideas what you should take. Eurohike would like to offer you the best service whilst you are on holiday and that is why luggage transfer is included on all of our walking holidays. Experience it for yourself how easy it is to walk when you don't have to carry your luggage.

How does the luggage transfer work?

Your luggage is transferred between your hotels every day. On Eurohike original tours, there isn't even a limit on the amount of luggage you bring. On some of the partner tours you are limited to two pieces of luggage per person. Please note that there is a weight limit of 20kg per item.

Florian Frisch
I look forward to answering your questions about walking without luggage!
Florian Frisch, Head of Customer Service
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