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Basic information about the Lechweg - with video

On the enchanting Lechweg, not only enjoyable active days while hiking in the Alps and moments of relaxation await you – the long-distance hiking trail from the source at the beginning of the journey to the waterfall at the end offers an invigorating adventure, unforgettable experiences and the best food from the regions of two countries in Vorarlberg, Tyrol and the Bavarian Allgäu. In any case, the 125 kilometres of hiking offer enough time to treat yourself to a well-deserved break in nature. The routes always lead along the wild river Lech from the high mountains to the Alpine foothills in Bavaria. On our Eurohike hiking holiday without luggage you can experience the beautiful Lechweg in what is probably the most comfortable type of active holiday.

Hiker on the Lechweg

The most beautiful stages of the Lechweg

Step by step more hiking enjoyment

A cross-border hiking experience awaits you on our hiking tour on the Lechweg-Path, 10 days. Right at the beginning of your active holiday, you can look forward to a great highlight in Lech am Arlberg – the quiet Formarinsee at around 1,793 metres. After a circular hike around the lake, the next day we continue to Gehren. On this day’s stage, the highest alpine dairy and butcher’s shop in all of Vorarlberg awaits you. The ‘Wälder Metzge’ in Warth has wonderful meat and cheese specialities. The hiking tour takes you further via Holzgau to Elbigenalp – which adrenaline-rich highlight awaits you, we will tell you in our Eurohike moments on the Lechweg below.

Hiker along the mountain trail at Lech-Path

The sixth day of hiking begins mystically. The Doser waterfall in the lower Lechtal, a natural monument around which numerous legends and myths entwine. Almost unbelievable, but the waterfall can only be admired from April 23 to November 11 – the rest of the year it is on ‘vacation’. The next day you continue on good hiking trails from Stanzach to Wängle and end the day with a wonderful panoramic view of the Reutte valley. On the following day of hiking you hike the last stage to Füssen, where you reach Bavaria via the Alpsee and see the two castles of Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein from afar. The destination of your Eurohike hiking tour is the Lechfall near Füssen. The hiking tour on the Lechweg-Path, 10 days (shorter options with 8 or 6 days) provides plenty of moments of happiness in the beautiful nature of Austria and Germany.

Splashing waterfalls at the charming Lech hiking path

Our Eurohike moments on the Lechweg

  • The best of the region: along the Lechweg you will find very special and delicious highlights – products from the Lechweg region. Producers from the area around the hiking trail invite you to take a break from hiking: from delicious cheese, meat products, gin, beer or soap made from natural raw materials, you will find high-quality and sustainable products that have been lovingly crafted by hand.
  • Even more hiking pleasure: if the daily stages on the Lechweg are not enough for you, you can let off some steam on the beautiful Lech loops. These half-day- or full-day-tours were designed to complement the long-distance hiking trail.
  • Pure thrill: on your hiking tour on the Lechweg you should hold your nerves as you will cross the spectacular suspension rope bridge over the Höhenbach Gorge – with a length of 200 metres and a height of 110 metres, it’s the longest foot-bridge in Austria.
The longest hanging rope bridge of Austria at the Lechweg

Route guidance on the Lechweg

Cross-border hiking experience on the Lechweg

The routes along the long-distance hiking trail are always comfortable and the daily stages can include up to seven hours of walking. The hiking tour enables a moderate, cross-border hike from Austria to Germany, from the high mountains of Vorarlberg to the Alpine foothills of Bavaria. The routes are characterised by a slight gradient and steeper stages can be shortened by public transport if desired. With a good basic level of fitness and sturdy shoes, the hiking and forest trails along the Lechweg become a real active experience. Our recommendation: to cross the suspension bridge you must have a head for heights. Thanks to good routes, the Lechweg can also be experienced as a hiking tour with a dog.

Hiking pleasures at the shore of Lech river

Facts and details

125 kilometres of wonderful hiking pleasure: there’s a reason why the Lechweg, which opened in 2012, is considered a certified hiking trail. The daily stages can be hiked individually and depending on personal requirements, because the long-distance hiking trail has the right route for every hiking level. The good hiking trails are marked with an ‘L’ on a grey-coloured background and the distances between the respective signposts are only about 250 metres. As an additional experience, eight Lech loops offer hiking fans even more hiking pleasure in nature. All facts and details about the cross-border Lechweg can be found here at a glance:

  • Location: Vorarlberg and Tyrol in Austria, Allgäu in Germany
  • Length: 125 kilometres
  • Route: Formarinsee in Lech am Arlberg to the Lechfall in Füssen
  • Season: Best time to travel is from July to September
  • Difference in altitude: 1,000 metres
  • Height of starting point: 1,793 metres (Formarinsee)
  • Height of destination: 800 metres (Füssen)
  • Trail markings: White ‘L’ on a grey background
  • Special features: First cross-border long-distance hiking trail that has been named ‘Leading Quality Trails – Best of Europe’ according to the quality criteria of the European Hiking Association.
Spectacular hiking trails along the Lech river

Height profile

Lechweg elevation profile

Questions and answers about hiking on the Lechweg Path

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The Lechweg Path stretches from Vorarlberg and Tyrol to the Bavarian Allgäu.

The route on our hiking tours on the Lechweg Path varies depending on the duration of the individual hiking holiday – here is a brief overview:

The Lechweg Path is 125 kilometres long.

The Lechweg Path falls under our category hiking. The routes lead on good hiking paths and forest roads. With a good basic level of fitness and surefootedness, our hiking tours on the Lechweg Path is guaranteed to be a wonderful experience in nature.

A special experience for all hikers with a head for heights is the crossing of the longest pedestrian suspension rope bridge in Austria, which is 110 metres above the Höhenbach Gorge between Holzgau and Elbigenalp. Equally impressive is the beautiful Formarinsee, a high mountain lake in Vorarlberg and at the same time the start of the Lechweg Path.

On the daily stages of our hiking tours on the Lechweg Path, you cover between 11 and 20 kilometres of hiking per day. Note: The longer daily stages can be shortened at any time by bus.

The best time to travel for a hiking tour on the Lechweg Path is from June to September.

On our hiking tours on the Lechweg Path you will stay in cosy hotels and guesthouses.

On our walking holiday Lechweg-Path with Charm you can expect even more comfort in the selected accommodation with that certain something in the best location.

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