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“Charm brings the sunshine”, said the German philosopher Manfred Hinrich. What a wonderful idea. Because our hiking tours with charm shine as if the sun was working overtime just for them. Read here what is special about our hiking tours with charm, which trips we would like to recommend to you and why you should choose Eurohike.

Finca Son Palou in Majorca

Hiking with charm – of course from Eurohike

Relaxation, peace and the much sought-after ‘quality time’ are probably the greatest demands of a successful holiday. But for many of us, that’s simply not enough, because after all, you want to stay active during your holiday and truly enjoy yourself. Does that appeal to you? Then you are in the right place with us. Treat yourself to a stress-free active holiday with organised luggage transfer and breathtaking hiking routes in beautiful landscapes throughout Europe and stay in stylish and extremely comfortable hotels and accommodation. So you can’t help but relax.

Hotel Pienzenau

Unique hotels and charming accommodation with style

Enjoy our service on an individual hiking trip with all the advantages while staying at our lovingly selected accommodation which are characterised by exquisite features, elegance, comfort and a traditional design. Look forward to staying in the highest level of hotels and enjoying their amenities. Be it a charming hotel in the picturesque Salzkammergut, a stylish finca on the sunny island of Mallorca or an authentic country house overlooking the glistening Lake Garda. Leave your worries at home and treat yourself to a holiday in style!

Hotel Sand

How about some wellness?

Almost all of our charm-category hotels offer guests an opportunity to refresh themselves in a cool pool after a strenuous day of hiking, to relax with a soothing massage or simply to recover tired legs in the wellness area. Enjoy glorious hours of idleness before an exquisite dinner, close your eyes, take a well-deserved nap by the pool, grab a glass of wine and bring your mind and body back into harmony! On holiday, finally everything is allowed! The word wellness basically means nothing other than wellbeing!

Staudacherhof Fish

Culinary highlights

Guests also get their money’s worth in culinary terms. After an active day in the mountains, you can look forward to a lovingly prepared menu without a guilty conscience. Enjoy the creative delicacies conjured up by the chefs in our charm hotels. Treat yourself, and don’t forget the dessert. That’s allowed on holiday! Finest regional dishes and excellent wines will do their part of make a charm hiking holiday something to remember.


Perfectly organised hiking tours

Each of our hiking tours is perfectly thought out and comprehensively organised by our travel specialists from Eurohike. Personal advice, a reliable luggage transfer from hotel to hotel, the most beautiful hiking routes, perfectly compiled travel documents and a personal service on site distinguish our hiking tours and are a hallmark of Eurohike.

Hotel Weißes Rössl St. Wolfgang SPA

Individual hiking tours – self led

In terms of active travel – we know the score. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can proudly show off the first-class quality of our hiking tours. The special feature of our hiking torus is the individuality that we can offer our guests. Because you are the boss and you determine your daily routine!

After a personal welcome talk with one of our local employees, you can start your hiking trip in the best way possible. When and where this start is done is entirely up to you. You also

decide where to take a break, which sights you want to visit and how quickly you will cover the distance. Our carefully crafted travel documents will be a perfect companion that will guide you safely to your destination of the day.

While taking in the impressions of your day’s journey, we will transport your luggage on time and reliably to the next accommodation, which we will have chosen for you with love and care.

The most beautiful hiking tours with charm

Around the Zugspitze Charm

The highest mountain in Germany is already the perfect destination for a hiking trip. Travel around the massif of Garmisch-Partenkirchen and experience the highest comfort, relaxing peace and enjoyable activities on the way.

From Meran to Lake Garda Charm

Meran – a delightful spa resort, where the beloved Austrian Empress Sisi took her holidays, is the starting point for one of our favourite charm tours. Enjoy relaxing days in the beautiful South Tyrol, enjoy the luxury of your well-chosen charming hotels and drink a glass of Prosecco or two to your wellbeing!

Tour character

Around Zugspitze with Charm

7 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character
Mountain Walking

From Meran to Lake Garda with Charm

8 Days | Self-guided tour

Lake Walking in Austria's Salzkammergut Charm

Walk on the emperor’s tracks through the picturesque Salzkammergut. Enjoy wonderful hours at the Wolfgangsee, try sweet pastries in the famous confectionary Zauner in Bad Ischl and visit the mystical Charnel House in Hallstatt. After a beautiful day of hiking, stretch your legs and let yourself be pampered in your charming accommodation

Around Madeira Charm

The flower island of Madeira is worth a trip alone. Our fantastic hiking routes and the perfectly selected hotels make Madeira a definite insider tip among our charming hiking tours.

  • Read here exactly how the hiking trip around Madeira runs.
Tour character
Moderate Walking

Lake Walking in Austria’s Salzkammergut with Charm

8 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character
Mountain Walking

Around Madeira with Charm

8 Days | Self-guided tour

Mallorca Finca-Walking Charm

Are you dreaming of an active holiday on a beautiful island with stylish accommodation and exquisite food? Then your search has come to an end, because we think our Finca hiking tour in Mallorca will make you jump for joy.

From Lake Garda to Venice with charm

The sparkling Lake Garda, lively squares with playing children, a cup of creamy cappuccino, fantastic hiking trails, beautiful hotels and picturesque villages…what more is needed for a successful holiday? At most, sunny weather.

Tour character

Mallorca Finca-Walking with Charm

7 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character

From Lake Garda to Venice with Charm

8 Days | Self-guided tour

World Heritage Wachau with charm

This breathtaking hiking tour starts in Krems. Experience the beautiful Wachau up close, with all its castles, the Danube, the picturesque vineyards and the cosy taverns. And all at the highest level.

From Königssee to Chiemsee with charm

Wander between the two famous Bavarian lakes and experience Bavarian hospitality, beautiful landscapes and a lot of comfort! Wonderful days of hiking are guaranteed.

Tour character

World Heritage Trail Wachau with Charm

5 Days | Self-guided tour
Tour character
Mountain Walking

From Lake Königssee to Lake Chiemsee with Charm

8 Days | Self-guided tour
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