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An individual hiking holiday with Eurohike guarantees a fully organised travel experience, completely carefree and always well looked after – across Europe. We will now tell you everything about finding your way during your tour, the luggage transfer on-site, the hotels and accommodation and the personal support you will find during your active holiday.

Dear hiking friends,

You can finally start and set off on your individual hiking holiday with Eurohike in just a few days! In the following video you will find all the important information and details about your hiking holiday and the process in this summary.


  • If you have any further questions, our Eurohike team is always happy to help!

Always on the right path – the travel documents

As part of your booked Eurohike hiking tour, you will receive a detailed package from us with travel documents, precise route books, city maps, brochures and vouchers for services included in your hiking holiday. So you will start every day perfectly informed about your next day’s stage. The maps contain excerpts from your hiking routes. The route book also contains numerous tips on cultural highlights, special sights, traditional inns and restaurants along the way, as well as information on transfer times. With our travel documents you are guaranteed to always be on the right path across Europe.


Perfectly relaxed and recovered – hotels & accommodation

Our inviting hotels and accommodation provide the necessary relaxation during your hiking holiday. Our Eurohike team have selected the accommodation using their specialist knowledge and ensured the hotels are all tailored to suit hiking holidaymakers. In order to give you a precise overview of your hotels during the hiking tour, we will send you a list of all hotels in chronological order before you start your journey. In a personal tour information meeting, we will give you an updated version of the hotel list.


Reliable and uncomplicated – luggage transfer on-site

Our Eurohike services also include reliable and uncomplicated luggage transfer on-site. You can have an unlimited number of pieces of luggage with you but the maximum weight per suitcase should not exceed 20kg. In order to ensure everything runs smoothly, we ask you to bring your suitcase to the reception of your hotel by 9am every day. Important note: please attach a luggage tag to each piece of luggage, you will find these in your travel documents package.

The following information must be included on the tag:

  • Your booking name according to the current hotel list
  • The total number/pieces of luggage

Questions? Your travel document package includes a business card with contact information for your on-site guest representative. Our on-site team is happy to be available for you daily from 8am until 8pm.

Your feedback

Your feedback is important to us! After your trip, you can easily rate your hiking holiday with our travel feedback form. We look forward to your open and honest feedback – this the only way we can continuously improve our hiking tours and ensure your all-round successful active experience!

Informatie over uw wandelvakanties

Beste wandelvrienden,

Eindelijk is het zover en over een paar dagen start uw individuele wandelvakantie met Eurohike! In de volgende video hebben wij alle belangrijke informatie en details met betrekking tot uw wandelvakantie en de overige zaken kort samengevat.

Mocht u na het bekijken nog vragen hebben, staat het Eurohike-team altijd voor u klaar!

Informations sur votre randonnée

Chers/chères randonneurs,

le temps est venu! Dans quelques jours seulement votre séjour de randonnée commence ! Dans notre petite vidéo nous allons répondre à toutes vos éventuelles questions concernant le déroulement et l’organisation de votre voyage à pied.

Pour plus de renseignements, toute l’équipe Eurohike se tient à votre disposition !

Florian Frisch
Do you have any questions about your hiking holiday? We are always happy to help!
Florian Frisch, Team lead
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