Hiking with Kids


Spend the entire day outside in the fresh air with your loved ones and enjoy nature. Empty your mind with marvellous views and relax totally. Plus discover adventures for parents and children along the route. And in the evening sample delicious dishes of the region – experience all of this and much more together as a family on holidays! Our hiking holidays for families get to the heart of a family holiday.

But in order for a hiking holiday with children to become a dream holiday for the entire family detailed planning and organisation are a prerequisite: How long should the route be? Where is suitable accommodation to stay with a family? What is there for children to experience off route? Our family hiking holidays are organised and complete and turn your hiking holiday into a perfect family holiday – luggage transfer naturally always included!

Our walking holidays for families

Walking paths and routes for families

Movement outdoors is naturally fun for children. However it is vital not to overexert the little ones. Hence we choose our routes very carefully, so the length of each stage and difference in altitude are especially suitable for children. Each tour is selected in such a way that there is always time for longer breaks and adventure off route. For when hiking with kids, little things often matter hugely: along streams and lakes, through forests and across alpine pastures or over hedge and ditch – that way our wonderful hiking paths become a fun adventure and a marvellous way to experience nature.

When choosing the paths we also watch out for the option to cut one or another tour short by using public transport. This allows you as desired to fill the odd day with other activities. Depending on the holiday and exercise experience of the child, our hiking holidays for families are suitable for children as young as 6 years of age. Please find information regarding this matter directly with each holiday description. 

Accommodations for families

All accommodations for our family hiking holidays are very carefully selected. When on foot with children there are special requirements for the places you stay overnight: the length of each family tour is crucial! For a few additional kilometres when hiking, can easliy mean you are en route for an extra hour – this with children at the end of a day is unconceivable. This is why it is imperative that the accomodation is located at the Day Finish. In addition the smooth execution of the luggage transport is important. Therefore we are looking for accommodations who have experience with hiking guests. Spacious rooms and family-friendly staff go with it. If the Day Finish allows, we always choose accommodations offering a playground, swimming pool or any other additional family features.

Activities and adventure


Especially when hiking with children the route by itself needs to be an adventure. And this is usually quite an easy task: a stream becomes a fun game with water, animals can be observed up close and a break in a mountain chalet is enjoyable for both parents and children. Nevertheless when selecting the route, we watch out for fantastic activities, children get to experience along the way. Sometimes the route even leads right past a high rope course or a playground. Special adventures such as a boat ride or a cable car ride are already included in the price of some tours.

Tour document-package for families


Just like with all hiking holidays you also receive a tour document package when booking one of our family holidays. It includes detailed maps, a route book and city maps & other information material. Special about it, are the hints for adventures children get to experience at the end of each tour. Particularly after a shorter tour, time remains for further holiday fun.

Luggage transfer – Walking without luggage

Since being en route with a family usually also means lots of luggage, our family hiking holidays naturally include the luggage transfer in the price of the holiday. That way you get to bring everything your family wishes to pack for the holiday. No compromises when choosing the luggage size and no tears because some things have to remain at home – you walk with merely a small rucksack only containing items you require during the day, whilst we comfortably transfer your luggage from A to B.

Service Hotline


For any problems or queries we provide our service hotline for you for the duration of the family hiking holiday. Our capable staff are very happy to assist you. We are there for you from 8am to 8pm 7 days a week!

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