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Our Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour-App

All the information is comprehensive and easy to use, plus a sophisticated orientation function which makes finding your way child’s play: our Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour-app is definitely the most comfortable way to get around. And it is completely free of charge. You can easily download the app onto any standard smartphone or tablet. You can use the Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour-app for all of our Eurohike original holidays. In addition to the app, you will always receive our travel documents-package!

Home page and overview of the Eurobike App

How to get your travel documents

Perhaps you are now wondering how you can get the travel documents after a successful direct booking or booking one of our Eurohike Original Tours? Quite simply: The Eurohike team will send you the the route book in a digital version and your hotel list about three weeks before arrival by e-mail. You will receive your complete travel documents package at your personal information meeting on-site, or you can find them in your first hotel on spot. The details of when you will receive the documents on-site, will be found in the route book, which you will receive in advance by e-mail.

What makes our travel documents special

Sustainable and high-quality planning of Eurohike hiking tours is our top priority. When choosing the travel folder, it was important to us to choose sustainable materials such as felt and to avoid plastic as far as possible. The same applies to our Eurohike bandanas, which are also made from sustainable materials. A very important detail for us is the compact and clear creation of the tailor-made travel documents. Our route books are extremely detailed, diverse and offer a very compact, structured and simple overview. So that all information is always up to date, our travel documents are revised every year – our hiking guides on-site and our Eurohike team ensure this with our quality controls and team-members-on-tour hiking trips.

The route book

It is the heart of our travel documents-folder and will be your most faithful companion during your walking holiday. In it, you will find all the important information you might need during your holiday. In addition to the directions, we also provide you with information about important phone numbers, tips for places to stop off and places to visit. The route descriptions will give you a very precise overview with exact kilometre details. And in combination with our Eurobike & Eurohike on Tour-app, it is almost impossible not to find the way.

Detailed Maps

Maps are conveniently integrated into the route book of our Eurohike original holidays and are therefore easy to find at the end of each day’s stage. On the maps with the correct scale, you will not only find your walking routes displayed in the best possible way, but also all the hotels, sights and points of interest along the way. We also include local maps and information about the stage locations in the travel documents-folder you receive on site.

Hotel List

Our hotel list not only gives you the information on where to hike to the next day, but also serves as a voucher that you show at the hotel. You will receive the hotel list once for each booked room, but the voucher only has to be shown once for the entire booking, namely by the main person who booked the holiday. It is also noted whether you have only booked the overnight stay with breakfast or half board. You will receive the hotel list again on site. Please always use the hotel list that you received last. Since sometimes in the final few weeks before arrival there can still be short-term rebookings of the hotels.

Eurohike Vouchers

Our trips often include services such as cable car rides on Madeira, wine tastings on the Danube, delicious ice cream on Lake Garda or a hearty Weisswurst-breakfast in Bavaria.
You will also receive these vouchers with your travel documents on site, once for the entire booking, which you should then hand in to the respective service provider. You will also only receive any train tickets at your arrival destination.

Luggage Tags

You will also find two luggage tags in your travel document folder, which are used to safely transport your luggage locally. When filling them out, please note that you do not enter your own name, but the BOOKING NAME and the TOTAL NUMBER of pieces of luggage for the entire booking. This is important so that our luggage drivers can check whether all luggage has been taken and a smooth and punctual luggage transfer can be guaranteed. The number of pieces of luggage is not limited on Eurohike original holidays, but the pieces of luggage should not weigh more than 20 kg. Our luggage drivers will thank you.

The Travel Feedback-Card

Only with your praise and satisfaction, your constructive criticism and suggestions can we constantly improve our walking holidays and design them as best we can. That is why we include a travel feedback card in all our travel documents so that you can provide us with your opinion and impressions after your holiday. We look forward to your travel feedback!

We have summarized all the important information and details about your hiking tour and the process for you in our info video.

You now receive special conditions when you book a trip.