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With Eurohike you do not just get an off-the-shelf walking book where there is a map in a scale that is far too large to be useful. You get the opposite! We produce our own documents and travel documents for every single one of our original tours and make sure that the scale is appropriate. All of our route descriptions are packed with information about the walk, about the country and its people, about the region and the mountains, about great attractions, leisure activities and places to drink and eat. You often have the choice between several routes meaning that you can either walk a longer or a shorter route, perhaps depending on the weather. The maps that we provide you with as well as the highly detailed smaller maps in the route book mean that you will not have any problems with orientation. 

You get one set of travel documents for your walking holiday per booked room. The documents include information about your arrival and about the journey in general (brochures, information about nearby attractions and timetables etc) as well as a list of your accommodations. On our original tours you will receive a route book with picture navigation. We have taken a picture of every point where the path splits and put them together in this book with map extracts. On some tours you will not get the documents (maps and route description) until you arrive at your first hotel. In this case, you receive them at the welcome briefing. 

Verena Winkler
If you have any questions regarding our travel documents, feel free to contact me!
Verena Winkler, Customer service
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