Walking holidays in Ireland

With Eurohike you have the chance to explore the ‚green island’ in the Atlantic and get to know the most stunning corners on foot. Look forward to spectacular walking tours along rugged coastline on the rough Atlantic Ocean. The walking tours are varied and you are spoilt with breathtaking views. Enjoy relaxing contrasts in the picturesque natural scenery of Ireland characterised by lush meadows, unspoilt lakes, mystical moor landscape and mighty mountain ranges.

Hiking with panoramic views of the Cliffs of Moher

Walking holiday in Ireland: Along the coast and in the mountains

You walk along renowned Counties on amazing trails and routes which will give you an understanding of Ireland’s varied facets and perspectives. You spend the nights in selected accommodations with a very comfortable ambience, which allows you after an adventurous tour to completely relax in the evening and look forward to the next day. Ireland is a popular destination for walking holidays all year round due to its perennial mild temperatures: in summer it is never really hot (average temperature is around 18 degrees) and in winter temperatures are usually below 10 degrees. The climate is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean with constant westerly winds and frequent showers. Hence we recommend you adjust your equipment and clothing in order to be able to enjoy Ireland’s natural beauty in full. The mild and damp climate on the other hand creates marvellous lush green nature scenery with awesome photo scenes and a very unique atmosphere. 

Self-guided Tour „Ireland’s Western Way“

This exceptional walking holiday shows you Ireland’s contrasting scenery. You walk along wild, rugged coastal sections and inland enjoy idyllic tranquility. A perfect mix of physical activity and mental relaxation! Already the title of the walking holiday "Ireland’s Western Way" says it all: at the cliffs of Moher you embark on one of the most impressive and world-renowned coastal walking tours. The rest of the holiday becomes calmer and the scenery more charming. The Great Western Way is surrounded by little lakes and moor landscape, mystical in appearance.

Flock of sheep on the green Island Ireland

Perfect Organisation from A to Z

Discover our carefully compiled walking holidays in Ireland and enjoy our comprehensive service which guarantees unadulterated walking bliss.  You walk comfortably and relaxed without any extra luggage, since we take care of the luggage transport from one hotel to the next. We choose accommodations in each Day Finish very carefully, so you get to finish each daily tour in a relaxing ambience. With Eurohike you proceed along perfectly elaborated routes offering countless impressive views! 

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