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The GR 221 long-distance hiking trail in brief

150 kilometres of hiking joy and Mediterranean variety. That and much more awaits you on the GR 221 long-distance hiking trail in Mallorca, the largest Balearic island in the Mediterranean. The diversity is not only reflected along the routes and hiking paths. Rather, it is the inviting Mediterranean atmosphere and the culture that immediately make you feel welcome. Nature in particular enchants with the typical olive groves, almond and orange trees, fantastic views and delicious cuisine. The hiking tour on the GR 221 in Mallorca also leaves plenty of time to reflect on the impressions gained and to enjoy the beauty of the island including sun, sea and sand after an active day of hiking. Here you can find out more information and details about our hiking tours in Spain.

Tramuntana view

Stages and hiking tours on the GR 221

Mountain hiking on Mallorca - Along the GR221

Culture, cuisine and natural idyll: On our nine-day hiking tour Mallorca - Along the GR221 you will experience the famous long-distance hiking trail on the sunny Balearic island at first hand. The impressive route takes you from Pt. Alcúdia in the north of the island to Pt. Andratx and offers variety as far as the eye can see on a total of seven stages. Along the entire route, long-distance hikers can look forward to cultural attractions, idyllic villages, scenic highlights and traditional culinary specialties – always accompanied by the scent of the Mediterranean citrus fruits and herbs. Immerse yourself in the southern flair and exuberant lifestyle in the Mediterranean, on the Gran Recorrido GR 221 long-distance hiking trail on the island of Mallorca.

View of Port Soller

Hiking tour: Mallorca – Trans Tramuntana

Over eight days and seven nights, our hiking tour Mallorca – Trans Tramuntana, 8 days takes you in six stages along the most beautiful coastal paths and pilgrimage routes through the beautiful Balearic island. The starting point of the hiking holiday on the sunny island is the Port d’Alcúdia. There you will experience wonderful distant views along the coastal hiking trails and serpentine paths between the bay of Pollença and Alcúdia right from the start of the tour. The next day, you walk on the pilgrim path to Lluc, where the wonderful botanical garden of the Lluc Monastery awaits you. The next day, you can look forward to the crown jewel of this long-distance trail: The pilgrimage route takes you up to the Serra, along spectacular passes with sunny views and down again to Lluc.

On the fourth stage of our Eurohike hiking holiday in Mallorca you march through the Mediterranean Tramuntana mountains, where one of the most beautiful natural places on the route awaits you – the Biniaraix Gorge. With wonderful impressions packed up, you will reach the orange city of Sóller and take the famous tram ‘Red Lightning’ to the port of Sóller. Along the last two stages of this hiking holiday, you can really experience the Mediterranean island flair again. The coastal path from Deia to Sóller is not only particularly impressive because of the unique views but a sweet surprise awaits you on this stage in the popular ‘cake finca’ of the Coll siblings. On the last day of hiking, the journey takes you on the nostalgic train to Palma de Mallorca, where you can enjoy the life of the island’s capital in the south.

The most beautiful Eurohike-Moments on the GR 221

  • As fast as lightning: A ride on the tram ‘Red Lightning’ also known as Tren de Sollér, takes you from Port de Sóler past the beautiful Mediterranean landscapes and through the valley of oranges to the lively city of Palma de Mallorca. At a leisurely pace, you can sit back and relax on the 27 kilometre route and let the landscape sink in.
  • Sweet enjoyment high above Sóller: A very special culinary highlight awaits you on our Eurohike hiking tour. On the picturesque stage from Deia to Sóller there is the popular ‘cake finca’ in the middle of the Tramuntana mountains. The Coll siblings bake the tastiest cake creations on Mallorca. Nowhere else than in the blooming garden of this finca and under the shade of olive trees can you enjoy a good piece of typical orange-almond cake as much as there.

  • Stroll through the capital of Palma: A visit to the lively capital of Palma de Mallorca should definitely be on the travel programme. Numerous small boutiques, delicatessens and small cafés invite you to stroll and linger. A special highlight is the large market hall ‘Mercat de I’Olivar’ – here there are fresh, regional products as far as the eye can see.
  • Even more island delights: Read even more about the wonderful specialities of the Balearic island of Mallorca on our Eurohike Hiking Blog: Introducing Mallorca.

Route guidance of the GR 221

In the hiking rhythm through the Serra de Tramuntana

Also known as the ‘Route of the dry stone walls’ or La Ruta de Pedra en Sec, coloured dots and little stone men point the way. As the name suggests, the route through the Serra de Tramuntana leads past historic dry stone walls, which have been artistically restored in recent years. The course of the hiking route leads through the mountain range of the Serra de Tramuntana, which runs parallel along the north-west coast of the island, is 15 kilometres wide and has eleven peaks at around 1,000 metres in height. On good paths you will experience the sunny island of Mallorca in its most wonderful facet. The trails require good physical condition and sure-footedness and we recommend wearing good hiking shoes for the at times stony paths.

Ausblick auf Mallorcas Gipfel

All facts and details at a glance

Also known in Spanish as Gran Recorrido 221, the GR 221 long-distance hiking trail in Mallorca stretches over eleven stages and 150 kilometres from Port d’Andratx to Pollença. Where a hiking holiday with fantastic panoramic views over the Mediterranean and the Serra de Tramuntana mountains becomes an invigorating, active experience of nature in the open air. All facts and details about the GR 221 can be found here at a glance:

  • Spanish name: Gran Recorrido 221
  • Location: Balearic Island Mallorca, Spain
  • Length: 150 kilometres
  • Duration: Daily stages of up to eight hours (depending on the hiking tour)
  • Stages: A total of 11 stages (Eurohike hiking tour: 6 or 7 stages)
  • Season: All year round (we offer our hiking tours from February - June and from September - October)
  • Path marking: cairns and coloured dots


View over coll baix at the alcudia peninsula

Questions and answers about hiking on the GR 221

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The GR 221, also known as Gran Recorrido 221, is located on the beautiful Balearic Island of Majorca in Spain.

The GR 221 is 150 kilometres long.

The GR 221 falls under our category mountain hiking. The route on the GR 221 requires a good basic level of fitness and surefootedness. Due to the at times stony hiking paths, we recommend good footwear - this is how hiking on the GR 221 is guaranteed to be a successful active experience.

The entire hiking tour on the GR 221 is a highlight! Immerse yourself in a Mediterranean, active break on the sunny island of Majorca and experience the most beautiful places on the GR 221 on foot. Imposing views of the sea, the mountains and the wonderful nature of the Balearic island are your faithful companions on the long-distance hiking trail. In Sóller, do not miss the ride on the nostalgic train "Red Lightning" (included in your trip) or the traditional tapas in one of the typical bars in Palma de Majorca.

  • Our restaurant tip: You can find wonderful tapas in the “La Rosa Vermutería” bar or in the “Tast” tapas bar.

On the daily stages of our hiking tours on the GR 221, you cover between 12 and 24 kilometres of hiking per day.

The routes on our walking tours on the GR 221 are as follows:

  • Mountain hiking holiday Mallorca - Along the GR221, 9 days: A hiking tour that is guaranteed to make every hiker's heart beat faster is our mountain hiking tour on the entire GR221 long-distance hiking trail. You will cross the entire Balearic Island from north to southwest and experience all the highlights to be discovered along this route between Pt. Alcúdia und Pt. Andratx.
  • Mountain hiking holiday Mallorca – Trans Tramuntana, 8 days: Our eventful hiking tour on the GR 221 takes you from Pt. Alcúdia first on a coastal hike on the Alcúdia peninsula and the next day through a multi-faceted landscape to the Lluc Monastery. The journey continues on a pilgrimage to the picturesque Cuber reservoir and the following day to the wonderful harbour village of Port de Sóller. The next day's stage leads on a panoramic coastal path from Deia to Sóller and on the last day of your hiking trip to the island's capital, Palma de Majorca.

The best time to travel for a hiking tour on the GR 221 is from February to June and from September to October.

On our hiking tours on the GR 221, you will stay in beautiful hotels and accommodation.

Note: On our hiking tour Mallorca - Along the GR221, 9 days you stay one night in the Lluc Monastery and one night in the Refugi Tossal Verds.

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