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Basic information about the Moselsteig

A hiking trip full of variety and history – that’s what the Moselsteig, the popular long-distance hiking trail on the Moselle in Rhineland- Palatinate, promises. Not only the wonderful natural landscapes to the left and right of the Moselle, but also the ancient history of the Celts, Romans and Knights, which go back more than 2000 years, has left its mark on the 24 stages on the Moselsteig. And a distinctive cultural feature for the region will accompany you on your entire hiking trip through the Moselle region: the typical vineyards on the steep slopes and banks of the river, which are home to the highest density of Germany’s oldest vines. Nature, culture and enjoyment on the Moselsteig: the beautiful region in central Germany offers the perfect combination for active people.

Rest area with a beautiful view

The most beautiful stages of the Moselsteig

365 kilometres of pure culture and vine enjoyment

The long-distance hiking trail stretches for around 365 kilometres between Perl by the Obermosel and Koblenz, where the two rivers Rhine and Moselle flow together. Along the 24 diverse stages, the hiking heart can look forward to numerous wonderful hiking panoramas, including the beautiful vineyards typical of the region, as well as idyllic wine villages, magnificent natural landscapes and impressive hiking experiences. The sights along the old Roman roads lure with a rich history of over 2000 years.

Breathtaking panorama in Nittel on the Moselle

Eurohike walking holidays on the Moselsteig

On our Eurohike hiking tour Moselle and Eifelsteig we combine the best of the two quality hiking trails in Central Germany. Starting from Perl, your route takes you through the Palatinate wine-growing town of Palzem, further into the village of Nittel and on the fourth day to Igel. The goal of the next stage is Trier, the oldest city in Germany, where numerous cultural highlights such as the famous Porta Nigra and a panoramic circular hike await you. On the last and final stage of the day, switch to the Eifelsteig and experience unforgettable hiking moments along the imposing natural monuments such as the Genoveva and Klausen cave or the historic Ramstein Castle – the crowning conclusion of a completely successful hiking holiday without luggage on the Moselle and Eifelsteig, 7 days or on the hiking holiday Best of Moselsteig, 10 days. A shorter hiking tour is the Moselsteig, 5 days or the hiking holiday Best of Moselsteig, 5 days, that offers an unforgettable active holiday experience in central Germany.

Hiking on beautiful trails along the Moselle

Our Eurohike moments on the Mostelsteig

  • Connected to nature: One thing is guaranteed, the Moselle and the Eifelsteig offer its hiking guests a lot of natural experiences. And it is always so beautiful. A lot of time in nature not only brightens the mood, but also lowers stress levels. Perfect to recover from the hectic everyday life.
  • Hiking trip for foodies: As the fifth largest and oldest wine-growing region in the country, you can look forward to culinary highlights during your hiking trip. Just let your mind wander. After an active day of hiking, enjoy the distant view of the border triangle with a wonderful glass of Moselle wine.
  • Cultural metropolis: Visiting Trier, the oldest city in Germany, you will not only experience the beauty of the old town, but also lots of culture and history. The UNESCO World Heritage Site in Porta Nigra, the amphitheatre and the and are particularly worth seeing. An absolute highlight, the panoramic boat trip on the beautiful Moselle rounds off your perfect day of hiking (included in your 8-day Eurohike hiking holiday).
Hiking to Porta Nigra in Trier

Route guidance on the Moselsteig

Long-distance hiking trail with distinction

The Moselsteig was not only awarded the German seal of quality ‘Wanderweg Deutschland’, but it is also a leading and first-class quality path with the hiking seal ‘Leading Quality Trail – Best of Europe’. These awards guarantee hiking fans lots of variety and an attractive route. This ensures an unforgettable hiking experience, because the route from Perl via Trier to Kordel offers unique landscapes, impressive natural paradises and historical sights. The necessary recreational opportunities are also taken care of. Along the way there are appropriate opportunities to rest and to take a deep breath – of course always with a great view. In addition, four additional circular hiking trails, also known as the Moselsteig Trail, allow an even greater hiking experience.

Walking along the Genoveva cave

Height profile

Facts and details

There is a reason that the popular Moselle and Eifelsteig were awarded the ‘Quality Trail for Hikeable Germany’ and the ‘Leading Quality Trail – Best of Europe’. Hikers not only expect postcard views and impressive natural sites, but also a uniform route that is fully signposted – in both directions.

The daily stages always lead you along good hiking trails and through wonderful natural landscapes with impressive views. The hiking trip without luggage on the Moselle and Eifelsteig can be mastered with good physical condition. It is possible to shorten longer daily stages by public transport.

  • Location: Rhineland-Palatinate in central Germany
  • Length: 365 kilometres
  • Stages: 24 stages
  • Course: From Perl via Trier to Koblenz
  • Season: All year round
  • Difference in altitude: 356 metres
  • Highest point: 416 metres (Mehringer Berg)
  • Lowest point: 60 metres (Deutsches Eck)
  • Markings: Signpost with a yellow symbol made of slate and the ‘Mostelsteig’ lettering
  • Special feature: The Moselsteig is a certified quality hiking trail in Germany. Read more about the quality & premium hiking trails in Germany on our Eurohike HikingBlog.
View of Trier

Questions and answers about hiking on the Moselsteig

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The Moselsteig is located in Rhineland-Palatinate in central Germany.

The Moselsteig is 365 kilometres long.

The Moselsteig comes under the category walking. The routes always lead over good hiking trails, which can be mastered with a good basic level of fitness.

Primarily, our hiking holidays on the Mosel- and Eifelsteig are highlights in themselves, as you are always hiking in wonderful nature with dreamy views. What you should definitely see on the Moselsteig, however, is the cultural metropolis of Trier. The city is not only the oldest city in Germany, but also the home to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Porta Nigra.

On the daily stages of our hiking tours on the Mosel- and Eifelsteig, you cover between 10 and 23 kilometres of hiking per day. If you wish, you can also use public transport to shorten the longer daily stages.

The route on our hiking tours on the Mosel- and Eifelsteig varies depending on the duration of the tour – here are the details at a glance:

The ideal travel time for a hiking holiday on the Moselsteig and Eifelsteig is from April to October.

On our hiking holidays on the Moselsteig and Eifelsteig you will spend the night in inviting middle-class hotels and cosy inns.

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