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Early bird discount

For bookings that reach us by 29 February at the latest (this can also be the postage date of your travel registration), you will receive either a €20 early bird discount per person or an 18 litre quality rucksack from Vaude worth €80 (only for Eurohike Original Tours).

Early bird discount

Regular customer discount

Our regular customers can look forward to even more anticipation of their next hiking holiday. From your second direct booking with Eurohike - Eurofun Touristik GmbH you will receive your regular customer discount. This discount is graded according to the number of tours you have booked with us:

Regular customer discount:

  • €15 for your second direct booking
  • € 25 for your third direct booking
  • € 35 for your fourth direct booking
  • € 40 for your fifth direct booking (highest discount rate, at a maximum of 10 percent of the basic travel price)
Hiker at lake Froschsee

Group discount

We apply the following discounts to groups of 6 or more fully paying adults:

  • Groups of 6 get 6% off of season’s basic price incl. SRS
  • Groups of 8 get 7% off of season’s basic price incl. SRS
  • Groups of 10 get 8% off of season’s basic price incl. SRS
  • Groups of 12 get 9% off of season’s basic price incl. SRS
  • Groups of 15 get 10% off of season’s basic price incl. SRS
Hiking group with hiking backpack in Salzkammergut


  • All in one booking
  • One billing address
  • One booking confirmation
  • One address to send travel documents to
  • One payment (deposit and final payment)

For further questions our Eurohike travel specialists will be happy to help you by phone or via our contact form.

Sustainability discount

Together for more sustainability: opt for our digital route book instead of the printed version and make an active contribution to environmental protection. In return, you will receive a discount of €20 per hotel room.

Click on the link to find out more about our climate awareness, our environmentally friendly measures and how we live regionality.

Information on the discount and bonus system

  • All discounts and bonuses are only valid for full-paying guests or, from the age of 15 as a third person in a double room and for direct bookings with Eurohike - Eurofun Touristik GmbH.
  • In addition to the early bird discount, one further discount can be granted. Our Eurohike travel specialists will be happy to calculate your personal maximum discount.
  • When booking a short hiking holiday (less than 6 nights), the discounts are calculated on a pro rata basis.
  • Information and documentation on desired discounts must be submitted at the time of booking. We ask for your understanding that a later consideration is no longer possible. For data protection reasons, we do not archive copies of passports, for example.
Travel report about hiking on Madeira

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