Early bird discount

For bookings made no later than February 28, 2021 (this can also be the postage date of the travel registration), you will receive either EUR 20 per person, or a branded, high-quality 20-liter backpack produced by Vaude (only for Eurohike original trips).

Regular customer discount

Eurohike customers get a discount on their second booking onwards. The discount increases each time you book with us:

On your 2nd direct booking: EUR 15
On your 3rd direct booking: EUR 25
On your 4th direct booking: EUR 35
On your 5th direct booking: EUR 40
EUR 40 is the largest discount and is only applied if it is no more than 10% of the tour’s basic price.

Group discount

We apply the following discounts to groups of 6 or more fully
paying adults:

Persons: Discount: Requirements:
Groups of 6 get 6% off of season’s basic price incl. SRS All in one booking
Groups of 8 get 7% off of season’s basic price incl. SRS One billing address
Groups of 10 get 8% off of season’s basic price incl. SRS One booking confirmation
Groups of 12 get 9% off of season’s basic price incl. SRS One address to send travel documents to
Groups of 15 get 10% off of season’s basic price incl. SRS One payment (deposit and final payment)

Please note

  • We can only give the discounts for full-paying guests or from 15 years as a third person in a double room and if the booking is made directly through Eurohike-Eurofun Touristik GmbH in Obertrum.
  • In addition to the early bird discount, you can only have ONE further discount. We will happily calculate which discount is best for you.


  • On short tours (less than 6 nights), the discounts are calculated aliquot.
  • Information and documents about the desired discounts are to be submitted at the time of booking. It is not possible to give discounts in retrospect! Due to data protection reasons, we do not archive any of your documents e.g. passport scans.
Florian Frisch
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Florian Frisch, Team lead
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