Hiking in beautiful Italy


Are you a real fan of Italy, or want to become one? Then stay on this page and find out which hiking tours we have for you, which hiking regions to discover, for which trips you should pack your swimming costume and why pizza in Italy tastes so special! Get a first impression and find out today about our hiking tours in Italy.

The most popular hiking regions in Italy

Hiking joys through green vineyards near Kaltern

Hiking in the land of fine art and breathtaking fashion

Italy is one of the most popular destinations in Europe, if not the world. The millennia-old culture, the picturesque landscape, the splendid cuisine and the noisy and at the same time charming people make Italy almost a magical place, which is comparable with few other countries. Walk with all your senses through the break taking mountain scenery of South Tyrol, take a refreshing dip in the cool Lake Garda after a hot day, climb the beautiful Italian Alps, taste the fabulous cuisine of Piedmont and relax on a white sandy beach in Southern Italy! There is something for everyone!

Unique hiking between mountains and the sea

Islands and coasts in southern and central Italy

White sandy beaches, turquoise waters, the smell of pine forests and the chirping of the Mediterranean crickets. Doesn’t that sound heavenly? Have you always wanted to pursue your favourite hobby, hiking, in such a wonderful setting? No problem! Eurohike makes it possible. Find out about our great hiking offer in the beautiful south of Italy. Whether along the eastern coast of Sardinia, the flowery Amalfi coast or in Sicily and the Aeolian Islands, hiking in southern Italy will be one of your favourite holiday memories.

Sweet chestnut walk with view to mountain Geislerspitzen

South Tyrol

Not Italy, but no longer Austria – simply South Tyrol – a country between alpine cosiness and southern temperament, with influences from two very special countries. That’s the charm of the beautiful South Tyrol. In addition, there is a magical landscape, a hearty cuisine and beautiful little towns. Explore the autonomous region of South Tyrol on foot on the South Tyrolean Wine & Alpine Trail, the hiking tour Lake Reschen – Lake Caldaro, on the Sweet Chestnut & Vineyard Walk or the Dolomites High Route!


Gorgeous sunset at the port of Bardolino

Lake Garda

The sparkling waves, the beguiling scent of blossoming orange trees, rolling hills and picturesque vineyards - it’s all a hiker’s heart desires. Put on your hiking boots, because one of our hiking trips on Lake Garda will certainly convince you. How about the hiking tour Lake Garda – Venice? Or rather Verona – Lake Garda, Merano – Lake Garda or even Merano – Lake Garda with charm?

Mountain lake in the Dolomites

Italian Alps

Walk high above the enchanting cities of northern Italy over vast pastures and gaze over the sleeping landscape early in the morning! Be astonished at the fascinating animals of the Alps, as you move in their natural environment and enjoy the infinite space you can feel here. How about, for example, the Dolomites High Routes or the Dolomite Alps Nature park walking tour? Or are you more inspired by the hiking tour Merano – Lake Garda? We are sure the right hiking trip is here for you!

World-famous wine village Barolo


Dear friends with good taste, take note! We have just the right thing for you! A hiking trip through the land of Slow Food, where the cooking of the dish is still celebrated with hours of dedication and love, where a dinner is still worthy of a harmonious wine, where the flowering rice fields lie at your feet and the romantic vineyards take your breath away – welcome to Piedmont! Whether on the hiking Piedmont – Liguria or hiking in Piedmont, you will be amazed!

Useful information about your hiking holiday in Italy

Panoramic views on the sweet chestnut walk in south tyrol

The climate in Italy

The climate in Italy is as varied as the country itself. In South Tyrol, hikers can expect a mild mountain climate. And as you’d expect in the Alps, the winters in the Italian Alps are also very cold and austere. This the reason why our hiking tours in the Italian Alps do not begin until May or June, because the snow often lasts for a very long time. The climate is a bit milder if you head a little south, i.e. towards Lake Garda. A bit more south, so in Piedmont and Liguria, there is already a Mediterranean climate. In southern Italy, very hot temperatures can be expected in summer. The perfect time to travel on our island tours in the south is spring and autumn. In pleasantly warm temperatures, hiking is most beautiful!

Unique culinary experice at Piedmont

A look into Italy’s cooking pots

Pizza, pasta, risotto, carpaccio…should I continue? We are very grateful to the Italian cuisine. So we say a huge ‘Grazie’! Almost every region has a variety of dishes that are world famous. Therefore, don’t expect to lose weight on your hiking tour! The temptation is just too strong. A traditional Törggelen in South Tyrol, a hearty Merende with tasty bacon in the Italian Alps, a wonderful plate of freshly caught fish from Lake Garda, a heavenly risotto with fresh truffle in Piedmont and typical Sardinian pasta in southern Italy. Look forward to the countless dishes you want to try!

La Pizza napoletana

Probably the most famous dish in the world – the pizza – has its origins in Italy, more precisely in Naples. Pizza was already eaten in the 18th century, and probably much earlier, but in a much simpler form. We know the inventor of the Pizza Margherita, as we know it today, was a certain Signor Raffaele Esposito, who worked for the Brandi restaurant in Naples. He was told to serve King Umberto I and his wife Margherita a dish. The rest is history. The most famous pizza in the world, named after the king’s wife, consists of three toppings: red tomatoes, white mozzarella and green basil – the national colours of Italy. Today, there is even an association, the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, which is tasked with preserving the preparation of the only true Neapolitan pizza. Pizzerias all over the world belong to this association and can boast about serving real Napoletan pizza. Compliance with the recipe and preparation is regularly monitored by the association. In Italy there is also Pizza Romana, which is very thin and crispy, Pizza Genovese, a variation of Focaccia with thicker dough and the pizza al taglio which is served by the slice and usually available to buy in the street. But let’s be honest, no matter what kind of pizza you choose, have you ever eaten bad pizza in Italy? Almost impossible!

Perfectly organised hiking holidays in Italy with Eurohike

Culinary pleasure with a breathtaking view

You love hiking, but mostly stay at home, as multi-day hiking trips seem too tedious? Carry your luggage around, search for accommodation and then choose a beautiful route. Contact us, because we take care of everything for you. We book your hotels, ensure your luggage arrives punctually at the next accommodation, provide you with perfect itineraries with travel documents and assist you 7 days a week with our service hotline! Think it over again! We will show you how uncomplicated a hiking holiday can be!

Eurohike – Because hiking should be easygoing!

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