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Basic information about Sweden

Whenever they can, the people of Sweden like to spend a lot of time outdoors in the fresh air. And that’s no wonder, because the Kingdom of Sweden offers a wonderful natural landscape spanning from north to south in which there is a lot to discover and experience. The area in Skåne has developed into an ideal hiking region thanks to the mild climate. The popular Skåneleden hiking trail with a total length of around 1,250 kilometres and the famous Österlenleden section with a length of 1,000 kilometres are also located here. On this long-distance hiking trail, you will experience the best of the beautiful nature in Skåne, southern Sweden. The stretches of coast with the quiet sandy beaches, salt marshes and idyllic fishing villages or the famous Ales stenar, the Stonehenge in Ystad, offer a particularly worthwhile hiking experience for outdoor enthusiasts and those seeking peace and quiet at the same time.

The most beautiful hiking tours in Sweden


You will experience the beauty of Sweden’s nature on good, hilly paths that mostly lead along coastal forests or meadows during the walking holiday Österlenleden, 8 days. As a section of the Skåneleden, the Österlenleden long-distance hiking trail, with a total length of around 1,000 kilometres, promises wonderful moments of rest on one of the white sandy beaches, impressive natural landscapes with a view of the typical rock formations and unforgettable panoramas at Hammars Backar and in the Stenshuvud National Park. You start your hiking tour in Ystad, first hike to Kåsberga and on the third day to Skillinge. On the fourth day we continue through idyllic fishing villages to Simrishamn and the next day to Kivik with its beautiful apple orchards. Our tip: You can take a wonderful break from hiking on the wide sandy beaches along the way. The last two daily stages lead to Brösarp and finally to the village of Alunbruket, where you can end your hiking holiday with a cosy Swedish dinner.


Experience on our hiking holiday Gotaleden the west of Sweden in a particularly relaxing way – by foot. Starting from Gothenburg, you will hike on your first day's stage first to an impressive high plateau, including an ascent of Mount Getryggen, and finally to the idyllic village of Jonsered. The route continues to Lerum, where you can try typical Swedish specialities at the Aspenäs Café after a wonderful day of hiking. On the fourth day of your hike, the hiking path leads you through a peaceful natural landscape to the village of Tollered. With a bit of luck, you might even meet some deer calves or kingfishers along the way. On the last stage of your hiking tour, wonderful Sweden presents itself once again from its most beautiful side: multi-faceted hiking scenery, the quiet nature reserve Nolhagaviken, Nolhaga Castle and the beautiful wooden houses with the typical cafés in Alingsås. A hiking holiday in Sweden can be this wonderful.

Our Eurohike moments in Sweden

  • On a discovery tour in Sweden’s southernmost national park: The Stenshuvud National Park is located on the eastern coast of Skåne and offers plenty of opportunity to enjoy nature and wonderful hiking. The 97-metre-high vantage point with its wonderful distant view over the sea is particularly worth experiencing.
  • Hiking breaks by the sea: Hiking is very important in Sweden. But the necessary breaks are also very important. Take your time and enjoy the sea breeze on one of the beautiful, kilometre-long sandy beaches and let the wonderful natural landscape sink in. You can read even more about hiking in southern Sweden on our HikingBlog.

  • Fika – the Swedish coffee break: The cosy coffee break, known as ‘Fika’ is typical in Sweden. This tradition, which is over 100 years old, is best enjoyed with friends or family. It includes the typical ‘Kanelbullar’, a cinnamon bun that is best enjoyed with a pleasant cup of coffee.
  • So hygge, so good: A quiet and comfortable lifestyle is the top priority for Swedes. And this is also integrated into everyday life. The inhabitants of the country appreciate the little special features in everyday life, are grateful for them and always ensure they create a lively and happy atmosphere at home and at work.

Useful information about hiking tours in Sweden

Facts and details

  • Location: Northern Europe, eastern area of the Scandinavian peninsula
  • Area: 450,295km²
  • Population: 10.23 million
  • Capital: Stockholm with 975,904 inhabitants
  • Official language: Swedish
  • Highest mountains: Kebnekaise at 2,097 metres
  • Islands: Around 221,800 islands belong to Sweden, with Gotland and Öland in the Baltic Sea being the two largest
  • Coast: 3,200 kilometres of total length of coast at sea
  • Season: The best climate for hiking trips in southern Sweden is from March to November
  • Special feature: In the months of March and September in the northern regions of Sweden, for example the Abisko National Park, with a bit of luck you can marvel at the impressive northern lights on the horizon, which can be wonderfully combined with a hiking trip in southern Sweden.

The climate in Sweden

While certain regions in Sweden area characterised by a cool, humid climate and a polar climate is encountered in the northern area, our hiking region in the south of Sweden enjoys a wonderfully mild climate, despite its geographical location. This is thanks to the cool, temperate, oceanic climate and the proximity to the Atlantic and the warm Gulf Stream. The areas in the southernmost province of Skåne are particularly mild – ideal conditions for pure, successful hiking holidays all year round. So you can enjoy the benefits of spring, summer and autumn on our walking holiday Österlenleden, 8 days and experience the peculiarities of the respective season. Our tip: so that you always have the ideal hiking equipment and clothing with you on your hiking holiday in Sweden, you can read numerous tips and recommendations for the ideal hiking clothing for every season on our Eurohike HikingBlog.

Culture and tradition in Sweden

From hygge, the famous Midsummer Festival and ABBA: Sweden is home to numerous traditions and to this day one of the most valuable countries for music exports worldwide. The internationally famous pop music group ABBA has already laid the foundation for this. But celebrating festivals is also one of the important, ancient customs. A well-known festival day is the Midsummer Festival, an important celebration on the following night on the Saturday after June 21st, which can be compared to Christmas. On this holiday, people dance and sing around the decorated maypole, the national symbol of the country – in the spirit of hygge, the relaxed lifestyle of the Swedes. Lucia Festival, the day of the Queen of Lights on December 13th, is another celebration in Sweden. Disguised as the bride of Lucia in a white dress and with a wreath of twigs and candles on her head, the eldest daughter of the family brings breakfast to the bed of the family members, followed by ceremonial parades through the streets. From this feast day, and in preparation for the Christmas season, Lussekatter is eaten, a typical Swedish yeast pastry with saffron.

Eating in Sweden

On a hiking holiday in Sweden you will not only experience a wide range of possibilities in terms of nature and active experiences. You can also expect culinary delights on your walking holiday Österlenleden, 8 days. What is served here is always fresh, regional and made from the best ingredients. But the geographical location and climate also have an influence on the cuisine. Typical Swedish dishes consist of different types of meat such as elk or game, pickled fish and vegetables are served together with the rye bread Limpa. An uncomplicated preparation, as well as contrasting flavours are the basis for a Swedish meal. And there is so much more to try than the classic Köttbullar meatballs. How about Klämma? Here the Swedish speciality Surströmming, a sour herring, is served on boiled potatoes, red onions and Tunnbröd. Or the Swedish speciality Spettekaka from Skåne in southern Sweden? A sweet pastry made form eggs, sugar and potato starch.

Questions and answers about hiking holidays in Sweden

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Our hiking holiday on the Österlenleden in the south of Sweden can be experienced from March to November. The hiking tour on the Gotaleden can be booked from May to September, which is also the ideal travel period for hiking tours in the west of the country.

The fantastic hiking regions in southern Sweden are ideal for active holidays. Enjoy coastal hiking at its finest on our 8-day hiking holiday on the Österlenleden. You can experience the wonderful hiking areas in western Sweden on our hiking tour on the Gotaleden trail.

Fifteen UNESCO World Heritage sites are located in Sweden. Of these, thirteen sites are World Heritage sites, one site is World Natural Heritage site and another site is a mixed natural and cultural heritage site. Examples are the naval port of Karlskrona, the Hanseatic city of Visby on Gotland, the World Heritage Archipelago - Kvarken Archipelago, the Scandinavian-Russian meridian arc, also known as the Struve arc, Drottningholm Palace and Skogskyrkogården (forest cemetery) in Stockholm, and Laponia in Lapland including the four national parks and five nature reserves, which is registered as a mixed UNESCO cultural and natural heritage.

Fresh, local ingredients are the basis for Swedish cuisine. Be sure to try one of the country's typical specialties during your hiking holiday. These include meat dishes with elk or gamepickled fish, 'Limpa' rye bread, sour herring on flatbread or the Spettekaka dessert, a pastry specialty made from sugar, eggs and potato starch. Not to be missed is Sweden's national dish, Köttbullar, traditional meatballs with lingonberries, a creamy sauce and potatoes.

Peace, relaxation, tradition and lots of nature will accompany you on a hiking holiday in Sweden. Be sure to try the more than 100-year-old Swedish coffee break custom of a lovely cup of coffee and a cinnamon bun, also known as a Fika. On our hiking holiday on the Österlenleden, you explore the Stenshuvud National Park by foot and enjoy a magnificent view over the sea from the 97 meter panorama point – an unforgettable highlight. Right at the beginning of the hiking holiday on the Gotaleden trail you have the opportunity to visit Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden. The picturesque canals and the harbour, as well as the green avenues and numerous shops offer a nice change from hiking in Sweden.

4 reasons for a hiking holiday in Sweden

  • Hardly anywhere else can you enjoy your time-out as relaxed as in Sweden. In the all-round perfectly organized hiking holiday you can enjoy full comfort including luggage transfer as well as wonderful hotels and accommodations. The levels of hiking of our active holidays in Sweden are assigned to the category "Walking" and offer a wonderful holiday experience on good hiking paths. With a bit of basic fitness, the daily stages can be mastered wonderfully. In addition, there is the relaxed attitude to life, also known as hygge, which is particularly important to the Swedes.
  • Pure idyll: On a hiking holiday in Sweden, it's not just peace and quiet that is your faithful companion. The idyllic natural landscapes and natural sandy beaches can be experienced with a special intensity when hiking.

  • Fresh and regional: The wonderful cuisine in Sweden is guaranteed to impress you. Whether meat fans, fish lovers or those with a sweet tooth – the regional specialties offer special culinary delights for all people who enjoy eating.
  • Great hiking climate: The regions in southern Sweden in particular are characterized by a mild climate – ideal for a hiking holiday. In the southernmost province of Skåne, the pleasant temperatures ensure ideal conditions for your active time outdoors almost all year round.
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