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Basic information about Brittany

France is a true paradise for active holidaymakers and hiking fans. The beautiful western French region of Brittany offers a particularly wonderful holiday experience for hikers who enjoy exercising alongside the soothing Atlantic breeze and along spectacular stretches of coast. The rugged stretches of coastline and impressive cliffs, as well as the idyllic countryside life guarantee an active break away from the tourist crowds. Due to the relatively low rainfall in Brittany, hiking holidays in this region can be experienced from February to November. A special highlight awaits you while hiking along the coasts of northern Brittany: the Côte de Granit Rose, a 30-kilometre-long pink granite coast – a very rare natural spectacle that can only be seen in three places in the world. Hiking holidays with luggage transfer in Brittany – the perfect break between coasts and the French natural idyll.

Panoramic view of the beach with flowers

The most beautiful hiking holidays in Brittany

Steep Coast of Brittany

On our walking holiday Steep Coast of Brittany, 9 days, you can look forward to a wonderful hiking adventure in north-west France. Starting from Paimpol, you hike over seven daily stages on good hiking trails some of which are marked as the ‘Grand Route.’ The starting point of your trip is a circular hike on the flower island of Bréhat, where you can marvel at exotic plants such as the tropical mimosa or eucalyptus trees. The following day your journey takes you to Tréguir and on the next day’s stage to Port-Blanc, where you can end your day of hiking with a relaxing swim in the sea. The route then takes you to the picturesque Perros-Guirec and on the following day to explore the ‘Sept îles’, a small group of seven islands, which is also France’s oldest bird sanctuary.

On the seventh day you walk relaxed along the beach to Ploumanac’h and the last day’s stage takes you on a circular hike along the GR34 long-distance hiking trail to the sea and back to Ploumanac’h in the evening. On the slightly shorter walking holiday Steep Coast of Brittany, 7 days, your hiking tour ends after the fifth day’s stage. With a good basic level of fitness, this hiking tour in Brittany will be an enjoyable experience.

Our Eurohike moments in Brittany

  • Sunset in Brittany: After the day’s stage on the fourth day, have a really good time in Port-Blanc and enjoy the sunset with a refreshing swim in the sea or a wonderful glass of wine on your hotel terrace.
  • Fish in Paimpol: A true paradise for fish lovers awaits you in Paimpol right at the beginning of your hiking holiday. The small community is known for wonderful fish dishes and fish specialties.
  • Pink hiking experience in Perros-Guirec: The small community of Perros-Guirec, located directly on the Côte de Granit Rose, the pink granite coast of Brittany comes straight from a picture book.
Fantastic view of the beach of Perros-Guirec while hiking in Brittany

Useful information about a hiking holiday in Brittany

Facts and details

  • Location: North west of France
  • Area: 27,208 km²
  • Population: 3.3 million people (the inhabitants are called Bretons)
  • Capital: Rennes with approx. 215,400 inhabitants
  • Official language: To this day, Brittany is divided into two language zones and French and modern Breton are spoken.
  • Highest mountain: Roc’h Ruz with a height of 385 metres
  • Coast: 2,700 kilometres of coastline (including bays)
  • Islands: About 800 islands belong to Brittany
  • Season: The best climate for hiking holidays in Brittany is from February to November
  • Special feature: The Brittany region is the only Celtic language area on mainland Europe.
Trails along the coast with lighthouse

Climate in Brittany

With more than 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, a hiking holiday in Brittany can be really enjoyable. The climate in the region is influenced by the Gulf Stream and offers relatively mild temperatures. Due to its proximity to the Atlantic, Brittany has an oceanic climate and rainfall is particularly low in the coastal areas. The air, which is particularly rich in iodine, and the low level of pollutants in the atmosphere offer the ideal conditions for a healthy and beneficial break in the open area. The perfect destination for a successful hiking holiday with luggage transfer in Brittany.

Breathtaking granite coasts on the hiking holiday in Brittany

Breton cuisine

From a culinary point of view, Brittany presents itself from a particularly tasty side. From the wonderful galettes, the sweet crêpes, the tasty soups and hearty stews or the typical sparkling apple wines – tradition and variety are equally important in Brittany. The oldest recipe is the pancakes made from wheat or buckwheat flour – galettes. These can be enjoyed in the most varied flavours, such as with ham, egg and cheese, with goat cheese and tomatoes or with salmon. An internationally popular and particularly sweet specialty from Brittany is the crêpe. Typical savoury dishes include the cotriade, a hearty fish soup and the rustic meat stew Kig-ha farz, which has been a popular dish in the poorer classes for many decades. A well-known drink in Brittany is cider, a bitter sparkling apple wine made from sour apple varieties.

Brittany Crêpe

Questions and answers about hiking holidays in Brittany

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Due to the mild climate in Brittany, our hiking holidays can be booked from February to November.

A particularly beautiful hiking area in Brittany is the 350 km long coastline 'Côtes d'Armor' in the north of the region. The beautiful natural landscapes and fantastic hiking paths are considered a real paradise for hikers and ensure a wonderful break between the coast and the sea in France.

With Eurohike you can experience these all-round organised hiking holidays in Brittany:

Find out more about hiking in France.

Our hiking holidays in Brittany are also ideal for a successful hiking holiday with your dog due to the good route guidance and the paw-friendly hiking paths. On the daily stages you cover between 7 and 19 kilometers of hiking. The leisurely daily stages lead on beautiful country lanes, dunes or side roads and offer a wonderful break in nature for both you and your dog.

Pleasure is the top priority when hiking in Brittany. Not only the wonderfully beneficial time out and the fresh sea breeze ensure wonderful moments of well-being. On the contrary, you will discover the most beautiful routes and places in the region on our walking holiday The steep coasts of Brittany, 9 days and the walking tour The steep coasts of Brittany, 7 days.

The circular walk on the 'Sept Îles' archipelago, also known as the 'Seven Islands', takes you to one of the oldest nature and bird sanctuaries in the country, which is also home to numerous penguins and gannets. The stretch of coast between Paimpol and Trébeurden is just as spectacular – the Côte de Granit Rose. The impressive formations of granite stones in reddish colors are guaranteed to impress you.

What you shouldn't miss when it comes to culinary delights: Right at the start of your holiday, you can enjoy wonderfully fresh fish dishes in the small port town of Paimpol. A particularly popular dessert in the region are the galettes, fine pancakes made from wheat and buckwheat flour, which can be prepared in various ways – from savory to sweet.

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