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Walking holidays in England, Wales and Scotland

If you ever had the chance to walk just for a bit through Great Britain - that is away from the metropolis of London - you surely are aware of the inherent enchantment of this island. A walking holiday in Great Britain is best described as an advenure, which is without equal. With Eurohike you can choose from six tours through the breathtaking scenery in England, Wales and Scotland. Heaths alternate with coastline and deep forests remind you of the stories around Robin Hood.

Hiking with view onto Ben Nevis

Pure walking bliss - from Cornwall in the South to the Highlands in the North

Great Britain’s popularity with hikers is not only due to the capital. With walking enthusiasts looking for something very special, walking holidays in Britain have been top of the list for a very long time. The reason being the combination of breathtaking scenery and cultural highlights, which set Great Britain apart from other destinations. This country demonstrates individual characters, which differ between regions. Sometimes it is the romantic scenery of cliff coast and sea along the Cornwall's Coastal Path inviting for a break. Sometimes the impressive churches, manor houses and Old English gardens fascinating visitors. And then again in a different location, say in Scotland, lakes such as Loch Ness and the rolling hills with an impressive expanse mesmerise. But no matter where your walking holiday takes you – Great Britain will remain in your memory for a long time after your walking holiday there.

Beautiful buildings on hiking trip in Cornwall

Along Shakespeare’s traces: Walking holidays on the island of the Union Jack

Eurohike walking holiday do not just take you anywhere, but to the most beautiful spots of the United Kingdom. Hand-picked routes will lead you past remarkable places, which you might have  dismissed by car. Another advantage of a Eurohike walking tour: the luggage transfer free of charge. Whilst you enjoy the walking holiday in Great Britain, your suitcase is already on the way to the next Day Finish. That way you have more time to simply enjoy the scenery.

In Cornwall, the most Southern area in Great Britain, you not only get to visit harbour towns but also sandy beaches and floral splendor. This is for all of you who cannot get enough of the unique panorama. The renowned Hadrian’s wall is surrounded by a remote landscape consisting of fields and moors. And during a tour along the ‚Great Glen Way’ you get to know the most beautiful lakes of Scotland.  

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