A hiking holiday in golden autumn

Extend summer with Eurohike

No season creates such desire for a hiking holiday as autumn. The leaves on the trees radiate the richest colours. The harvest is in progress in many places and you can taste the regional delicacies. The sun gives a last hurrah and shines with all its might. These and many more reasons speak in favour of an extended hiking holiday before the winter takes over again. At Eurohike you will find a selection of the most beautiful hiking tours in autumn!

Autumn festivals are the best reason to hike

In the golden season, nothing is better than drawing from the wealth of autumn. The splendour of nature is at its peak. That is probably the reason why many traditional festivals take place in autumn. The best opportunity, therefore, is to experience local traditions up close on a hiking holiday.

  • Grape harvest festivals in Austria, Germany and France: even our ancestors celebrated the harvest with exuberant festivals. Numerous hikes from Eurohike take you to the most beautiful wine regions and winegrowers in autumn. For example, the beautiful Wachau, Alsace or on the Rhine.
  • Törggelen in South Tyrol: Hardly anyone celebrates like the South Tyroleans! That is why Törggelen in autumn is a must for all those fascinated by local customs. The Törggelen celebrates the successful harvest – with grape cider, young wine and roasted chestnuts and speck. During your hiking holiday in South Tyrol, you can personally experience these autumn festivals.
  • Harvest Festival in Salzburger Land: From August to November Salzburger Land is all about the farming autumn. Old crafts and forgotten traditions are revived during this time. If you want to be part of a cattle drive, you only have the opportunity in autumn. A hiking holiday in the Salzburger Land is perfect for experiencing the farming autumn, as some pastures are only accessible on foot.
  • Oktoberfest in Bavaria: In addition to the big Oktoberfest in Munich, numerous other festivals are spread across the Free State of Bavaria. Under the blue and white flag, it celebrates itself properly – for example, in Erding or Rosenheim. The small Oktoberfest attract with rides and stalls for small hiking breaks. Hiking holidays in Bavaria are therefore very popular, especially in the autumn with great hiking moments.

Autumn hiking throughout Europe

Autumn shows its magnificent dress differently in every location. Sometimes its leaves are colourful, sometimes summer-like temperatures allow bathing. Now is the ideal season to extend the summer by a few days. In Southern Europe, there are wonderful hiking destinations in Italy, Spain, Portugal or even Greece with that special something. But also Great Britain, France and Ireland attract hikers, especially in autumn.

Hiking in the summer south: If you’re longing for summer temperatures in autumn, you are in the right place with a hiking holiday in the south. Island hiking on Mallorca is the culmination of the hiking year for many tourists. Even the Lycian Path in Turkey will be really nice again after the hot summer. Italy as a whole is worth an autumn hiking trip. If you allow a bit of warmth, the hiking tours in Puglia, Sicily or Sardinia are the right choice.

Charming France and Great Britain: Until October, the hiking regions of Great Britain shine in autumnal splendour. Therefore, Eurohike also offers numerous hiking tours in the UK, which will introduce you to the mystical island landscape. The popular hiking areas of France are very autumnal. In Alsace, one often wanders past rich orchards where harvesting takes place in the autumn. One more reason to take that holiday on foot.

Unique hiking experiences with Eurohike

Explore the most beautiful hiking trails in Europe and feel as light as a feather: no problem with Eurohike! Because when hiking without luggage you only need to carry your daypack with you. The suitcases are brought to the next hotel by Eurohike. Eurohike also takes care of everything that completes the hiking holiday: the booking of accommodation and the most beautiful routes.

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