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Pleasure, culture & culinary delights while hiking along the Danube

Multifaceted hiking paths, picturesque landscapes and the best of culinary pleasure ensure an all-round successful hiking holiday in the Danube region. You can expect just as many cultural sights along the routes as there are typical restaurants and taverns where you can strengthen yourself for the next hiking stage. The soothing murmur of the Danube, the second largest river in Europe, accompanies you on your hiking routes in this special travel destination in Austria.

Hiking trails to Dürnstein in the Wachau

Hiking holidays in the Wachau


World Heritage Trail Wachau

The hiking holiday in the Wachau combines wine, culture and nature in a very special way. The numerous vineyards typical of this region invite you to enjoy the varied delicacies. In addition, you will hike along the fantastic scenery of the Danube valley. All details about hiking on the World Heritage Trail Wachau.

World Heritage Trail Wachau With Charm

While hiking with charm, you can enjoy all the advantages of the Wachau with the picturesque apricot gardens and vineyards even more intensively. When hiking with charm you can enjoy all the advantages of the Wachau with the picturesque apricot gardens and vineyards even more intensively. You will spend the night in particularly charming hotels and accommodations with that certain extra of comfort. After your hike you can relax in the accommodations for the upcoming hiking stages. More information and all tour details about our hiking holiday World Heritage Trail Wachau with Charm, 8 days at a glance.

Useful information about your hiking holiday by the Danube

Hiking and wine in Lower Austria’s green heart

There are a few things you simply cannot avoid during a hiking holiday on the Danube: wine and juicy fruit. And that’s a good thing, because they are characteristic of the region between the cities of Melk and Krems. In the spring, summer and autumn especially, the Wachau is recommended. Be it the fragrant apricot blossoms, the shade under a vine-covered pergola, the wine tavern or the grape harvest later in the year. There’s nowhere else you can get closer to fine wines than the Wachau. In many parts the trails lead directly through the vineyards. With the wine region right in front of your nose, and the Danube at your feet, a hiking holiday cannot get any better.

Panoramic view of Dürnstein and the Danube

The Wachau: from vineyards, apricot groves and tavern culture

 In the Wachau they call taverns “Heuriger”, and apricots are called “Marillen”. These and even more quaint characteristics of this charming region in Lower Austria can be experienced during a hiking holiday. The Wachau has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2000 – and not without cause. Because the region in the Danube Valley is full of surprises that want to be explored. From the hidden vineyards to the ruins of Dürnstein, where Richard the Lionheart was once imprisoned. Hardly anywhere else hiking and wine come together as harmoniously as in the Wachau.

Vine and enjoyment on the hiking trail Wachau

Questions and answers about hiking holidays in the Danube region

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Our hiking tours on the Danube and on the World Heritage Trail Wachau can be booked from April to October.

A particularly beautiful experience in this region is a hiking holiday in spring or April, when you can enjoy the apricot blossom in the Wachau in full bloom.

  • Read more about the beginning of spring in the Wachau on our HikingBlog.

The fantastic hiking regions along the Danube and in the surrounding areas such as the Wachau offer perfect conditions for multi-day hiking holidays and the best hiking paths.

We offer these individual hiking tours and options for a short hiking holidays along the Danube and in the Wachau region:

All of our hiking holidays in the Danube region and in the Wachau are ideally suited for a hiking holiday with a dog. From the dog-friendly hotels to the paw-friendly hiking paths, our individual hiking holidays ensure an all-round successful holiday experience for two and four-legged friends.

  • Find out more information, dog-friendly hiking holidays and helpful tips for hiking with a dog.

There are two UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Danube region and in the Wachau:

  • The borders of the Roman Empire – Danube Limes (the western area)
  • The cultural landscape of the Wachau between Melk and Krems

The regions along the Danube and in the picturesque Wachau not only offer a wonderful landscape with the typical wine terraces and the beautiful nature, but also the best conditions for hiking and enjoying.

And enjoyment is guaranteed not to be neglected here on an individual hiking holiday. Whether delicious apricot dumplings with Wachau apricots, an excellent glass of wine from the Wachau or a tasty 'Brettljause' – enjoyment is at the top of the list when hiking on the Danube and in the Wachau. More inspiration about the topic ‚hiking and wine‘.

There are also cultural highlights worth seeing away from the hiking paths, such as Melk Abbey, a Benedictine abbey on the banks of the Danube. Either way, a hiking holiday in the Danube region will inspire you!

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