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Basic information about the South of France

The area in southern France includes all regions south of the 45th degree of latitude: Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Rhône-Alpes, Occitania, Languedoc-Roussillon, Aquitaine, Pays Basque and the island of Corsica. Spain and Andorra are on the southern border, Italy on the eastern border. Most regions of southern France not only have pleasantly mild temperatures all year round, but also experience a particularly contrasting natural landscape and wonderful hiking routes. From the typical lavender fields, picturesque villages, idyllic bays, elegant bathing resorts on the azure blue sea and the wonderful vineyards – southern France is not only impressive in terms of landscape, but also in culinary terms you will find a true gourmet paradise. Perfect conditions for a successful hiking holiday in nature, far away from the crowds of tourists. With our diverse route guidance, we offer the right form of active exercise in the fresh air for all experience and energy levels.

The most beautiful hiking holidays in southern France

Côte d'Azurr

A wonderfully mild climate, soothing rays of sunshine, mountains, sea and a pristine natural landscape – you will experience all this and much more on our hiking holiday Côte d'Azur, 8 days in southern France. In eight days and six daily stages, the journey takes you from Grasse via Vence to Menton. The varied hiking routes guarantee a lot of variety and can be mastered with a basic level of fitness. The starting point of your hiking holiday is the perfume capital Grasse and your first two daily stages lead you first to Pont du Loup and later to Courmes. The next day has something particularly worth seeing in store for you: in the morning you hike to the summit of the Courmettes, where a fantastic panorama over the Mediterranean awaits you. The following day the trail continues to the village of Saint-Jeannet and finally to the highest coastal village in Europe, Sainte-Agnès. Now the last stage of your hiking holiday is ahead: the wonderful hike to Menton, where you can have an enjoyable end to your holiday.

Picturesque Provence

Experience the beauty of the Provence on our walking holiday Picturesque Provence, 7 days. In five daily stages, the region in south-east France presents itself from its most colourful and diverse side. You start your hiking experience in Isle sur la Sorgue and hike to Gordes. The following day you will explore the Cistercian Abbey Abbaye Sénangue, built in 1148 and beautifully embedded in fragrant lavender gardens – a real highlight. The next day the route leads to Bonnieux, a small community in the Luberon. On the fifth day of your hiking holiday, you will go on the plateaus through truffle and oak plantations to your destination for the day, Buoux. On the sixth day, the last hike of your active holiday begins: a wonderful tour on the ridge of the Luberon with a wonderful view that extends as far as the Mediterranean in good weather. Our Eurohike team has organised a return transfer to Isle sur la Sourgue, where you can end your hiking holiday in a relaxed manner.

Collioure – Cadaquès

Collioure – Cadaquès

On our hiking holiday Collioure - Cadaquès, 7 days you walk over five daily stages accompanied by fantastic mountain and coastal panoramas from France to Spain. The starting point of your active holiday is Callioure on the Côte Vermeille. On the first day, the route takes you through the cork oak forests, Mediterranean scrub and vineyards to the charming seaside resort of Banyuls. The path leads you further over mountain ridges with impressive views on the second stage to Cerbère, located directly on the Spanish-French border. The next day we continue to Llançà in Spain. The following hiking stage has a particularly interesting highlight in store for you: the hike to the Benedictine monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes. Now the last day’s stage of your hiking holiday is already ahead – the route to the idyllic town of Cadaquès on the Costa Brava in Spain. An ideal place to end your hiking holiday in a relaxed manner.

  • Tour note: This individual hiking holiday offers you full flexibility and the opportunity to choose between a coastal or mountain hike every day.
Wonderful hiking paths along the coast

Our Eurohike moments in the South of France

  • Fragrant France: Right at the beginning of your hiking holiday Côte d'Azur, 8 days you will experience the wonderful scent of France in the perfume capital of Grasse. A visit to the factory and museum of the perfume manufacturer Fragonard is particularly recommended.
  • Picturesque film set: On our walking holiday Picturesque Provence, 7 days you will immerse yourself in a picturesque film set as soon as you arrive at your first stage destination. As in a picture book, the small village of Gordes awaits you, which has served as the setting for many Provence films.

Useful information about a hiking holiday in southern France

Facts and details

  • Location: In the South of France, located south of the 45th degree of latitude
  • Borders: South France borders Italy in the east, Spain and Andorra in the south. The northern border is mostly defined with the 45th degree of latitude.
  • Regions: Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, Rhône-Alpes, Occitania, Languedoc-Roussillon, Aquitaine, Pays Basque and the island of Corsica
  • Official language: French
  • Highest mountain: Pic du Canigou at 2,786 metres and located in the Pyrenees
  • Season: the best climate for hiking tours in southern France is from January/March to October/December, depending on the hiking tour booked and the region
  • Special feature: The regions in southern France are characterised by a particularly diverse landscape: extensive sandy beaches, imposing cliffs, idyllic bays and dreamlike islands.
Fantastic hiking trails along the coast

Climate in the South of France

The mild temperature in the South of France makes hiking holidays possible all year round. Around 300 days a year you will feel the soothing rays of the sun on your back and enjoy a typical Mediterranean climate. The steadiness of the weather is particularly advantageous, and you can look forward to the next hiking stage in good weather day after day. The spring months are characterised by very pleasant temperatures thanks to the influence of the high pressure from the more tropical regions. Even in summer you can enjoy stable and warm weather in southern France. Cooler air currents from the mountain regions provide the necessary cooling in summer. Autumn is also an ideal season for a successful break in the open air and the temperatures always reach a pleasant 20 degrees.

Cuisine in the South of France

The cuisine in the South of France is shaped by the influences of Catalan, Corsican, Basque and Provencal cuisine. In general, the culinary arts in France are based on the passing down and preservation of old traditions and culinary customs. A particularly well-known part of southern French cuisine are the herbs of Provence, which is composed of rosemary, thyme, oregano as well as marjoram and savory. A specialty that is just as strongly associate with the Mediterranean region is the olive tapenade made from green, black or Kalamata olives. A wonderful olive cream that is processed together with capers and anchovies to form a tasty, piquant paste that can be served as a spread or dip. One of the sweet specialties in southern France is the chickpea flatbread, socca, which is best enjoyed with the spices of Provence and fresh from the open oven. Likewise popular and Mediterranean-inspired dishes are, for example, salad niçoise, the ratatouille or the rich fish stew bouillabaisse. If you combine these wonderful specialties of the region with the particularly excellent wines from the South of France, a successful lunch or dinner is guaranteed.

Questions and answers about hiking holidays in the South of France

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Depending on the region, our hiking tours in the South of France can be booked from March to October or even all year round from January to December. All tour information and travel details can be found on the tour detail pages.

Southern France offers fantastic regions for a successful hiking tour in nature. Whether hiking along the turquoise coast along the Côte d'Azur, hiking past fragrant lavender fields in the Provence, or walking from Collioure to Cadaquès, a cross-border tour from France to Spain, there are many opportunities for hiking in southern France.

Experience the most beautiful places in southern France on our individual hiking tours with luggage transfer, such as:

Depending on the age of your children and the level of hiking of your preferred active holiday, a hiking tour in the South of France is also wonderful for hiking with children. On our tour detail pages you will find all information about the route, the daily walking times and the distance.

If you have any further questions our Eurohike travel specialists will be happy to assist you.

When hiking in southern France, many unique highlights await you that you will keep in mind for a long time. Immerse yourself in the perfume capital of Grasse on our walking holiday Côte d'Azur, 8 days and learn everything about the special nature of perfume production. Relax on our walking tour Collioure - Cadaquès, 7 days in Banyuls in the southernmost coastal resort of the country and let your soul dangle.

The enjoyment of southern France and the scent of the herbs from the Provence will accompany you on all our hiking tours. Provençal cuisine and excellent red wines await you on the walking holiday Picturesque Provence, 7 days. Wonderfully fresh fish, the typical olive tapenade or the famous and worldwide popular niçoise salad are waiting for you on our walking tour Côte d'Azur, 8 days. The cuisine in southern France will definitely convince all connoisseurs and gourmets.

The best thing about hiking in southern France? The mild climate and the many hours of sunshine ensure a pleasant hiking climate and the best conditions for spending time in the open air.

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