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Swimming with scenic attractions

It is precisely this long-gone era that we owe for the many wonderful bathing spots on all our hiking tours through the Alpine foothills. In addition, many cosy boat trips enrich the hiking programme. These rides have always been a welcome respite and of course there is also much to admire while sailing. As well as varied scenic attractions, you can look forward to many cultural attractions while hiking. Historical monuments, museums and monasteries scatter the country and adorn the walking routes. In addition, castles, palaces and ruins decorate the landscape. This results in beautiful photo opportunities.

Beautiful hiking tours in the Alpine foothills


Many rivers cross the Alpine foothills, including the Altmühltal. The slowest river in Bavaria accompanies you on your wonderful hiking trip on the Altmühltal-Panorama-Path. Hike along the panoramic path through pristine nature with gentle river valleys and views of rugged dolomite rocks. Culturally, everyone in this region gets their money’s worth. Numerous historical buildings and historical treasures still bear witness to the time of the Celts and Romans.

Hiking break with panoramic views on the Altmühl

Trans Tyrol

Because the landscapes that form the Alpine foothills are so different, there are no limits to the route. So in the foothills of the Alps, of course, there is something for those who enjoy a demanding trek within Eurohike’s offering. Explore the northern part of the Kalkalpen – the Karwendelgebirge - and its deeply cut valleys. On the Trans Tyrol beautiful mountain trails and a good selection of summit ascents await you.

Around Zugspitze

On the hiking trip Around Zugspitze water comes back into play. On this hiking trip, it’s all about the Zugspitze. There are incredible panoramas and a completely new view of Germany’s highest mountain.

Königssee, Chiemsee and Hochkönig

On the hiking tours Salzalpensteig 1From Lake Königssee to Lake Chiemsee and the Bavarian & Salzburg Alps further highlights of the Alpine foothills await: Königssee, Chiemsee and Hochkönig. Bavaria’s magical lakes are the classics par excellence! But even high up in the mountains highlights await you, because the huts on the lonely pristine pastures invite you to stop and taste the offerings.

Salzalpensteig 2

Salt is also a big topic on the foothills of the Alps. So you can wander from one eye-catcher to the next on the famous salt path – Salzalpensteig - Hiking Trail 2, 8 days. Cross the border between Germany and Austria and enjoy the winding mountain trails and full mountain splendour.


Our King-Ludwig-Way leads you along the footsteps of the famous King Ludwig II. At that time he already appreciated the advantages of the Alpine foothills. The idyllic natural landscape with rolling hills and quiet forest and meadow enchant today and make each hiking stage unique. Of course there is a lot to discover historically and culturally! Small villages, monasteries and not least the famous Neuschwanstein Castle are just a small taste of the many highlights of this hiking trip. You can experience this on our walking holiday King-Ludwig-Way, 8 days.

Munich Way of St James’s

On this typically Bavarian feel-good pilgrimage From Munich into Allgäu, you will discover the Bavarian capital, the castles of the fairy tale King Ludwig II and impressive natural beauty. Hobby hikers and pilgrims will feel at home on this hiking trip. Time and again inviting beer gardens with regional delicacies invite you to rest and in the evening Bavarian comfort paired with warm hospitality is on the programme.

Black Forest – Lake Constance

On the way from Titisee to Radolfzell many scenic features await you. Right at the beginning you can look forward to impressive views of the Titisee and the peaks of the Austrian and Swiss Alps. National parks criss-crossed by thundering waterfalls and romantic gorges create a very special magic over this region and provide pure wanderlust on the way from the Black Forest to Lake Constance.


This 8-day hiking trip begins at the southern end of the Wutach Gorge. In this region, the Black Forest shows off its wild and rough side and impresses with promising heights and mysterious depths. There’s a reason that the name of this hiking trip is  ’Schluchtensteig’ – you can expect spectacular hikes through gorges of all kinds.

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