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Basic information about the Burgundy

Located right in the heart of France, beautiful Burgundy is a true paradise for hikers. With around 660 hiking tours we can say with a clear conscience this is the ideal region to take a wonderful hiking holiday. These include around 588 hiking routes, 8 long-distance hiking trails and 64 pilgrimage trails. Added to this are wonderfully pleasant temperatures from March to November, the wonderful natural landscapes and the variety along the extensive hiking network. Burgundy offers the ideal conditions for a successful hiking holiday with Eurohike. The region also impresses with its particularly tasty cuisine and excellent wines, which will make your active tour an unforgettable experience. Experience the most comfortable form of active holiday on our tours in France – a hiking holiday with luggage transfer.

Wonderful walking views to wine rebs in Burgundy

The most beautiful hiking holidays in Burgundy


Our walking holiday Burgundy, 8 days is the ideal type of active holiday for all foodies. The daily stages lead over comfortable and good hiking trails, which are manageable with a basic level of fitness. There is always plenty time for a hiking break to explore the cultural highlights along the way and to taste the culinary delights. The starting point of your hiking tour is Baeune, the wine capital of the region. Your first day’s stage takes you first to Meursault, where you explore the beautiful region on a circular hike the following day. On the fourth day of your hiking tour, the route takes you to the market town of Nolay and the following day to Rully/Chassey le Camp. On the sixth day of your trip, a circular hike leads first to Montaigu Castle, through the vineyards and forests and finally to Mercurey. The destination of the last day’s stage is Beaune and from there you will return home with numerous wonderful memories.

  • Our tip: This hiking tour in Burgundy can also be experienced as a hiking holiday with a dog – the ideal active experience for two and four-legged friends.
Hiking in the wine region Burgundy

Our Eurohike moments in Burgundy

  • Wine indulgence in Pommard: On the first day’s stage of your walking holiday Burgundy, 8 days from Beaune to Mersault, the route takes you to the wine village of Pommard. A short hiking break is ideal here to taste the wonderful Burgundy wine.
  • Stroll through the old town of Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy, at the beginning or end of your walking holiday.
  • Time for culture: On the fourth day of your walking holiday you have the opportunity to visit the listed castle of the same name in the small town of La Rochepot.
Beautiful city Beaune as starting point for the hiking tour

Useful information about a hiking holiday in Burgundy

Facts and details

  • Location: In the centre of France
  • Area: 31,582m²
  • Population: 1.64 million
  • Capital: Dijon with approx. 155,114 inhabitants
  • Official language: French
  • Highest mountain: Mont Haut-Folin with a height of 901 metres
  • Season: The best climate for hiking tours in Burgundy is from March to November
  • Special features: The land in Burgundy has been fertile for thousands of years and serves the farmers as an ideal soil to grow wonderful vines. A particularly delicious product is the famous red Burgundy, an excellent wine that is also popular internationally.
Old abbeys and castles in hiking area Burgundy

Climate in Burgundy

Burgundy is characterised by a warm, temperate and continental climate. Our Eurohike walking holidays can be booked from March to November and, depending on your preferred travel time, you can experience the best that nature has to offer. In the spring months, Burgundy presents itself from a particularly beautiful side and the wine regions gleam in a lush green. The warm temperatures and the soothing rays of sun invite you to take long hikes. In summer, the beautiful hiking routes in Burgundy can be explored just as wonderfully and the temperatures remain at a stable, pleasant level. A colourful sea of flowers awaits all active holidaymakers hungry for exercise in autumn, because right now is the time when the landscape is picture perfect – simply wonderful, a hiking holiday with luggage transfer in Burgundy.

Hiking break and sightseeing in France

Cuisine in Burgundy

From the wonderful red Burgundy, the Bœuf bourguignon, the Dijon mustard to the snails – Burgundy is home to numerous world-famous delicacies and French specialties. In general, the area in Burgundy is characterised by agriculture and the regions of the Côte de Nuits and Côte de Beaune are particularly well known for viticulture and are home to the most important vineyards in the whole world. The red Burgundy not only plays an important role in regional cuisine as a wine, it is also used in numerous dishes such as Bœuf bourguignon, a tasty stew with beef. Another delicacy in Burgundy are the snails which are served with a fresh baguette and eaten on special occasions. Freshwater fish dishes such as pauchouse, a fish soup with white wine sauce, are also typical dishes of the region. You will always be spoiled with culinary delights in Burgundy.

Hiking break with wine

Questions and answers about hiking holidays in Burgundy

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The mild climatic conditions allow hiking in the fresh air in Burgundy from March to November.

Picturesque Burgundy offers beautiful hiking routes, good hiking paths and plenty of opportunities for a delightful break in one of the wineries along the way. Especially in the area between Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy, and Rully/Chassey le Camp, Burgundy presents itself from its most beautiful side. You can experience this region on our walking holiday Burgundy, 7 days.

In Burgundy we organise the following individual hiking tour with luggage transfer:

Discover even more interesting facts, tour suggestions and details about hiking in France.

Our walking holiday in Burgundy, 7 days is assigned to the level of hiking ‚moderate walking‘. You explore the beautiful regions of Burgundy by means of leisurely hiking tours and on good hiking paths, which can be easily mastered with a bit of fitness. Due to the good routing and paw-friendly hiking paths, this hiking tour is also ideal for a hiking holiday with a dog.

Nature, wine, indulgence and wonderful moments of tranquility – that and much more awaits you on a hiking holiday in Burgundy. A special highlight of the region is the red Burgundy wine, which you should definitely try during your hiking tour. Burgundy is also known for its culinary specialties such as the piquant beef stew, the bœuf bourguignon, the fish soup Pauchouse, or the popular Dijon mustard.

Aside from the culinary delights, there are also a lot of cultural highlights to discover. Start your hiking tour with a stroll through the old town of the wine capital of Beaune or a visit to the Hôtel-Dieu museum. In Saint Romain you can visit the ruins of the castle or the church, in La Rochepot the castle with the same name and listed as a historical monument.

Did you know that there are around 588 hiking routes and eight long-distance paths in Burgundy? What a wonderful region in France for a successful walking holiday with luggage transfer.

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