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Mediterranean hiking paradise - Central and Southern Italy
Picturesque costal views in Sardinia

Walking holiday between mountains and the sea

The names of the regions located between the Padan Plain and Apulia sound just like out of an Italian fairy tale: Amalfi, Cinque Terre, Piedmont, Liguria, Sardinia and Sicily are the headliners with their picturesque locations along the varied Eurohike walking routes. There are seven Eurohike tours running between the North of Italy and the Ionian Sea in Central and Southern Italy. They combine everything that is a must for a sublime hiking holiday: finest hiking bliss, glorious panoramas, culture and Mediterranean cuisine.

A typical Sardinian Cuile in Golgo

This is how multifarious Central and Southern Italy presents itself to hikers

With a bit of imagination the typical boot-shaped outline of Italy can change into the contour of a hiking boot. Next to the usual highlights such as the sea, wine and pizza Italy has also discovered hiking as a ‚tourist magnet’ in the last few years. Apart from South Tyrol, which has been a hiking hotspot for a long time now, also Central and Southern Italy have now become ideal regions for easy to moderate hiking holidays.

Particularly exciting is the course of numerous hiking routes in Italy: formerly beaten tracks for mules  are now transformed into the hiking paths of today. Unique views included! If you have only experienced Italy the ‚classic’ way, you will love discovering it on foot. You walk past jagged cliff coasts, distinctive chains of hills and vineyards. They are all views and insights which you only experience afoot.

Pictorial region Langhe

The most beautiful hiking holidays in Italy

Who would have guessed that apart from South Tyrol Italy has to offer a dense network of picturesque hiking paths? Each hiking tour has its very own nature and all of them reveal Italy from its best perspective. After all with Eurohike a hiking holiday is particularly comfortable. Our luggage transfer ensures that at each Day Finish your bags are waiting for you at the next accomodation. That way you save time and energy – and it allows you to enjoy the hiking routes to the fullest.

Break at the ligurian coast

Cinque Terre: The West of Italy is particularly appealing in Liguria. The multicoloured  houses of the Cinque Terre appear even more colourful in reality than on any picture postcard. During seven days of this hiking holiday between Camogli in the North and Portovenere in the South picturesque highlights are in store for you.

Leisurely walking in the Piedmont region: Friends of culinary delights are going to get their money’s worth during a walking holiday in the Piedmont. A place where truffels, risotto, cheese and fine wines are literally celebrated, your seven days of walking will just fly by.

Campania’s Amalfi Coast: fragrant lemongroves, glistening sea, little towns that appear just as if they were painted: this is the Amalfi coast. You are guaranteed fantastic far-reaching views during your hiking holiday between Agerola and San Domenico.  

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We are happy to answer your questions regarding hiking tours in Southern Italy as well as our services and service packages! This also includes other Eurohike hiking regions such as Austria or Germany!

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Hiking tours in Southern Italy

Hiking along the coast of Liguria
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Mountain Walking

Piedmont - Liguria

8 Days | Self-guided tour
The Riviera coast runs along northern Italy and to the world of the rich and beautiful – Monaco. Start in Langhe/Piedmont, which is also known as the gourmet region of Italy. The hiking tour will impress with a contrasting landscape: through romantic vineyards and along the Riviera coast of Liguria. You will also discover the snow-capped Maritime Alps, the impressive Monte Rosa massif and the turquoise blue coast. It will make any hiker’s heart sing! Details about the hiking tour in Piedmont - Liguria Colourful paths and Mediterranean vegetation unite in the Riviera of Flowers. During this eight-day mountain tour you will wander through different towns and villages. You will reach the ‘Alta Langa’ on old hiking trails. Fragrant flowers as far as the eye can see and an impressive panoramic view lines the route. You continue along the ridge, past sheep herds and onto Murazzano. Tip: Taste the famous sheep milk cream cheese! After your arrival in San Remo you can rest your tired feet as you sip a glass of wine and enjoy the scent of the culinary delicacies as they fill the nose. What more could you want? Highlights of the mountain journey through Piedmont – Liguria: Gourmet tour of the regions’ specialities: In vino veritas! Experience true pleasure on a tasting tour through the vineyards and numerous wine shops. Tip: Treat yourself to a glass of world-famous Barolo. Medieval places with historical centres: Villages such as Monforte, Roddino and Serravalle are on your hiking route. These all have picture postcard charm! A programme of contrasts: The snow-capped Alps in Piedmont and the sunny Riviera on the Ligurian coast provide impressive contrasts. Useful information about the hiking tour through Piedmont - Liguria You start your eight-day mountain hiking trip in Alba (Piedmont) where you begin your gourmet tour along the Riviera. Alba already seduces connoisseurs with its lovely old town and countless Piedmontese specialities. Over the next stages of the Langhe you hike on hilly gravel, forest and field paths through vineyards and on stony paths. For some short passages you need sure-footedness. Each trail lasts about five hours, with an average of 15 kilometres per day. Does this sound like just the right hiking trip for you? Then book your next holiday along the Ligurian Sea. The experienced Eurobike team will be glad to help you with the planning!
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