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A hiking tour between the mountains and the sea

The names of the regions between the Po plain and Apulia sound like an Italian fairy tale: AmalfiCinque TerrePiedmontSardinia and Sicily are the main characters on the varied walking routes from Eurohike. Between the north of Italy and the Ionian Sea there are several Eurohike tours in central and southern Italy. They combine everything that belongs to a wonderful hiking holiday: the finest hiking enjoyment, fantastic panoramas, culture and Mediterranean cuisine.

Picturesque costal views in Sardinia

The most popular walking tours in central and southern Italy


Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre enchants in every way. Colourful houses line the cliffs on the coast, with untouched nature behind. The hike takes you on donkey tracks through olive groves and vineyards from Camogli to Portovenere.

Campania’s Amalfi Coast

Campania – the happy landscape. The Amalfi Coast was loved by the Romans for its breathtaking landscapes. Discover highlights such as the Monte Tre Calli on your journey and experience one of the most beautiful coasts in the world.

Sardinia's East Coast

Along Sardinia’s east coast in the Orosei National Park, this hiking tour takes you to glistening blue bays and rugged shores. From Santa Maria Navarrese you will reach Monte Irveri, where you will enjoy an incredible view of Sardinia and the Gulf of Orosei, surrounded by the scent of the Maccia flower.

Sicily & Aeolian islands

Here, Italy shows of a completely different side. You can visit the Aeolian Islands, each of which holds fascinating secrets. Unique views of the diverse landscape of Mount Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world, and the famous Amphitheatre in Taormina, high above the Ionian Sea, will enchant you.

Useful information about hiking holidays in Sicily

Facts and figures about Sicily

  • Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean
  • The coastline is 1152 kilometres
  • The capital of Sicily is Palermo
  • Sicily has its own language – Sicilian. It’s a mixture of Italian, Arabic and Greek.
  • Approximately 5 million people live on the island.
View of the mysterious island of Vulcano in the fog

The climate in Sicily

Sicily has a Mediterranean climate. This means very warm, rather dry summers and mild, wet winters. The interior of the island is usually a bit cooler than in the coastal regions. In the south, the wind that blows from the Sahara can reach over 40 degrees Celsius. There is hardly any rainfall between May and September – so perfect hiking weather is guaranteed!

Hiking break with sea view from the edge of the crater on Vulcano

Landscape of Sicily

It’s hardly flat on Sicily – the island consists of more than 80% mountain and hill country. Originally, the island was covered in many forests, but many have been cleared over time. But don’t worry! Despite the reduction in forest areas, the island hosts an incredible wealth of diverse and beautiful plant species, many unique and only found there. There area also a variety of colourful corals, exotic fish and crustaceans in the sea. There are three species of tortoise here, keep your eyes peeled, you might catch a glimpse!

Breathtaking hiking trails on the island of Vulcano


Mount Etna is the largest and most active volcano in Europe. This is not to be overlooked, because again and again clouds of smoke rise from the crater. Nevertheless, the highest mountain in Sicily is a mighty sight. In darker light conditions the lava shines deep red and orange inside the volcano. The giant is very special. In Greek and Roman mythology, the volcano plays an important role. It is there as a workshop for Hephaestus (Roman Vulcanus), god of fire and blacksmithing.


Lonely hiking trails along the black lava fields of Mount Etna

Cuisine on Sicily

Sicily’s cuisine is different – unlike well-known Italian food, the native people influenced the culinary art here. In the interior of the island there are different meals to the coastal regions. But they all have one thing in common – a love for food! Whether fresh seafood, pasta with intense spices or Mediterranean vegetables – Sicily has it all! The Sicilians aren’t only fans of hot food, however. They see themselves as the inventor of ice cream, what could be better on a hot summers day than a fresh fruity ice cream?

Golden hour

Useful information about hiking holidays in Sardinia

Facts and figures about Sardinia

  • Approximately 1,650,000 inhabitants live on the island
  • The capital of Sardinia is Cagliari
  • The coasts are 1848.6 kilometres long
  • Sardinia is considered a nature reserve. Thousands of rare animal and plant species live here and are protected.
  • The production of wine and pecorino cheese is of great importance here.
Hiking along beautiful costs

The climate in Sardinia

Sardinia’s climate is dominated by the winds that travel across the island and is therefore largely Mediterranean. This means mild winters and very warm to hot summers with little rainfall. It is especially warm on the southwest coast if the island. Inland, there is a mountain range on which snow falls in winter. The climate of the island is therefore somewhat location-dependent.

Coast experience in Sardinia

Lovely scented blossom in Macchia Landscape of Sardinia

If you go hiking in Sardinia, you will never cease to be surprised! There’s a reason the whole island is a nature reserve, home to many native plants and animals. So you don’t hike and watch from afar – you’re right in the middle. The landscape offers many special features the pristine sandy beaches and turquoise sea are a true dream.

Scented blossom in Macchia

Cuisine on Sardinia

The island of a thousand festivals – that’s Sardinia. This is because the inhabitants of the island have always had to work very hard, so distraction was good. Hardly a month passes without a Sardinian feast. And the most delicious dishes are served at these celebrations. Sheep cheese is a speciality here, but the Sardinian’s also have a talent for baking bread. The Pane Carasau is a thin flatbread that shouldn’t be missed as an accompaniment to the main course!

Fish platter

Questions and answers about hiking holidays in central and southern Italy

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Due to the mild climatic conditions, hiking in central and southern Italy can be experienced from March / April to November respectively.

The picturesque islands and coastal regions are ideal for an individual hiking holiday in central and southern Italy. Whether in Sardinia, on the Amalfi Coast, in Sicily or in the Cilento – a hiking holiday in these dreamlike regions of Italy ensures a relaxing break.

You can experience these individual hiking tours in central and southern Italy.

Italy is home to a total of 58 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Many of them are located in central and southern Italy, such as:

  • The National Park of Cilento and Vallo di Diano (with the archaeological sites of Paestum and Elea, as well as the Padula Charterhouse)
  • The Aeolian Islands or Aeolian Islands
  • Etna (highest mountain on a Mediterranean island and also the most active volcano in the world)
  • The Arabic-Norman Palermo and the Cathedrals of Cefalù and Monreale
  • The archaeological sites of Agrigento
  • The Villa Romana del Casale
  • The Necropolis of Pantalica
  • The Palace of Caserta
  • The Bay of Naples
  • The Amalfi Coast

Plenty of cultural and culinary highlights await you when hiking in central and southern Italy. Especially the natural landscapes and hiking in the coastal areas will remain in your memory for a long time.

On an island hiking tour you can siscover the island of Sicily, which is also the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. On this island, there are numerous sights and UNESCO World Heritage sites. The most active volcano in the world is also located here – the Mount Etna.

When hiking on the Amalfi Coast you will be accompanied by fantastic coastal views, turquoise bays and the scent of fresh lemons, simply unique!

The almost 2,000 km long coast on Sardinia is just waiting to be discovered while hiking. Not only the landscape is particularly impressive, but also the cuisine and the typical Italian flair ensure an all-round relaxing active holiday in Italy.

More popular hiking regions in Italy

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