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Walking in Piedmont – an insider tip in Italy

Piedmont borders France and Switzerland and is known for its exceptionally tasty food and wine. In the northwest of Italy, this region impresses with a picturesque backdrop and the best hiking conditions. Framed by the highest peaks and glaciers in the Alps, wide valleys and gentle vineyards open up. But not only the wonderful nature will inspire you. Excellent wines and exquisite cuisine await you in Piedmont, perfect for active gourmets!

Vineyards of Alba

The most beautiful hiking tours in Piedmont


Piedmont – Liguria

From the heart of Piedmont to the coast: this varied hiking tour takes you to medieval villages, spectacular panoramas and finally to the turquoise blue sea. You will enjoy the traditional Italian cuisine and specialities as they only exist in Piedmont.


On your hiking trip you not only have the opportunity to discover the most beautiful corners of Piedmont, but also to get to know the culinary delights. You can expect many pleasurable highlights, from the noble Alba truffle over creamy risotto to a freshly brewed cappuccino.

Useful information about your hiking holiday in Piedmont

Hiking paths in Piedmont

The Piedmont region is a paradise for hikers as most of the hiking paths are in good condition. From gravel roads to asphalted sections, to forest- and meadow paths, the Piedmont hills offer varied hiking routes with magnificent views. The paths are not well-trodden here, and you are guaranteed a quiet tour away from the tourist crowds.

Vineyards in Piedmont

Cuisine: A region for foodies

Those who enjoy good food and wine are in the right place in Piedmont! Here meals are celebrated: you eat a lot, slowly and above all well. The wine comes directly from the vineyards in the area, as well as the high quality food. Among them, for example, is the white truffle – one of the most expensive foods in the world. If you are not a fan of it, you will fall in love with the meat and cheese at least!

Barolo wine bottles

The weather in Piedmont

The mild weather of Piedmont benefits hikers. The cold season is similar to that in Austria, in summer it is milder than the south of Italy. The average temperature in midsummer is 28 ° with an average of 8 hours of sunshine per day. So it’s perfect for those who want to take a tour here, because it’s easily accessible from spring to autumn.

Hikers in Piedmont

Did you know…

  • that the headquarters of the company – and Nuttella inventors, Ferrero is located in Alba in Piedmont?
  • …that the word ‘Piedmont’ comes from the Latin “ad pedem montium’ – i.e. at the foot of the mountains?

  • …that the very first university in the world was founded in the city of Bra in Piedmont?
  • …that five different languages are spoken in Piedmont, namely Italian, Piedmontese, Occitan, Franco-Provencal and Walser German?

The most beautiful cities in Piedmont

  • Turin – the capital of the Piedmont region
  • Asti – the hometown of sweet Italian DOCG sparking wine
  • Barolo – the growing area of the famous red wine of the same name
  • Alba – home of the white truffle
  • Vercelli – the city with the largest European rice growing area
  • Alessandria – the city in the Po Valley
Hiking in the idyllic Millesimo

Questions and answers about hiking holidays in Piedmont

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Hiking in Piedmont is perfect from April to October.

Experience the Piedmont from its most beautiful side on our individual hiking holidays:

The duration of the daily stages of our walking holiday in Piedmont is about five to six hours. The route follows good hiking paths, through picturesque vineyards and idyllic forest areas. With a bit of basic fitness, this hiking tour becomes a wonderful active experience.

Depending on the age of your children, this walking holiday is also suitable for hiking with kids. If you have any further questions, our Eurohike travel specialists will be happy to assist you.

When hiking in Piedmont, not only dreamy landscapes and quiet hiking paths await you. This region is a paradise for real connoisseurs, especially when it comes to culinary delights. Whether in the truffle capital of Alba, in the wine town of Barolo or in Cravanzana, the center of hazelnut production – these multifaceted areas provide plenty of moments of pleasure. There are also numerous cultural sights to be discovered when hiking in Piedmont.

Did you know that the Langhe-Roero region is a UNESCO World Heritage Site? In this area are the vines of the best and most exclusive wines in the world.

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