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In the family hiking rhythm in Italy

If you talk about a successful hiking holiday that truly has the right experience for every active holidaymaker, then you are in good hands in northern Italy. South Tyrol guarantees plenty of feel-good moments for young and old. Because the mountains in this region have a lot to offer: after all, a large part of the Alps belongs to northern Italy. The highest Italian mountain is the Gran Paradiso with a height of over 4,000 metres, only beaten by Monte Bianco or Mont Blanc, as it is called outside of Italy. Even if hikers with kids are not out and about in alpine terrain, these facts clearly show why South Tyrol is a hiking paradise. There are also countless hiking paths for families, always accompanied by wonderful views of the massive mountains. The mild climate promises a wonderful family holiday experience on a hiking holiday without luggage in Italy.

Walking tours with kids in South Tyrol

Hiking experiences for families in South Tyrol

Even if our family trips do not lead to the highest mountains and peaks, the views of these are of course your loyal companions on hiking holidays in South Tyrol. In particular, the Waalwege in the Vinschgau, which traditionally served to irrigate the fertile orchards and vineyards, are perfect for discovering the beauty of South Tyrol with children on a hiking holiday in South Tyrol for families, 8 days and South Tyrol for families, 7 days. The paths are particularly varied and easy to master. The Dolomites, consisting of 18 peaks, which can be found in north-eastern Italy, each a considerable height of over 3,000 metres. With Eurohike an unforgettable hiking trip for families in South Tyrol is guaranteed.

Useful information for families

Glittering lakes, impressive mountain landscapes and the lively babbling of numerous rivers – if you combine the wonderful nature with the Mediterranean atmosphere, a great hiking holiday for families is guaranteed. At Eurohike we have summarised why Italy, especially the beautiful region of South Tyrol, is the ideal holiday destination for hiking families:

  • Home for mountain lovers: a large part of the Alps belongs to Italy, which is why this country can also call impressive mountains its own. Excellent conditions for picture perfect views await you on our Eurohike family hiking tours.
  • Lake idyll: apart from the sea, Italy also has a great lake landscape to offer, such as the Lake Reschensee or the Lake Kalterer-See.
  • Great climate: from the north to the south, the mild climate in Italy offers ideal conditions for hikers and there are always a few pleasant hours of sunshine for families.

  • Feasting in Italy: Italian cuisine is undoubtedly one of the most influential cuisines in the world. And there’s a reason why the most famous Italian dishes are on the top of every child’s list.
  • Attitude to life: the typical ‘Dolce far niente’ also known as ‘sweet idleness’ speaks for the true spirit of the Italians. Somehow everything is a little more relaxed here. And that not only affects the mood of the adults – the children will also be relaxed on a holiday in Italy.
  • Endless nature: there are 24 national parks in Italy with a total area of 15,000 square kilometres. The Italians themselves are also close to nature.
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