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The most beautiful hiking holidays with a dog in Italy

From Meran to Lake Garda

This hiking route promises the best of both worlds, starting from the historic spa town of Meran to Lake Garda. From the impressive Dolomites, along the South Tyrolean Wine Route and on to Lake Garda, where you will meet Mediterranean flair. Our Eurohike hiking holiday from Meran to Lake Garda, 8 days offers the perfect holiday experience for you and your four-legged friend. Even more comfort for people and animals awaits you on our hiking holiday from Meran to Lake Garda with Charm, 8 days.

Hiker looks out over the magnificent Molveno Lake

South Tyrolean Wine & Alpine Pasture Trail

A fantastic active adventure awaits you and your dog on our hiking holiday South Tyrolean Wine & Alpine Pasture Trail, 7 days. In five daily stages, the journey takes you from Meran via Nals to Bolzano, on to Mölten and back to Meran. Along the entire route, you and your four-legged friend will be accompanied by picturesque vineyards and apple orchards, wonderful views and peaceful alpine landscapes. You will experience an impressive panorama on the Mölten circular hike on the fifth day of your hiking tour, where you explore the ‘Stone Mandln’ high above the clouds. In any case, there is enough time to try the typical South Tyrolean delicacies. Do you have a few days off and would like to spend them together with your four-legged friend in the beautiful nature of South Tyrol? Then our short hiking holiday South Tyrolean Wine & Alpine Pasture Trail, 4 days, is exactly the right option.

Wandern mit Hund in Südtirol

Lake Reschen – Lake Kalterer-See

Our hiking holiday Lake Reschensee – Lake Kalterer-See, 9 days combines the best of both hiking regions around the Vinschgau and the southern wine route. The route leads on well-paved hiking trails and wonderful high-altitude trails on the former traders path, the Via Claudia Augusta, starting from Reschen to Burgeis, Schluderns and finally to Schlanders where you reach the wonderful Vingschau apple orchards. The hiking tour takes you to Naturns and the following day to the Mediterranean spa town of Meran. The next day you hike along the longest Waalweg in South Tyrol, the Marlinger Waalweg to the apple metropolis of Lana and on to Nals. The last stage of your hiking tour has another wonderful active experience in store: you walk past castles and palaces on high trails with impressive views of the Adige Valley to the Lake Kalterer-See, one of the warmest swimming lakes in the Alps. Wonderful inns for foodies and that special extra comfort await you on our hiking holiday Lake Reschensee – Lake Kalterer-See with Charm, 9 days. The slightly shorter hiking holiday Lake Reschensee – Meran, 7 days and the hiking holiday Lake Reschensee – Meran with Charm, 7 days offer equally enjoyable experiences.

Hiker on the way to Lake Kalterer See

From Lake Garda to Venice

You will experience an equally impressive active experience in the midst of the Northern Italian natural landscape with your dog on our hiking holiday from Lake Garda to Venice, 8 days. The starting point of the hike is Riva del Garda, where you can get the mood for the typical Italian flair as soon as you arrive. The route from Pietramurata to Trento, Levico Terme, on to Bassano del Grappa and finally to Venice are varied, easy to walk and always lead along lakes, forest areas and river – ideal for a successful hiking holiday with your dog. You and your four-legged friend can expect even more enjoyment and charm on our hiking holiday from Lake Garda to Venice with Charm, 8 days.

Hiker with panoramic views of Lake Garda

Our Eurohike moments while hiking with a dog in Italy

  • Enjoy the culinary delights of South Tyrol: You have plenty of opportunities to enjoy typical South Tyrolean specialties on our hiking holiday Lake Reschensee – Lake Kalterer-See, 9 days. From South Tyrolean speck, wine, apples, Schüttelbrot or the dumplings – there is something to suit every taste.
  • A visit to the home of grappa: On your hiking holiday from Lake Garda to Venice, 8 days the route takes you to the home of the popular pomace brandy. After a short tasting, you should definitely visit the famous wooden bridge Ponte degli Alpini.

Useful information about hiking with a dog in Italy

Facts & Details

  • Hiking regions: Especially the beautiful regions in northern Italy such as South Tyrol, the area around Lake Garda and Venice offer exactly the right opportunities for a successful hike with a dog.
  • Area: 301,340 km² (South Tyrol has an area of ​​7,400 km²)
  • Population: 60.36 million inhabitants throughout Italy (520,891 of these people live in South Tyrol)
  • Capital: Rome with approx. 2.87 million inhabitants
  • Official language: Italian
  • Highest mountain: At 4,223 meters, the Castor is the highest mountain in Italy and its slightly lower and western “brother” the Pollux, is actually on Swiss territory.
  • Season: The best climate for hiking tours with dogs in Italy is from April or May to October, depending on the individual hiking holiday.
  • Special feature: You can enjoy a nice break on a hiking holiday in Italy from spring onwards. Even in the warmer summer months or in autumn, you can experience the regions from a particularly beautiful side with plenty of opportunities for a hiking break and easy-to-walk and low-traffic routes - also ideal for your four-legged companion
Signpost at the circular walk in Mölten

Questions and answers about hiking with a dog in Italy

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The regions in Italy not only offer hikers the perfect opportunity for an active break in the great outdoors. Italy is also a wonderful hiking destination for dogs. Our selected Eurohike hiking holidays in Italy, marked with a paw, are guaranteed to be dog-friendly and will guide you and your four-legged friend on well-maintained hiking paths and trails.

If you want to take your dog to Italy, you need the following documents / vaccination for your dog:

  • EU pet passport
  • Microchipping your dog
  • Proof of a valid rabies vaccination (the first dose must have been given at least 21 days before the trip)
  • Note: Puppies up to 12 weeks old are not allowed into Italy. Puppies may only enter Italy at the age of 15 weeks and with valid proof of rabies vaccination.

In Italy the muzzle only has to be carried along. However, the dog has to wear it only if requested. Please keep the muzzle ready at hand at all times.

Your dog may be checked when entering Italy. Therefore please carry the EU pet passport for your dog with you. The card contains your dog’s microchip number and information about the rabies vaccination. You must also be noted as an accompanying person on the ID card.

Please inform yourself about the relevant regulations in your holiday destination before you start your journey.

Dogs are generally allowed on Lake Garda. Our selected Eurohike hiking holidays marked with a paw ensure that all accommodations and hotels are dog-friendly. Our Eurohike travel specialists will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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Italy offers wonderful hiking trails for a successful hiking holiday with your dog!

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