A summer hiking holiday

Hiking and summer: the perfect duo
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The most beautiful hiking holidays for hot days

The summer is perfect for long mountain tours or a hiking holiday in cooler climes. When the thermometer indicates temperatures above 30 degrees, mountain breaks are the way to go. In summer, the hiking destinations of Europe reach their peak: everything is in bloom, the sky is clear and evenings can be spent with a glass or two of wine on the hotel terrace. Eurohike has the most beautiful hiking trails to suit every taste. From intensive mountain tours to hiking holidays by the sea to hiking days with cultural highlights – there is something to suit every wish.


Britain and Brittany: a summer dream for hikers

Consistent temperatures, one cultural highlight after another and an impressive landscape: this makes a walking holiday in Britain or Brittany so memorable. These regions have their own unique charm, but both are ideal summer hiking destinations.

Magical Brittany: The strong wind on the cliffs of north-east France will definitely suit you in summer! Because a hiking holiday in Brittany seduces with gorgeous coastlines such as the Côte de Granit Rose or the Golêo coast. In addition to the impressive tides, you will get a deep insight into the lives of the people in the French coastal area: from vegetable cultivation to fishing and the hustle and bustle of the weekly markets.

Summer adventures in Britain: Scotland, England and Wales – every region is different, yet combines the typical British charm. If you spend a hiking holiday in the UK during the summer, you will return home with many memories. Whether it is the rolling hills of the Cotswolds or the romantic coasts of Cornwall: Great Britain is worth a trekking trip, especially in summer.

Summer break while hiking

The mountains of Austria, Germany and Switzerland are the perfect places to escape the summer heat. Gentle breezes, fantastic views over the mountain peaks and culinary delights are guaranteed for hikers. The mountain hikes here require a bit more fitness than for pleasure hikes, but are rewarded with impressive views. Every day, hikes of between four and six hours are covered. Take a look at the selected mountain hikes, which are particularly well suited for the summer months.

Mountain tours in Austria: In the ‘Land of mountains’, Austria, there are plenty of summits to climb and alpine pastures to visit. Be it in Tyrol, Salzburg or Carinthia: demanding mountain hiking tours await you in many regions of the Alpine country. For a long hiking holiday in summer, the Eurohike team recommends the new long-distance trail Salzalpensteig. The Dachstein High Mountain Trail is also ideal for a summer hiking tour, and impresses with its natural landscapes. Every day the mountain scenery greets you on hikes between the Salzburg peaks and Kitzbühel Alps.

Germany’s challenging hikes: Eurohike hiking holidays can also be found in the lofty heights of Germany. In the Chiemgau Alps you hike between the panoramas of mountains and lakes, while the Black Forest captivates you in its mystical spell. On the Rheinsteig you hike from Mainz to Koblenz, past vineyards and castles. Culinary delights are guaranteed!

Switzerland in summer: The Grison Alps, Ticino, Grisons or the Gotthard massif – there’s hardly another country that has so many unique alpine places as Switzerland. Once you have climbed the mountains, a cool breeze blowing over the peaks is sure to energize you. Ideal conditions for a hiking holiday in summer!

Book summer hiking holidays with Eurohike

There are almost no limits to the possibilities of how to spend an active hiking holiday in summer. The hiking holidays from Eurohike offer varied tours and the usual service. This includes the booking of accommodation, and of course the popular luggage service. This ensures that your bags are already waiting for you when you arrive at the next hotel. In addition, your walks in the most beautiful places are safe, because every tour is regularly checked by Eurohike hiking experts.

Let the Eurohike team help you choose your next summer holiday!

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