The Classic: Walking holiday in the Tyrol

Austria: hiking holidays with a storybook ending

Hand on heart: if you think about hiking in Austria there is one place that immediately pops into your head: the Tyrol. Snow-capped mountain peaks, lush alps and the unique charm of the people there. Hence Eurohike naturally offers hiking tours with various levels of difficulty all across the Tyrol.

There are holidays for everyone, from leisurely walkers to challenging trekking tour-enthusiasts. What they all have in common is the comfortable way to enjoy your holiday: your luggage will be transported from one hotel to the next and will always be there before you arrive.

Panorama with view of the mountains and hinking paths

The Tyrol: hiking paradise in Austria

A saying goes: ‚If you embark on a journey, you always have plenty to tell afterwards.’ There would be a lot to tell regarding the topic of ‚the Tyrol’. Starting with the picturesque scenery located between mountains and valleys for instance. Or the breaks on a wooden bench amidst unspoilt nature. Not to forget the culinary delights, which are hearty, since the Tyroleans have a reputation to be hungry all the time. Tyrolean ‚Käsespätzle’, smoked ham and Schnaps are only a few of the regional specialities. Served with a heart-felt smile the most simple slice of buttered bread can taste like a Michelin-starred dish.

Hiker in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Walking tours in the cordeal Tyrol

Another characteristic Tyrolean feature is the cordiality. You arrive as a guest and depart as a friend. And this is not just because of the one or two shots of pear spirit you have enjoyed with one another. It is the scenery, which has this joyful effect on the locals. Densely wooded mountain slopes and peaks, which remain snow-capped even during summer, sum up the charm of the Tyrol. During your trekking tour between mountains and valleys you get the chance to get some peace and recharge your batteries. The comfortable mountain huts and accommodations do one last thing and transform you trip into a perfect holiday experience.

Experience the Tyrol as fast or as leisurely as you please. Only you determine the pace of your hiking holiday. So you have plenty of freedom during the day to enjoy the surroundings, Eurohike takes your luggage directly to your next accommodation on a daily basis.

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We are happy to answer your questions regarding hiking routes in the Tyrol as well as our services and service-packages! Naturally this also applies for other Eurohike hiking regions such as the beautiful Salzkammergut region!

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