Hiking holidays in spring

A good start to the hiking year: a spring hiking holiday
Iking break with panoramic views of the mountain Puig de l'Ofre

Enjoy the first rays of sunshine while hiking

As soon as the first signs of spring start to pop out of the ground, hikers start to get excited about heading out into nature. No wonder, because spring signals the departure of winter and points to new beginnings. Starting in March, numerous hiking regions will show off their colourful side – and allow for unique experiences! There is, for example, the orange blossom in Mallorca, which can only be admired between February and May. For a magical sea of flowers, you can hike along the Danube where the apricot blossom in the Wachau between March and April is a short, but especially beautiful event. Get some Eurohike inspiration for your next spring walking holiday.


Special spring hiking destinations

If you want to play it safe during a spring hiking trip, choose a destination with particularly mild temperatures. Eurohike has tours in the programme, which offer good hiking opportunities in spring. The extraordinary destinations include, for example, Turkey or Mallorca. Or course, even with distant hiking destinations, you can rely on the usual Eurohike service.

  • Spring hiking in Turkey: with a mild average temperature of 24 degrees, Turkey is pleasant in March. Welcome the hiking year with one of the most impressive long-distance hikes. The Lycian Path in southern Turkey is a coastal walk for true mountain fans. In most cases, the trail leads along the Mediterranean coast but also takes you into the imposing Taurus Mountains. You need a good level of fitness for this week-long tour as the difficulty level is ‘mountain hiking’. The daily stages are between four and six hours.
  • Orange blossom in Mallorca: Thousands of small white flowers that give off their beguiling fragrance accompany you on spring hikes in Mallorca. Especially around the village of Sóller, the blossom reaches its peak between February and May. In Sóller there are usually three stages of development of oranges: the pretty flowers, then green then ripe fruits. On a walking holiday with Eurohike, you are right in the middle of the action, exploring orchards and lush terraces. An experience that only happens in spring.

In spring, visit the south

Italy is an enviable country, especially for hikers! It offers unique mountain experiences as well as coastal walks. The climate of Italy is so mild that it is ideal for a spring migration when cold is still lingering elsewhere.

  • Spring begins in South Tyrol: It’s a refreshing feeling to watch the snow on the mountain tops disappear. During the hiking tours in South Tyrol you will experience the triumph of spring over the winter up close. With breathtaking views over the northern Italian mountains, you can already feel the first warm bursts of spring.
  • Sunny Amalfi Coast: In the south of Italy, the region on the Amalfi Coast is not only known for summer sunbathing. In spring, the colourful variety of plants spreads all over Campania and can best be explored on foot during a hiking trip.
  • Cinque Terre and Liguria’s coast: As one of the most beautiful hiking areas in Italy, the Ligurian coast can be hiked as early as March. The Cinque Terre, with its colourful houses, steep slopes and colourful boats is not overrun by tourists in spring. The old mule tracks are today well-developed hiking trails, where holiday-makers are spoiled with numerous hours of sunshine. A picture-perfect start to the hiking year.

Spring hiking holidays in Austria

Soft pastel shades and a delicate fragrance: the apricot blossom in the Wachau adorns the world heritage landscape with enchanting blossoms. Every year, around 100,000 apricot trees in the Wachau open their buds between March and April. Of course, the exact time cannot be calculated, but for many hikers the apricot blossom signals the start of the hiking year. The eight- or five-day journey takes you on a spring hike in Lower Austria.

Would you like to kick off the hiking year in spring? Our competent team will gladly help you to book your spring trip!


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