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Spring Hiking on Mallorca

5 things to look forward to on the Balearic Island in spring

Being active, spring awakening and the Mallorquin sunshine – that sounds like a wonderful way to experience the high spirits of spring. As early as February you can explore the stunning Balearic Island in the Mediterranean by foot. A hiking holiday on Mallorca ensures a solid mood boost after the cold season and lets you experience spring with even more lightness and vitality.

Mallorca in spring has so many magical sides. Whether hiking along the GR 221 long-distance hiking trail or hiking along Mallorca‘s West Coast with Charm – the wonderfully mild climate for hiking accompanies you on all hiking trails. Or how about a finca walking tour with Charm? Every hiker’s heart will find their individual active break while hiking in spring on Mallorca. We will now tell you what things you can look forward to in the sunny island paradise at this time of year.

Witness the almond blossom season up close

At the start of the year you can experience the wonderful scent of almond blossoms on Mallorca. From the end of January to mid-March or depending on the length of winter, the almond trees unfold their rosé-white blossoms – a real natural spectacle that you should definitely witness once. More than seven million almond trees all over the island ensure a veritable sea of blossoms. Especially in the coastal region in the west of the island between Palma and Port d’Andratx, as well as around Valdemossa and Port de Sóller, there are hundreds of thousands of almond trees on the picturesque fields and mountain slopes. The almond trees are not only an enjoyable experience when hiking in nature, but also in the kitchen wonderful specialities are conjured up from almonds, such as the typical Gató almond cake, almond ice cream, the Mallorcan almond liqueur, tasty almond milk drinks or almonds roasted, salted or left natural. The sweet nuts are harvested in summer and are part of the cultural identity of the locals.

Best views and prospects for deceleration

The best thing about island hiking in spring is the glorious tranquility. Even the journey to and from the airport is very relaxed compared to the summer months. You are spared overbooked restaurants, overcrowded beaches or long queues in front of shops. Outside of the holiday season, Mallorca is a true paradise for active holidaymakers and connoisseurs who are looking for peace and quiet. Also on the fantastic hiking paths on the coasts or in the Tramuntana mountains you will hike – apart from one or the other local mountain goat – far away from the masses of tourists and be on the road individually and by yourself. Spring hiking on the Mediterranean island is particularly quiet, stress-free and decelerating – that is exactly how we love being active in nature.

Citrus fruits in all their glory

Hiking in the company of the wonderfully fragrant lemon and orange trees. The taste of a freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast. Picturesque citrus gardens always in view. Exactly now between February and May is the time of the orange blossoms. The spectacle can be experienced particularly well by foot. The “Valley of the Oranges“ in the northwest is said to be one of the most beautiful places on the entire island. No wonder, since countless orange and citrus trees grow here around the small town of Sóller. From orange flavoured ice cream, jam or liqueurs – the cultivation and processing of sweet citrus fruits according to old recipes has a special tradition on Mallorca. Many places to stop for refreshments along the hiking trail offer freshly squeezed orange juice. En route you will also find baskets filled with oranges that are at your free disposal. You can already see how hospitable the people are here. A true paradise in the Mediterranean.

Fantastic hiking climate

Once the island awakens from a rather brief period of hibernation, it is the perfect time to be active in the great outdoors. Unlike the dry and hot summer weeks, the wonderfully mild climate in spring is ideal for a multi-day hiking holiday. The temperatures in March and April are around 17 to 20 degrees and the probability of rainfall decreases as the year progresses. Due to the precipitation in winter, the island wraps itself in a particularly blooming and green outfit. Accompanied by rays of sunshine, the chirping of birds and the healthy sea breeze, the wonderful feeling of spring is guaranteed to arise on a hiking holiday on Mallorca.

Wanderwegweiser am malerischen Cuber Stausee

Relaxed shopping spree through Palma

After a beautiful hike in nature, the island’s capital Palma de Mallorca offers the required variety. Here you can experience the lively ado, the lovely streets and numerous boutiques as well as Mallorcan gourmet addresses. In spring, a trip to the port city is particularly good, because at this time you can take a relaxed stroll without the hustle and bustle and the crowds of tourists.

Hiking Bliss & Nature Awakening in the South

During a hiking holiday in spring on Mallorca, you experience the awakening of nature in a different way. Not only quiet hiking trails and special natural spectacles await you – in fact, the Mediterranean active break in spring is a treat for both body and soul.

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