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The Bavarians like to enjoy life. This reputation precedes them far beyond the blue and white chequered borders. That’s why you can look forward to totally enjoyable hiking tours in the Bavarian Alps. It goes past breweries and quaint taverns. Finally, there should always be time for a hearty snack on a hiking holiday. In Bavaria, however, enjoyment is not just a culinary art. The region has more to offer than pretzels and beer. It is also the varied landscape that attracts many hikers to the south of Germany.

The most beautiful hiking regions in Bavaria

Idyllic boat trip at the Chiemsee

The Chiemsee region

One could almost confuse the Chiemsee with the sea. With its sheer infinite dimensions, it gives the area an all round Mediterranean flair. Small cafes, beach baths and small towns lined in rows around the lake. Discover the pearls of the Chiemgau on a hiking trip with Eurohike. Among them are fabled castles, enchanting landscapes and enjoyable rest spots. Between mountain pleasure and bathing fun it makes hiking even more enjoyable. From the summits of the Chiemgau Alps, enjoy the impressive panorama of Bavaria. But not only that – with a bit of luck and a clear view, you can even look far into Salzburg and Tyrol.

From the Königssee to Chiemsee

With Eurohike you spend a particularly varied hiking week as you travel From Lake Königssee to Lake Chiemsee over beautiful landscapes. The highlights of this hiking trip could not be more diverse! You can expect Bavaria’s sparkling lakes. The Königssee is one of the classics par excellence, as this mountain lake is embedded in impressive rock formations and offers a beautiful picturesque photo opportunity.

The destination of the hiking trip is the ‘Sea of Bavaria’, the Chiemsee. In between you will experience the great views of the entire region, the Berchtesgaden National Park and beautiful alpine forest trails. For connoisseurs, who put special emphasis on comfort and style, we recommend this hiking trip in our charm variation.

Hiking tours in Chiemgau – the land of culinary and cultural enjoyment

The Chiemgau is a special part of Germany – and a special part of Bavaria. If you think all traditions in the region are the same, you are wrong. Bavaria is incredibly diverse. Therefore, there are customs in Cheimgau that you can’t find anywhere else in Bavaria. Culinary delights and friendly people feature on a hiking holiday in the Chiemsee Renke. And quite importantly, you will get to know the Bavarian way of life at the “Brotzeitln”. Culture lovers also get their money’s worth in Chiemgau. Hundreds of years ago, people of blue blood recognised the beauty of the region. King Ludwig II had a true fairy tale castle built here.

A visit can’t be missed on any Chiemsee hike. If you prefer real life and practical things, take a look at the local farms and their craftsmen as you pass.

The area around the Chiemsee can come up with some superlatives:

  • More than 14 lakes – including the warmest, the Upper Bavarian Waginger See
  • 300 different species of birds hibernate in the Chiemgau.
  • 300 square kilometres of the region are nature reserve.
Boat trip at the Koenigssee to St. Bartholomae

Hiking in the Berchtesgadener Land

The Bavarians and the Austrians have a lot in common: the hospitality, their cosiness and the warm interactions with each other. On a hiking trip in Berchtesgaden you will feel that first hand. However, the borderland between Germany and Austria is not only worth a visit for its people. The landscape attracts guests year after year. Gentle hilly landscapes, steep cliffs and flat paths provide and ideal terrain for hiking of any kind. You have never been to Berchtesgaden? Then let Eurohike convince you of the beauty of Southern Bavaria.

Bavarian &Salzburg Alps

This hiking tour takes you from Königssee into the Bergreich of the Hochkönig along the Bavarian & Salzburg Alps. This high-altitude tour enchants with a unique overnight stay right at the foot of the Hochkönig, the Pinzgauer Grasberge and the breath taking view along the steeply rising rock faces from left and right. Do you like a more demanding trek and enjoy the distant view of the fascinating mountains? Then this mountain tour will definitely cast a spell over you!

Bavarian Alps and Lakes

Typically Bavarian! This hiking holiday is cosy but above all promises a lot. Every day you will find a new mountain, a new pasture and new lake. You will spend the night in the prettiest cities in Bavaria. Let yourself be infected by the cosiness of alpine pastures and enjoy a typical snack in the middle of lush alpine meadows and fragrant mountain herbs on the hiking tour of Bavarian Alps and Lakes.

An active holiday in the sports arena of Berchtesgaden

The Berchtesgadener Land wasn’t given the nickname ‘the sports arena’ for nothing. In addition to numerous hiking trails through nature, you will also find other ways to stay active on holiday. Stop by one of the high ropes courses or a golf course on your tour. In taster courses you can take the first steps into a new sport. Those who visit the south of Bavaria exclusively for hiking, can be sure with Eurohike, there are no boxes left un-ticked. The charming landscape does the rest to inspire hikers.

The Watzmann greets you on a hiking holiday

Numerous legends and stories revolve around the Watzmann in the Berchtesgaden Alps. Above all, the Watzmann is known for the cruel King Waze. Feel the magic that radiates from the landmark of Berchtesgaden for yourself. Even the wild and romantic Königssee regularly attracts holidaymakers. The lake in the midst of the Bavarian mountains is considered one of the cleanest lakes in Germany. The alpine pastures and their huts in the Berchtesdadener Land are truly impressive. Well-kept, in a rustic style and with a cosy atmosphere, they are harmoniously embedded in the landscape. Also, in this part of Bavaria the snack culture is indulged. Ideal for taking a break to replenish your power reserves.

The Salzalpensteig

Salzalpensteig 1

You travel along historic salt paths from the Cheimsee to the Königssee on the well-known Salzalpensteig 1. The hiking trip combines historic salt and salt pans, steep mountain walls, green-blue mountain lakes and lovely shores into an all round typically idyllic Bavarian landscape. Glittering streams and gorges accompany you on your way through the lovely mountain scenery with priceless views of the rugged mountain peaks. After and during the sometimes-challenging hikes you can always take a dip in the crystal clear streams and lakes to cool off.

Salzalpensteig 2

Your hiking trip on the famous Salzalpensteig 2 takes you from the German Königssee to the World Heritage Region of the Salzkammergut in Austria. The tour not only crosses borders, but also takes in breath taking mountain massifs and sparkling crystal clear lakes. On your hiking trail you will discover romantic alpine huts in Abtenau and Annaberg, panoramic views of mighty mountain worlds and the world-famous town of Hallstatt.

The Zugspitze region

Wonderful hiking view to Zugspitze

At almost 3000 metres, the Zugspitze is the highest mountain in Germany. The holiday region in Bavaria can also boast three glaciers. However, on a walking tour with Eurohike you will get to know the region in your own way. As fast or as comfortably as you like. And you really don’t have to worry about your luggage thanks to the Eurohike luggage transfer. It will be waiting for you every day in your accommodation. This leaves more time to explore the Zugspitze region and its beauty.

Impressive panoramic view of four countries

Do not worry, you don’t have to climb the Zugspitze on foot. The cable car takes you to lofty heights quickly and comfortably. From the summit you have a fantastic panoramic view. The hilltops from four countries lay at your feet.

Around Zugspitze

Every day the Zugspitze greets you with a new view. Germany’s highest mountain accompanies you over seven days as you hike through forests, meadows and charming Bavarian villages. What awaits you on the hiking trip around Zugspitze? Leisurely hikes, unique panoramas and the hospitality of Bavaria. The hiking trip shines from spring to autumn in the bright colours of the respective season and is not only a treat for the eyes!

Trans Tyrol: Garmisch – Innsbruck

The selection of peaks, mountain trails and cosy mountain huts seems to be inexhaustible! The demanding trekking tour on the Trans Tyrol leaves nothing to be desired by mountain enthusiasts. Great panoramas accompany you on your way through wildly romantic mountain scenery and blooming alpine landscapes with views of snow-covered glaciers. The hiking is partly through high alpine terrain and accommodation is in typical mountain huts.

Experience the magic of the Zugspitze…on a hiking trip

Even off the summit, the Zugspitze region beguiles the senses of its hikers. With gullies from which the water rushes thunderously into the depths, for example. Explore cosy towns on a hiking holiday. Away from the tourist crowds, it is easy to find relaxation and tranquillity here. For many hikers, the mountains above Garmisch-Partenkirchen and Grainau is a dream destination. The region can be proud to offer perhaps the most fascinating vistas far and wide. That is why the Eurohike team has researched and tested the most beautiful places for you.

On the Zugspitze you have literally arrived at the peak of indulgence. Several restaurants serve Bavarian delicacies as well as international specialities. It may be the breath taking view or the healthy mountain air: but snacks taste twice as good here!

Gorgeous view from Jenner to Koenigssee

Perfectly organised hiking holidays in Bavaria

The landscape of Bavaria offers the perfect conditions for a hiking holiday…and we ensure the perfect organisation, an uncomplicated booking and that everything runs smoothly. You can fully rely on our choice of hotels, on site personal assistance and luggage transfer!

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