The most beautiful hiking tours by the water

Active holidays to recharge your batteries, find peace and take a deep breath

An active break in a pristine landscape, idyllic hiking paths along refreshing lakes and rivers and breathe in healthy air that brings you strength and revitalises the soul. This combination is guaranteed on our hiking tours on the water. The water is not only your loyal companion on the hike, it also brings with it a calming effect as it splashes and bubbles alongside you. Add this to the numerous health benefits it brings. Water and hiking – it’s the perfect combination.

On our selected hiking holidays you will experience the great power of water by foot, learn how water can bring us into balance, discover the most beautiful hiking trails along the lakes, rivers and coasts and do a lot of good for body and mind. Our Eurohike travel specialists have selected the most beautiful hiking tours by the water across Europe for you. Experience your individual source of happiness by the water – on a Eurohike hiking holiday with luggage transfer.

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Hiking by the water – a real panacea

A hiking holiday along lakes, rivers or stretches of coast is not just a treat for the eyes. The healing powers of water and the healthy air have been used for centuries to heal respiratory diseases. The mountain regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland are home to numerous impressive waterfalls. In Austria, for example, you can experience this at the Krimml Waterfalls, where the air enriched with negative ions has a particularly beneficial effect on the respiratory tract, balances the immune system and reduces stress. Particularly people with allergies can alleviate their symptoms.

A hike along the lakes, streams or through a gorge also have a positive effect on the respiratory tract and alleviate the stresses of daily life – a true anti-aging cure for the body. Added to this are the numerous physical benefits that hiking brings such as the support to our immune system, a mood-boosting effect, stimulation of the blood circulation and fat metabolism, strengthening of muscles and much more. Follow the most beautiful hiking paths across Europe and slow down on the elixir of life, water – probably the most natural medicine in pristine natural landscapes.

Experience the power of water in Austria

Austria is a true water paradise. There are around 700 waterfalls, numerous springs and streams, as well as peaceful lake areas. It is precisely this healing power of water and the balance of nature that you will experience on our hiking holiday Lechweg-Path, 10 days from the source at the Formarinsee in Tyrol to the Lechfall in Füssen in Bavaria. Our walking holiday Carinthian Mountains & Lakes, 8 days, takes you through the water-rich southern federal state and guarantees an equally pleasant active experience. You can experience a welcome cooling off right on the edge of the path on our mountain hiking holiday Ten Lakes Trekking Tour, 10 days. Here you follow the water-rich route from Fuschlsee to Mondsee, Attersee, Wolfgangsee and Hallstätter See – all lakes that have excellent water quality. A hiking holiday by the water is also a wonderful opportunity for children to relax, for example, on our walking holiday Salzkammergut Rivers & Lakes for families, 8 days.

Panoramic view in Döbriach

Hiking holidays in Germany, the land of water

The multifaceted hiking regions in Northern Germany, Central Germany and Southern Germany offer countless hiking kilometres that lead along rivers, streams, lakes and even the sea. The easiest way to explore these areas is definitely by foot. Experience two lakes on our mountain hiking holiday from Lake Königssee to Lake Chiemsee, 8 days in the Chiemgau Alps. In addition, there is the pleasant hike through the Seisenbergklamm, to the Vorderkaserklamm, the quiet natural bathing paradise Weitsee and the Taubensee, as well as the wonderful mountain air on the alpine hikes. Our mountain hiking holiday Rhine walking: Rüdesheim - Koblenz, 8 days promises an equally pleasant active experience. As a certified premium hiking trail, the Rheinsteig not only offers an excellent break directly on the Rhine, but is also a relaxing experience for your four-legged friend and can be booked as a hiking holiday with your dog. Would you like to experience the most beautiful places by the water in Bavaria and in Austrian Carinthia on an active holiday? Then our mountain hiking holiday from Lake Königssee to Lake Wörthersee, 10 days is just right for you.

Mediterranean hiking experiences by the water


The calming sound of the waves, the pleasant wind and the salty air make a hiking holiday by the sea truly invigorating. Because many centuries ago people used a break by the sea as a cure for illnesses. Experience the soothing maritime climate of Portugal on our mountain hiking holiday around Madeira with Charm, 8 days. You will also feel the healing and beneficial effects of the sea on our walking holiday Algarve, 8 days. You will enjoy even more feel-good moments and numerous unforgettable holiday adventures on our mountain hiking holiday Mallorca's Highlights with Charm, 8 days. Do you prefer the beautiful hiking areas in South Tyrol? Perfect, then our hiking holiday Lake Reschensee – Lake Kalterer-See, 9 days is perfect for you. Either way, a hiking holiday by the sea soothes the body, mind and soul.

Our conclusion:

A hiking holiday by the water in Germany, Austria or the Mediterranean regions offers exactly the right kind of relaxation for those looking for peace and quiet, nature and culture, as well as active holidaymakers hungry for exercise and of course one thing – the opportunity to get your thoughts and energy flowing and do something good for your mind and body.