Hiking in Central Germany

Hiking break with view to the Bruchhauser Stones


The Rothaarsteig-path is also called ‚Path of the Senses‘! Your Hiking holiday along the Rothaarsteig path starts in Brilon in the Sauerland-region. This town is a popular centre for hiking enthusiasts worldwide and is considered Germany’s most arboreous town. Your daily tours lead you past numerous springs and lots of panoramic lookouts along hiking paths at an altitude ranging between 400 and 840 metres. This region offers an ideal background regarding nature, culture and history and is the figurehead of a stunning hiking region for good reason. Due to the extremely skilful course of the route you are always accompanied by the two nature themes of forest and water. With a total length of 160 kilometres the Rothaarsteig-path leads you past the wooded mountains of the Rothaar -ridge all the way to the foot of the Westerwald-forest – to the town of Dillenburg.

Enchanting view at the Thueringer Forest


The high-altitude hiking tour via the ridge of the forest ‚Thüringer Wald‘ has been a highlight for hiking enthusiasts for over 100 years. Experience nature up close and avoid a long journey there – since the hiking paradise is in such incredible proximity. Also during your hiking holiday along the Rennsteig-path you are accompanied by water in the shape of the two rivers Werra and Saale at every turn. With Eurohike you walk the entire distance of 170 Kilometer of the Rennsteig-path or choose one of the two shorter alternative route options. Be asured that with the shorter option amazing sections await regardless. The ‚Rennsteig‘-high-altitude paths lead you throughout through quiet, unspoilt nature so incredibly beautiful that even a saga was written about this path.

Unique hiking path in Saxon Switzerland


The ‚Malerweg‘-path is a popular hiking path located in Saxon Switzerland and can be started as chosen. We recommend a start situated directly at the river Elbe namely in the historic little town of Bad Schandau. The medieval town centre features numerous cafés, restaurants and shops and invites you to a stroll through the town. Then onwards to the spa town of Rathen and to Königstein until Krippen. After a fascinating 70 kilometres along the Malerweg-path you conclude your hiking week by returning to Bad Schandau. You walk along the trails of times long gone by. Already world-famous painers such as Caspar David Friedrich and Ludwig Richter knew how to appreciate this diverse and idyllic region. Hence this famous path owes its name to precisely these Romantics. Bizarre sandstone rock formations, romantic forests and the placid beauty of the scenery inspired the Romantic painters then to world-renowned paintings. Along your hiking holiday you are constantly accompanied by the river Elbe and walk through stunning places in the Elb-sandstone mountains. There is a reason why the Malerweg-path was crowned Germany’s most beautiful hiking path in 2007. Discover the most beautiful part of the Malerweg-path with Eurohike.

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