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‘Wanderable’ Northern Germany

The beauty of the Baltic Sea including the island paradise of Rügen and the Mecklenburg Fischland guarantee a real hiking experience with relaxing moments of tranquillity from the first mile of hiking. Away from the crowds and out in nature, you will experience the tranquil regions in northern Germany from their most beautiful side. A hiking holiday with Eurohike guarantees a particularly comfortable hiking experience, because thanks to our luggage transfer you can hike with ease and without luggage. The reliable transfer of your luggage guarantees that your suitcases will be waiting for you in your hotel room after each day’s stage. This saves strength and energy and you can really enjoy every day of hiking. Due to the good routing and flat hiking trails in Northern Germany, a Eurohike hiking holiday with a dog is also possible. Are you ready to discover the most idyllic places and beautiful hiking trails on the Baltic Sea? Northern Germany is a real insider tip for us hikers.

Calming Baltic Sea

Our most popular hiking tours on the Baltic Sea

Hiking in Rügen

Embark on a journey of discovery through nature in Rügen on our Eurohike hiking trip Wonderful Walks Rugia, 8 days. Without any luggage you can explore the most beautiful places of the versatile Baltic Sea pearl and the largest island in Germany. Starting from Stralsund, the impressive hiking trails lead you to Cape Arkona, the Wittow peninsula, Sassnitz and Binz, on to Göhren and back to Stralsund. The variety of natural landscapes, the fine, long beaches and unique postcard motifs including the typical lighthouses are always your hiking companions – hiking rest with a relaxing spot to swim included. Our tip: On the fifth day you hike from Sassnitz to Binz, where you have a unique panoramic view of the coast and the sea from the tower of the imposing Granitz hunting lodge. On this hiking holiday in Northern Germany, you can look forward to a relaxed active experience with numerous opportunities to reset and slow down.

Impressive Kap Arkona

Mecklenburg’s Fischland

On a hiking holiday in the Mecklenburg’s Fischland: With sand under your hiking boots and a wonderful sea breeze, you can explore the historic buildings, the idyllic fishing villages and the famous Baltic sea resort on this Eurohike hiking tour in Mecklenburg’s Fischland, 7 days. On the one hand a heavenly white sandy beach, on the other a lagoon with reed-covered banks, forests and meadows. As a result, almost every animal inhabitant on the island can be spotted here, from breeding seabirds to deer packs. The stages take you from Ribnitz-Damgarten to Dierhagen, Prerow, Weststrand and Darßer Ort to the stage destination of your trip to Barth. On this hiking tour the old seafaring tradition, the tasty delicacies from the sea and the architecture steeped in history draw every hiker into the magic of the maritime way of life.

Beautiful beach at the Baltic Sea

Details and facts about Northern Germany

The climate

Due to the modern maritime climate and the moderate temperatures, a hiking holiday on the Baltic Sea in northern Germany is particularly good. The time in the open air and the fresh air is good – because the healing ‘stimulating climate’ in this region has a particularly good effect on the skin and respiratory tract, immune system and metabolism. The fresh sea breeze always ensures a wonderful cooling down and it doesn’t get particularly hot or humid in this region, which makes it a perfect hiking destination. Nevertheless, you will be accompanied by rays of sunshine during the trip and the area on the Mecklenburg Baltic Sea coast is one of the regions with the most hours of sunshine in all of Germany. A climate that is not only good for your health, but also for hikers – perfect for a successful hiking holiday.

Gorgeous Kreidekueste in Ruegen

The cuisine by the Baltic Sea

In Northern Germany, the following applies: What the region has to offer, in the meadows, fields and ocean is served. And that’s a lot: From wonderful bread specialties, fresh fish and seafood, regional meat and typical island dairy products, the regional culinary culture promises something for every taste. A particularly typical specialty is the sea buckthorn jam made from the vitamin rich sea buckthorn – also known as the ‘lemon of the north’. Diversity is also on the agenda when it comes to the selection of fish: From freshly caught cod, sea trout, herrings, maatjes, perch or pike – fish fans are guaranteed to get their money’s worth here. And whether smoked, pickled, fried or in a delicious soup – the culinary delights of the north and unique.

Fisher harbor in Ruegen

Did you know … ?

  • … that the Mecklenburg Baltic Sea coast with around 900 hours of sunshine in just three months (from June to August) is one of the sunniest regions in Germany? Here you can look forward to sunny hiking days!
  • … that there is a narrow-gauge railway in Rügen, which is also called the ‘Radender Roland’? The steam-locomotive train has been transporting passengers across the island from Putbus to Höhren at up to 30km/h since 1895.
  • … that the Fischland in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania is only about ten kilometres long and between 500 and 2,000 metres wide?
Beach chairs at the Baltic Sea

Questions and answers about hiking holidays in Northern Germany

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The ideal season for hiking in Northern Germany is from April to October.

The Fischland and the Baltic Sea, as well as the island of Rügen, are considered to be particularly beautiful hiking areas.

You can explore Northern Germany on these individual hiking tours:

Due to the good route guidance, as well as the wonderful forest- and meadow paths, Northern Germany is also recommended for a hiking holiday with children.

Our walking holiday Wonderful Walks Rugia, 8 days is an ideal active vacation for hiking with dogs due to the paw-friendly routes and the dog-friendly hotels.

Germany is home to a total of 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Some of them are located in Northern Germany such as:

  • The old towns of Stralsund and Wismar
  • The Hanseatic City of Lübeck
  • The old and primeval beech forests of the Carpathians (and other regions of Europe)
  • The Speicherstadt and the Kontorhaus district with Chilehaus in Hamburg

Hiking in northern Germany, especially the air in the coastal regions, has a particularly beneficial effect on our health. The "stimulating climate" supports our respiratory tract and the immune system.

There is a lot to discover along the hiking routes, which mainly lead through flat to slightly hilly terrain: the typical Baltic Sea resorts with decades of tradition and sandbanks, the idyllic fishing villages and small towns, as well as impressive lighthouses and natural landscapes.

You can also look forward to wonderful moments of culinary pleasure in northern Germany. From the fresh fish from the sea or the bottom waters to the typical specialties with sea buckthorn, the "Lemon of the North", these regions offer something delicious for every taste.

Julia Winklhofer

We at Eurohike are already looking forward to organising your enjoyable hiking experience on the Baltic Sea!

Julia Winklhofer
Team Leader of Eurohike Travel Specialists
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